The Protector

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She was a normal chavvy girl living a false life, that is until she came of age. She didn’t have an amazing life, but she was getting through it day by day. Sure she wasn’t the world's idea of a perfect young woman, she was living as her own person, in some ways. She wasn’t ever scared to show her true colours, the ones that stopped people from beating down on her. Her brothers were known as some of the greatest men in their hidden world, yet she was always the one to challenge them for the title of being the best, plain sibling rivalry. She didn’t need people to say her abilities were great; she knew who she was and what she stood for, she made herself unique despite her unexpected skills. She showed the world that the only way to make yourself known, is to do the right thing and not give a shit about what others think of you. She’s the embodiment of living your own life, and not letting others define you. She is the most spectacular being to ever have walked the Earth. She will always be there to protect those who are forced to hide in the shadows, she will always be there to protect those that need protecting. You never want to judge this girl, because she is not just a playful person, she is far more powerful than she appears to the naked eye, especially when you get on her wrong side.

Fantasy / Romance
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For anyone who hasn't read the information on this story; there is content that may be triggering to some readers. This story involves the following:
- Graphic descriptions
- Mentions of gore and death
- References to sexual involvement
- Depictions of abuse
- Adult humour
- Adult language (cursing)
If you do not like/ or support anything that has been written, please stop reading now instead continuing and making yourself uncomfortable.
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