Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -8 Pay back Time

Ria was delighted with the room she has.

It's very minimalist, not like the condo that Micheal has been renting.

Here when you entered the door there's a two-meter walkway, on the side is a kitchen, straight on there's a living room with one sofa bed.

In front of it is a forty-five-inch smart tv hanging on the wall. The distance made it comfortable in the eyes.

It wasn't high or too low that will strain your neck.

The sofa bed feels luxurious, and it seems like it's a double unit.

There's a wide balcony overlooking Saint Theresa's church.

The wall is made of glass so you can have all the sunlight in the day time.

The kitchen looks simple decorated in black and white marble; it gives you a feeling to cook something delicious.

The floor is in white marble stone, which add an elegant vibe to the condo.

Ria starts to wonder if Ms. Angie didn't make a mistake because this room surpassed her expectations.

Overall even the bedroom, which is separated from the living room, was quite impressive.

The bed feels so soft, and the room was enough for her to move freely without bumping herself to a corner. There's already a built-in computer table facing the glass door going to the connected balcony which is a perfect spot for her workplace.

It also has an in-suit bathroom, which means Ria doesn't need to go out of the room in the middle of the night to pee or to do other private stuff.

After putting all her things in the big wooden cabinet in her new room, Ria decided she has to clear everything so she can leave tomorrow without regret.

When Ria entered the condo, she passed by Daisy, and she saw her sitting on the chair in the kitchen-dining hall, quietly observing her.

With a plastered smile on her face, Ria walks to her,

”Daisy, do you have some change clothes you can use?”

”No, Ria, I'm fine. I think I should be going since your already settled here. Thank you so much for everything.”

Daisy went looking down on her palms that were clamped together on her lap under the kitchen table.

”Daisy looked at me. Haven't you forget that I promised to fixed things for you? I mean it. Now there's no compromises here. I'm doing this to ease my mind too and just thinking about what will that scumbag do to you if you came back and asked for money?

It's hard to admit, but I'm such a fool to believe that ’that guy really fell in love with me’ Daisy he just used me to run away from you.

He scams my money, and he even gets a clean freak to satisfy his need in bed.”

” Then what should we do, Ria? I don't know anything about the law, and I don't know where to ask for help.

I don't have enough money to fight him legally. It's just hopeless.”

” No, Your wrong, Daisy, don't give up yet. That's the reason why I brought you here.

Now take a shower. I will give you some clothes to change.”

Ria was about to go back to the room when Daisy took her hands.

”Thank you so much..”

Her words weigh a deep meaning, and Ria understands what Daisy wants to convey through her words.

She tap Daisy's hand and ushered her to the bathroom.

Ria didn't mind changing her clothes that she's wearing for all the day already.

It was around three o'clock in the afternoon when Daisy was ready to go.

Seeing the worried looked on Daisy's face, Ria decided to give her some information on what they will do.

” We're going to my workplace. Ms. Jen recommended us to my boss's legal consultant team.

We should head now to catch the time.”

”Ok, ”

Ria gave Daisy a reassuring smile. ”Don't overthink and save your energy.”She whispered before they both went out of the condominium premises.

They grab a taxi back to Ria’s workplace, and within twenty minutes, they arrived since it wasn't far from her work in Makati.

Later she take a note to thank Ms. Jen personally for helping her.

Ria showed her I. D. Card to the lobby and the security.

When all the procedures are done, Ria took Daisy's hand, and they walk to the legal consultant team office.

She knock twice before entering.

Few men and woman is working inside.

They gave her the cold shoulder, and nobody dares to speak with her, which shes used to already.

She repeated her knock.”Hi, I'm Ria Santiago, Secretary Jen, send me here.

Can anyone accommodate us?” it's when the mention of the name of Ms. Jen that someone stood up.

The guy looked thin and nerdy with his thick-rimmed eyeglasses.

”How can I help you, Ms?”

” Hi, and you are?”

”I’m Albert, and I will bring you to our chief legal officer since your request came from the upper high” Albert timidly smiled while guiding them to an office.

Albert knock a few times before a man in his mid-fifties came opening it.

The room looks like a storage room for document, but a divider and book shelving organize it.

”What's the matter Albert, who are they? Please come in and have a seat first.”

” Sir, they were sent by Secretary Jen. Here is Ms. Santiago. I think she's the one working on the upper level.”

” hmm very well, what can I do for the two of you ladies?”

Daisy went grabbing Ria’s hand. She can feel that Daisy is very nervous right now. It was so evident that the chief legal officer noticed it too.

”Albert, can you bring us warm water here for this lady, and you Ms. Santiago, what would you prefer to drink?”

” Thank you, sir, for the offer plain water is excellent.”

” Ok, you heard Ms. Santiago, Albert.”

” Right away, sir, please excuse me.”

When Albert came back holding two paper cup filled with warm and neutral water, he handed the drinks to Ria and Daisy. Then the chief dismissed Albert seeing the two looked distressed, and they might want only him to hear their problem.

He waited for the two ladies to sip before he decided to speak.

”Ms. Santiago, what can I help you?”

”Sir, we came here to seek legal assistance. This lady next to me is my boyfriends’ wife. It was only this morning that I found it out.

Her husband abused her mentally and emotionally.

He also stop supporting them financially, which is not fair for his kids.

Also, I became a victim of his scheme. When we move together, he said he's single, and we both shared rent from the condo we are staying at, but after I had a quarrel with him, he throws me out. All of my belongings were put on a box, and I found out that his name is the only one stated in the contract while I shared for the monthly rent and the two months deposit.

He also abused me physically last night, but I don't care what happened to me chief,”

“Please call me, Mr. Madrigal, go on. I'm all ears.”

“ Thank you, sir, now my main priority is for this Lady who's name is Daisy to have some legal assistance. Sir, I'm in the fields tomorrow, and I will only be back to probably within three to four weeks. Mr. Madrigal, could you please reassure me that there's someone who will help my friend here.”

Ria bit her inside cheeks, a habit she got when she ventures in this cruel city.

“ Ms. Santiago, You surprised me today, the fact that you both are victims here. You still rather asked me to help her instead of you, who is working here and our main priority. Anyways this is very easy. Since you both came here in harmony, I'm hoping that no one is charging anyone?” Mr. Madrigal eye both ladies in front of him.

They seem to form an alliance which he admired.

He finds all women should help each other in times of need.

”No, Sir, Ms. Santiago help me a lot. She even gave me clothes and a roof to stay the night. I don't have ill feelings for her. All I want is to make my husband support his children, and I want to sign a written statement stating we no more live together. Please help me, sir.”

Daisy can't help but to cry. She was feeling desperate and grateful that in this challenging time of her life, there's a Ria who came to help her. Words cannot described how thankful Daisy is meeting a kind-hearted person like Ria.

”Alright Ladies, I want both of you to go the infirmary to have a physical check-up.

We will leave after I contact the people from DSWD(Department of Social Welfare and Development)and the PNP(Philippine National Police) under their VAWC(Violence Against Woman and Children)

to assist us with this.”

Both Daisy and Ria nod their heads, saying their thank you, before they went to the infirmary to run a check-up.

They need medical record to show to the police, and it's pure luck again that Ria’s company have a licensed doctor that can provide them the papers they need.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, they are now heading to the condo where Ria’s ex and Daisy's husband live.

All the staff got scared when they saw Ria coming back.

They even assist them to the floor where Ria live before afraid that they will be involved in the situation.

The scene in front of Ria and the rest of the people they asked to help them was surprising.

They saw a woman being push out of the condo unit where Ria lives before.

”You damn bastard! After I help you to kick out that woman now, you're blaming me for something. It's not my fault?! Damn you asshole! Go check the doctor for your useless dick!”

The woman looked not far from Daisy and Ria’s age.

She had a long hair colored in golden brown.

She's wearing very revealing clothes with matching high heels.

Fair skin and good body figure, there's no doubt that It's one of Micheal woman.

Ria cursed inside her head,

She wondered how many women did Michael have?

When the woman noticed that there are many people around, she quickly re-arrange her clothes and run a finger to her long locks of hair. She looked to us like there's nothing happened and walk out in a hurry.

” Don't mind her. Now we have more evidence of his infidelity.” Mr. Madrigal went to the close door, one from the respondent of the police went knocking on the door.

A few minutes later, Ria and Daisy saw Micheal's angry face.

”You fucking dare come back! What do you want now?!”

Michael was beyond surprised when he sees it's not Odessa, but a police officer and a men who look like a lawyer wearing a white dress shirt with a neutral collared tie beneath his tailored suit.

Micheal looked around and found Odessa already left, and there's a few people around. Some are his neighbors and some worker of the condominium then Micheal eyes landed on his wife Daisy and his girlfriend Ria.

Seeing them together, Micheal felt like his in bog trouble.

” Are you Mr. Micheal Cruz?”

”Yes sir, what can I do help you for?” Nervous Micheal went looking back to the two women he done wrong.

” Please follow us in the police station we have a few questions for you.”

”Wait, officer, do you even have an arrest warrant to do this?”

”I think this is enough to invite you to come with us.”

Micheal took the paper and read it's content.

It states that he is blotter by his wife for physical abused and child abused.

”What's this?! I didn't even lay a hand on my children. How did I abuse them?”

”Sir, I'm a representative of DSWD under anti-violence of children and women's desk.

Not supporting your children for a few months is equivalent to child abuse specialty. You just showed us how you are living in a beautiful, comfortable place while your wife strives to look for food to feed your children, which means only you abandon them. Please bring him now.”

”No, this is not true!”

Micheal tried to shut the door, but before he can do anything, he was shoved by the police. His face was almost kissing the cold floor. while the police handcuffed his both hand behind.

It was around seven o'clock in the evening when Ria and Daisy settled the score with Micheal. For him not to go to jail, he needs to give Daisy a financial support. The police contacted his head manager to make sure when he gets his salary, sixty percent of it will go to Daisy's bank account.

He was also forced to give her money in advance.

Attorney Madrigal also made sure that he give back the shared money Ria paid for the condo.

Micheal's bank account went almost empty after paying the two ladies.

” I hope you learn your lesson now. Women are powerful when they support each other. My advice for you for old time sake, don't mess with woman's heart anymore. I hope we don't cross paths again.”

That was the last words Ria said to Micheal before they bid goodbye to Attorney Madrigal and to all the people who help them.

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