Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-9 We meet again

After all that they've been through Ria invited Daisy to eat dinner when they got back to the condo, since it's past seven-thirty they decided to look around for a nearby restaurant.

They were too surprised to find out that there's plenty of convenient stores, restaurants, and pharmacy.

Not only that, the most shocking one is that the building where Ria stays now is just a walking distance from Resort World Manila. She read about it from a magazine that the place is home to many famous hotels like Maxims Hotel, Marriot, Holiday Inn, Belmont Hotel Savoy Hotel, Hilton, Sheraton, and the Hotel OKURA Manila that has a long line of hotel business from way back nineteen fifty-eight.

Resort world Manila is like a one-stop, non-stop entertainment and leisure destination that features gaming thrills, world-class entertainment, unique events, and exciting lifestyle options for local and international people that can afford to stay in one of this famous hotel and to think that Ria is just nearby from it is like walking in the clouds.

She made a note to asked Ms. Angie if it's allowed for a tenant to go to the rooftop.

Ria wants to see the infrastructure of the place even from afar. It's pleasing to Ria's eyes to see the decorations and how they design a place to look elegant and appealing to the customers.

Ria was walking side by side with Daisy when she saw her phone went blinking implying that she received a message.

She quickly glance on the monitor of her phone to see the recipient of the message when she felt a hard thing bumped her face hitting her nose that cause her to loosen up her grip on her phone and went flying in the air.

She almost made a scream and was about to try to catch it even though her mind said it's already too late.

”Whoopsie! Got it, phew luckily I catch it on time.” a deep husky voice and fresh minty scent wafted on Ria’s face. She felt electrocuted when an arm encircled her waist to stable her footing.

She automatically push the person away from her body when Ria felt a strange warm tingling sensation pulsating on the pit of her stomach down to her core.


What the hell is going on?!

Ria got more confused when the person grab her back.

She was now being held in the strangers' arms.

”Easy Lady, you don't want your precious phone to crash on the ground, right ?!”

It seems like all the hair in Ria’s body rises when the stranger whispered those words to her ears.

She felt giddily all of a sudden that sends an alarm to her disoriented brain.

Luckily Daisy was there to her rescue.

It's like she break free from a bewitching spell when she heard Daisy's voice.

“Excuse me, Sir, can you please let go of my friend?”

“Yes, of course, Ma'am, I'm just a concern citizen helping here, you saw it too she almost stumbled backward if I didn't catch her on time like I did with her phone, here you go, please be careful next time.” That husky voice that sounds wonderful to her ears made Ria speechless.

She didn't even have a chance to look up to the stranger and say thank you to him before he started to walk on the way where they came from.

“Ria, are you ok?!”

Ria snap out of her trance when Daisy shiver her arm slightly.

“Huh? Yeah, I'm fine, sorry, Wait? Where's the guy, Daisy?”

“ Silly, he walk away already.”

“Really? Where?”

“Turn around, and you can still see his back; it's only the three of us here in the sidewalk.”

Hearing this, she quickly turns around, and Daisy is right.

She can still see his back that kind off familiar to her.

The only problem is that she doesn't remember where she saw those lean and broad shoulders.

Without hesitation, she called for him.

“Excuse me, Sir?!” she shouted out enough for the stranger to turn around.

” Yes?” there it goes again. Ria felt giddy, just hearing his voice.

”Thank you for helping me” The stranger gave her a genuine smile.

”Its a pleasure to help you my adelfí psychí till next time..” then he waves his hand and turns around.

He continues walking while Ria kept watching until his back become blurry, and he was gone.

Her heart keeps on pounding like it will burst out of her chest at any moment.

Ris can't help but to feel embarrassed of herself why was she acting like a girl who met her crush and was star-struck by him.

Damn it!

It isn't her!

She never experienced this before.

adelfí psychí?

What does he mean by those words? She knows it's a foreign language, but after hearing it, her heart suddenly flipped, and a warm feeling started to bloom in her heart.

”Ria? Are you ok?! Are we still going to eat, or should we go back already?”

”Huh? Oh yeah, I'm so sorry, Daisy I don't know what just happened to me. Come, let's go before we starve to death” Ria hooked her hand to Daisy's arm, and they continue walking to Cafe Maxim. They stopped in front of it and saw there's plenty of people who were happily eating inside, that only means the food they served should be edible.

One crew noticed them in front of the cafe and decided to open the door.

”Welcome, ma'am, would you like to come inside?” the service crew looks very friendly, and the moment he opens the door, the delicious smell of food made them very hungry.

”Come on, Daisy's, let's go.”

”hmn.. I think I will be full already just smelling those delicious smell.”

” Yeah, me too!”

They went in and came out very full. Ria and Daisy even took a take out food and dessert, so they have something to eat tomorrow before they part ways.

Both happily went back to the condo; Ria started packing her stuff in her backpack and duffel bag.

While Daisy help her fold her things in the box neatly after she put their take out food in the fridge.

She made sure that Daisy have some clothes to wear tonight since they brought her dirty clothes to the laundry, and it will be ready tomorrow.

Meanwhile on the darkroom,

A shadow move, slumping his body to his luxurious bed.

“Tired much?!” A female voice echoed inside the room.

“Aunt, can you give me some freedom? You know I can't just let people step on her. She's my Queen, can't you not meddle with the simple things I'm doing for her?”

“Hmp! Simple things?

Was it simple things to manipulate the secretary, the CEO, the authority, and even showing up to her?! Do you think all of this is just a simple thing?” The room temperature became low, creating a foggy atmosphere inside the room.

“ Fine, what's my punishment? I will accept it wholeheartedly.”

“Very well, book!” The female shadow said, and a book appeared in front of her.

“ Just so you know, everything is written in my book, every little change of what supposed to happen to your mates life as a mortal is written here. The more you help her, the more her life will become complicated.

Your action will lead her to more misery. So fine.

I still have Luna’s son to take care. Do what you want.

I already warn you.

Now you have to protect her from harm.

Either with the realm your protecting or here in the mortal world.

I hope you won't end up like your cousin too.” The female shadow walks closer to her Nephew.

“ You got my blessings, now your on your own. Take care, child. Make sure you introduce her to us when everything becomes clear, and all the hurdles have been fixed.” She pat the male shadows cheeks like she always used to do.

It's her way to show her affection.

She was just worried that someone in the upper high will noticed something, so she kept on monitoring him.

But now her nephew's pages in the book has disappeared.

That only means he's writing his own story just like her sisters’ son and his second cousin.

It's just a pity how he end up.

“I'm leaving for a while, you know I can't take care of you forever. So you better be well until I came back.”

“ Aren't you supposed to give me a punishment?” The male shadow looked worried for his Aunt.

“No, your writing your own story now. Just promise me one thing, will you ?”

“ Aunt, you sound so weird like your biding me a goodbye. I can promise you anything. What is it?” The male shadow becomes rigid while waiting for his Aunt's request.

”Promised me, you won't end up like your cousin.

I can't handle another heartache. Don't go against the rules set from above.

Don't let them caught you, please.”

There were golden tears that the male shadow saw shedding down his aunt's cheeks.

For they are immortal that carries a heavy burden and have a lot of responsibility, they often hide their true feelings.

Seeing his aunt cry for him makes him feel very grateful.

It shows how much she cared for him and his future.

He stood up and hugged her.

When they finish hugging, he wipe up the dampness on her cheek.

“Thank you. I promise to be strong and will protect what is mine. I won't end up like cousin. Don't overthink Aunt. His strength is like the universe. It has no limit, and he's just sleeping. One day he will wake up, and together, we will shake the world and give those upper high a lesson.”

His aunt smiled sadly and tapped his cheeks.

“Take care, child.”

And with that, the female shadow disappeared.

The atmosphere and temperature in the room went back to normal.

He walks to his balcony while glancing in the sky.

The full moon doesn't show too much brightness like it always does.

It's only an indication that his other aunt is becoming weak. He had a hint already what was going on.

His deep thoughts were interrupted by those rosy scent.

He knows who owns it, so he glanced at the other balcony. He was not wrong, for he could see his mate luminous skin and her alluring figure that instantly wash away his troubled thoughts.

A smirked form on his lips, being mischievous, is apart of him.

He whispered in the air something, and his mate came blushing while hugging herself.

She didn't know that made him feel aroused too.

Seeing those curvy body emphasized by the light from the full moon, and her captivating innocent face just made him wonder how she would look like if she were on top of him those long curly locks of hair splattered on her sweaty body while he's watching her moving in and out of him and deliriously calling out his name.

Damn it!

He curse! While moving back to his room, passing the glass door without opening it.

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