Anguished Beyond Humanity From Hero To Villain

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The story follows Natsuki a 19yr college freshman. After he gets transported to another world, he soon finds out he's not alone, but a change fate caused him to be exiled and imprisoned. He escapes and is now on the run from royalty.

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Chapter One: Beginning of Fate

"What The Hell?"

I was just in the classroom about to leave. My name is Natsuki

Takahashi and I'm a freshman in college. I'm also more of an otaku

and my family knows. Ever since I first watched anime and played video games and other stuff, I have dedicated more of my time to that stuff than my school life. Even my family thinks this habit is unhealthy and they’re worried, but I think there are over exaggerating.

My Family knows about this since I'm an only child, but they've grown

to accept my choices. They never really accepted it, and always pestered me to get a girlfriend but I never did. But, starting last year they adopted a young boy, so now I have a younger brother. They asked me to watch over him, and he is a great kid and his life was wasted at an orphanage. Anyway, I was going to my classes for the day and stopped at my parents’

house to say and leave. So I walked into campus and started class. As I was walking towards it I started developing a headache and my vision was starting to get blurry, but as quick as it came it disappeared. Fast forward to the end of class, as I'm about to leave I see that I'm starting to get dizzy and I fainted on the ground. After waking up, I tried to walk it off but as I was on my way to my dorm, I was starting to feel dizzy again, but also I was starting to get sick and my vision was getting worse. I made it home and layed on my bed, but then everything went dark for a second.

"What the hell..."

I slipped off the bed and was left unconscious on the floor. My vision is starting to disappear, all I see is darkness. All I was able to do was stare into the darkness. Then I heard a voice start to speak. I stared at the direction where I heard it.

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