A Rogue's Choice

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3. The Hospital


I walked across the lush grass, it’s soft texture felt wonderful on my bare feet. I headed towards the waterfall. The sunlight glistened on the water as it cascaded over the rocks. A beautiful red headed woman, sat by the edge of the pool, he fingers tracing patterns in the water.

As I approached she turned her head towards me.

Mama?” a called out.

Her smile turned to a frown.

You shouldn’t be here little one,” she soothed.

I missed you mama,” I cried, as tears cascaded down my cheeks.

She smiled, “I missed you too, but its not your time yet, you have to go back!”

The vision before me started to fade into darkness.

I called out one more time.

“Mama...Please!” I cried.

It was at that moment I realised I had woken. My own voice waking me up.

I also felt tears on my cheeks. I never cried.

I felt a hand gently cup my jaw, the large thumb wiping away the tears.

“Sshh little one, it’s ok,” he soothed.

I immediately tensed, and tried to pull away. I recognised the voice. It was Kane. Alpha Kane. Why was he here? Was he going to finish what his Beta had started.

I whimpered as I felt sharp stab of pain.

“Sshh, be still little one, just open your eyes for me. His hand was still on my face, and I felt a tingle run through my body.

“It...It hurts,” I stuttered, keeping my eyes firmly closed.

His hand moved from my cheek, and I felt him rest it on my head, his thumb gently rubbing my forehead.

“I know little one, just try and open your eyes.”

I finally opened them, and looked at him.

I gasped. He gazed down at me, smiling gently. I kind of expected him to be angry, like Beta Nathan had been, but he wasn’t.

His dark brown eyes held a gentleness I wasn’t expecting. None of the men I had ever come into contact had looked at me like that. Not even my father, not even when I was younger.

His dark brown hair was trimmed short, and he sported a neatly trimmed beard. I had seen plenty of men, rogues pass through, but none had the perfect looks that Alpha Kane had.

“Such beautiful eyes,” he purred, “now where does it hurt?”

I blinked, trying to focus my thoughts.

I went to move my hand to my nose, but he quickly stopped me. Gently grabbing my hand.

“No little one, don’t touch it!” he commanded.

I gasped again, although he spoke gently, it was forceful. It was almost as though just by saying something he could force you to do it. It scared me.

Kane gently lifted my hand and he pressed his lips to my knuckles.

“I’m sorry little one, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he soothed.

I stared at him, speechless. Kane chuckled, then glanced across to the other side of the room.

“Lena, can we get my little friend here some pain relief?”

I hadn’t even noticed anyone else in the room. Normally, I would have done. Even if I couldn’t see them, I would have noticed their scent.

The only scent I noticed right now was his.

I looked across at the woman, who was walking over. She was beautiful, and tall. So much taller than me. Her black hair was styled in a short bob, it was so shiny it looked like it had been polished. Her eyes were dark blue, and she had a lovely smile. The way she smiled at Alpha Kane. She must be his mate. I was a little jealous.

“This may hurt a little,” she warned, as she approached with a needle.

I watched as she pulled back the blanket that was covering me. I gasped. My clothes were gone. I wore just my underwear. That wasn’t the worst thing though, I had a large dressing across my stomach.

“Wh...what did you do to me?” I whimpered, as I tried to sit.

This made the pain worse and I let out a hiss.

Kane quickly grabbed me by the shoulders, and pushed me back down.

“It’s ok, you were bleeding. The doctor had to operate,” he quickly explained.

Lena, who I now assumed was the doctor, held my leg and injected me with whatever was in the syringe.

I winced, but it was over pretty quickly. I was more concerned with what they had done to me, and where my clothes were.

That was until I started to feel drowsy.

“Wh...what did you just give me?” I started to panic, and my breathing became erratic.

Kane glanced up at the Lena.

“Its ok,” Lena began, “it’s just a pain killer, it will probably make you sleepy. You need to rest to help you heal!”

This didn’t calm me down at all.

“I want to leave!” I screamed, as I tried to sit.

Kane held me firmly by my shoulders, and gently rubbed circles with his thumb.

“Just stay calm, little one. This is for your own good.”

He didn’t understand, none of them did.

My heart started beating wildly and my breath came in gasps.

“Pl...please...he’s gonna kill me!” I begged.

Kane frowned, “Who...who’s going to kill you?”

My breathing continued to come in shuddered gasps as I struggled for air.

“And Terence...he’s going to...”

I clutched my hand to my chest, trying to get my breath.

“Who the fuck is Terence!” Kane growled.

I whimpered, hardly daring to breath when I saw the anger in Kane’s face.

Kane looked horrified as he saw the look of terror on my face, and how much he had scared me.

He put one of his hands on my back, and the other on the back of my head, and pulled me into his chest.

“Be careful Kane! She’ll break her stitches!” Lena snapped.

Kane glared at her.

“It won’t matter if she stops breathing or has a heart attack will it!” he retorted.

Kane turned his attention back to me, his expression softened, as did his voice.

He rubbed my bare back with his hand.

“Sshh little one, just breath!”

I gasped and my back arched as I felt his touch. It was like a bolt of electricity flowed through my body. Not like the bolt that Nathan had given me. This was entirely pleasurable, reaching down to my very core.

My breathing began to even out as his hand continued his gentle caresses on my back.

“No one’s going to touch you…” Kane hesitated, “What’s your name little one?”

I blinked, the drug taking its toll on my senses.

“K...Katie,” I whispered, my eyes beginning to close.

Kane gently lowered me back on to the bed.

“Well little Katie, no one is going to touch you, because your mine. You belong to me,” he growled softly.

“I...I don’t want to belong to anyone...” I mumbled, as the drug gently pulled me into the darkness.

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