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What does it mean to be Greek?

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The gods had always lived on mount Olympus, but after the adults disappear and a new threat is on the horizon, what are the kids to do?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Olympus

The world was bright! Golden skyscrapers dotted the sky like stars. The grass was green and fresh when you lied down on it. Arina loved living on Olympus, and couldn’t think of a place she would rather be.

Her hair flung widely in the wind as she watched down the stone paths towards her house. Her mother, Athena, had a whole palace built for her and her family. As she walked through the pearly gates to the strong wooden door she grabbed her key from her pocket. With a click from the keyhole, Arina was able to swing the door open, and enter.

The breath of wind blew on her face as she entered the cool air from the warm outsides. Arina’s fest hit the hard tile as she stared at the spiral staircases which greeted her as she entered.

“Mom!” She calles out into the house, awaiting a response from someone deep within.

“Yes honey? I’m in the kitchen preparing snack if you need anything,” the response came from the left. Arina ser down her bag by the door and pulled out some homework that she could do while eating snack, and walked into the kitchen. “Hi honey! How was school today?” Athena had on a cheery expression like normal and smiled as her daughter entered the room.

“Oh it was good.” The thruth was, Arina’s day had not been good. But she couldn’t figure out a way to tell her mother the troubles she faced. What would her mom do when she heard that her daughter had been bullied for being adopted. Arina feared that her mother might She it as her fault that the other children called Arina names and Arina didn’t want to take away the smile from her mother’s face.

“I’m so glad to hear that sweetheart. I told you you’d like Olympia Prep. It’s were all the kids with important parents are going. Not to mention it’s where I went to school. I remember my first day there. I was so scared. But I’m sure your first day went much better, especially since you already know most of the kids there.” Athena never missed a chance to talk abo her “glory days” back at Olympia Prep. She had been a new girl turned cheerleader, and president of the school. To Arina, it always seemed like her mother had had the perfect life. Arina wished she could be successful like her mother, but she didn’t feel like she was good at anything. Being a human made this particularly apparent to her, seeing as she didn’t have any powers of her own, unlike all of the other children. She did have a skill for boxing, which she had been training at since she was a little girl. The best thing in her life was when she got the chance to punch some little gods teeth out, especially if it had been one of the ones that had called her names.

While Athena probably could have helped her daughter through the struggles she faced as being an outsider, she had no idea any of this was going on. Perhaps it was cause she was too dumb to figure it or, or maybe she just didn’t want to look. On the outside, Arina seemed like a perfectly happy girl, without a single care in the world, but when you looked closer you saw a whole different story.

Arina stares down at her mythology homework unable to conplete it. She hated mythology. It was one of those subjects that came easy to everyone else seeing as how they were told the stories over and over again before they got the chance to go to school, but for Arina everything in the textbook was something new that she had to learn. The teacher wasn’t very accommodating either and simply assumed that all her student were aware of the relationship the giant had with the human during the age of iron.

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