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"๐•พ๐–™๐–—๐–š๐–Œ๐–Œ๐–‘๐–Ž๐–“๐–Œ ๐–œ๐–Ž๐–™๐–๐–”๐–š๐–™ ๐–“๐–” ๐–”๐–“๐–Š ๐–™๐–” ๐–๐–Š๐–‘๐–•" The grand battle that took place between Blood River pack and Dark Phoenix's, left a festering wound into both packs' hearts, as they'd lost their reigning Alphas and Lunas. Their successors were forced to step into the leading roles since then. * Anaelle Danvers was the first female to be appointed alpha after a century and a half of male leadership. With past occurrences, and having to deal with her mental health, the female alpha was confined to her home for years. The day Anaelle attended her first Annual Alpha Meeting, she met her mate. Not just anybody, but the alpha of her pack's enemy - Alpha Lucious Cane. Lucious was what one would define as a perfect alpha upon first glimpse, but that wasn't the case. His profile was flawed just like any other beings in this world; some might even say broken. Upon meeting Anaelle, happiness radiated off of him. But, that was shortlived as he learned about his mate's origin. Since the encounter, both individuals' lives had taken a drastic turn, and as they struggled to find solace into the forbidden love that was blooming between them, darkness threatened to consume their light. What will happen to the alpha mates? Cover done by: @SamuelStormbringer โ„น Mature Content ยฉ๏ธ All Rights Reserved

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Before You Read!!

This story is my very first one which means that I'm just a beginner in writing online. Some things I would love for you to be aware of are listed below;

โ€ข 18+ as it contains explicit sexual activities, bad language (swearing) and mild self-harm,

โ€ข It is entirely my creation - meaning the characters, plotlines, pack names minus the names of different places,

โ€ข The story is mainly about an Alpha female and her struggles, plus how she overcomes them. If you prefer Male lead, you can skip this book and go for something more your style,

โ€ข It is completely original,


In this story there is no Moon Goddess. Therefore, there is nothing to do with the moon etc.

The werewolves originated from Goddess Aglaia, also known as the first She-wolf to have walked the earth. Aglaia was not born a werewolf or blessed by any other Gods or Goddesses. She was just a simple human being in the old age.

One rainy night, she happened to stumble over a lone wolf and without further ado, Aglaia killed the wolf to sate her hunger. What she wasn't aware of was that the wolf meat was mixed up with that of other human's and the rain water she drank contained the body fluid of the said wolf.

Days later, she started to experience certain changes and before she knew what was happening, she found herself standing on all four instead of her usual two. She didn't have any control over her own body as she wiped away tribe after tribe until the humans were almost extinct.

The Gods and Goddesses were angry and thus, intervened to put a stop to Aglaia's massacres. They couldn't kill her without suffering consequences from the universe, so they offered her a place amongst themselves since she was deemed too powerful for the earth. And from then, she was granted infinite power like the other Gods and Goddesses, allowing her to create her own line of creatures - werewolves.

Some werewolves are lucky enough to be created with her own blood, thus giving them ultimate power over others. But, it's all for a cause.

The only thing she couldn't do was paired her creatures with another soul in order to tame the animal part, so she sought out help from the goddess of love.

You will also notice that the wolf's name are weird, but the thing is they're ancient as Aglaia was from the Old Age.


I have worked so hard to come up with this plotline. So, I implore you, DO NOT COPY MY WORK. I'm also trying and I encourage you lot to do the same instead of plagiarism. I've seen many authors suffered from it and I do not want that.

If you want to be a writer, nobody is stopping you. Just try to be creative - actually no. DON'T TRY, JUST BE CREATIVE!! Take your time, use that wild imagination of yours and in the future you'll be proud of whatever you might've accomplished.


With all that being said, I hope that you'll give my story a chance and if you enjoyed it please, show some genuine love after each chapter. It'll be very much appreciated.

ยฉ๏ธ All Rights Reserved



Five years ago...

The metallic scent of blood and sweat hung heavy in the air, filling her nostrils with tang and musk. Bodies of the dead and injured lay strewn across the ground, while still more clashed in ferocious battle.

Each warrior bared their sharp canines, and claws flashed against the pelts of their enemies, ripping out every scrap of flesh they could reach, spraying themselves with cruor.

The girl sauntered through the battlefield, the safe house that her parents had placed her in along with other women and children, long forgotten.

Alpha Danvers of the Blood River Pack smelled his daughter's scent and snapped his wolfish head in her direction. He couldn't believe that his daughter had defied his orders during such a situation.

Terrified of what would happen to her, Alpha Danvers mind linked her. 'Daughter, what are you doing out on the battlefield? Please go back inside,' he pleaded while fighting off two other wolves.

'But dad I want to help you and our pack, I know I can do it. I'm ready and you know it,' she said, watching the gruesome scene in front of her.

She couldn't help but gagged for the umpteenth time. She really was out of place. What the girl failed to understand was that her being out here posed a distraction for her father, but she was stubborn even in times like these.

Damn this girl of mine. The alpha mentally growled.

Being done with the two wolves, Alpha Danvers made his way toward her. Upon looking into her father's wolfish eyes, disappointment was the strongest emotion amongst others.

'Princess, I know you think that you are ready but today is not the day. Your time will come. Now please, leave the field as you are distr-'

The alpha was tackled mid sentence by an enormous silver wolf. Being distracted by his daughter's frantic appearance had given the wolf an opportunity to dig its claws deep into Alpha Danvers's chest and drag it all the way down to his abdomen.

His painful howls could be heard as his flesh was being torn apart by the opposing wolf. Alpha Danvers managed to shake the wolf off of him, and threw it into a tree before collapsing on the ground.

Blood began to pool around him. He knew that he wouldn't make it as he could feel his life force diminished by the second.

A naked woman made way toward him, which the girl recognised as her mom. She crouched down to pull the alpha's head into her lap who had shifted back into his human form.

The brown haired she-wolf was in tremendous pain as tears kept running down her face in waves, knowing that her mate was about to meet his end.

"Baby, stay with me. Please we need you, the pack, your daughter and I need you," the woman pleaded with blurry eyes.

Meanwhile, the threat was lurking into the shadow of the trees, waiting for the perfect moment to strike again and end the Luna's suffering.

Two birds with one stone. He thought to himself.

The silver wolf couldn't believe that he had achieved what many did not. He had killed the Alpha of the Blood River pack. The great Demitrey Danvers was out of the game thanks to him.

Subtle cries and whimpers left the girl's mouth, as she found herself unable to move from where she stood. The girl's immobility was a result of the shock still framing her body.

What the hell? She thought.

It felt as if an unknown force was working against her. She could feel some of her parents' pain from their family bond. How it kept stretching until it resembled a thin chord.

By hearing someone choking on their own blood and the loss of their bond brought her back to the actual world. What she saw will scar her for life.

Her mom's convulsing body was laid on top of her deceased father as she fought to get air into her lungs, but failed due to her open throat. The unbearable scene caused the girl to let out a piercing scream, rivaling that of a banshee.

In mere minutes, she had lost both her parents and the weight of blame laid heavily on her shoulders.

"No. It can't be," the girl whimpered.

Her body began to shake with the amount of distress, self loathing and uncontrollable anger consuming her. By the time the silver wolf turned around to finish off the Danvers bloodlines, the girl had already shifted into her own wolf.

The opposing wolf's bewildered expression would have been funny if it wasn't for the situation he was in. What he thought was a fragile girl before, now standing in her place was a beast he had never encountered in his entire life.

A huge wolf coated in the purest and thickest white furs, eyes red as blood, large set of jaws that was filled with the sharpest canines, and paws that could crush his head with one powerful stomp embedded with the longest claws he had ever seen.

What the hell is she? The silver wolf asked himself, as if he had the answer.

He took a few steps back and contemplated his options; whether he should retreat back to his pack along with his warriors since he was not prepared to face whatever he's seeing or stay and fight, knowing the latter will bring his impending doom.

The white wolf must have read his intention because just as he was about to make a run for it, sharp canines pierced his neck and strong jaws enclosed around it fully, locking him in place.

The silver wolf tried to shake the beast off of him. Keyword; tried, as he was failing, miserably. The girl's wolf bit down harder until it heard a sickening crack above all other sounds.

A ferocious roar caused the dirt to shake underneath every living thing around the area, just like an earthquake would've done in its wake. Everything went silent.

Wolves from the Blood River pack cowered in fear, lowering their heads to show their submissions while the remaining wolves from the rivalry pack made a run for it without sparing another glance back.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi guys. I hope that you had a good read. This is my first story ever and I would love to gain some feedback from you all. Criticism are welcome but let's keep in a civil way please.

Thank you for showing your interest. It means a lot to me๐Ÿ–ค

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