Broken Souls~(BOOK #1 OF THE SOULS SERIES) 💔 2020

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The Grand battle caused massive casualties on both sides, leaving a festering wound in the hearts of the Blood River and Dark Phoenix packs. Both lost their Alphas, and thrusted their young successors into the leader's role. Now, four years later, Alpha Anaelle Danvers attends her first Annual Alpha Meeting and finds her mate; the rival Alpha, Lucious Cane. 《《•》》 "You belong to me mate and no one else shall touch you." His low voice rumbles, as he runs his nose along my neck. My skin erupts in goosebumps at his feathery touch, but I don't respond. "What?? The cat's got your tongue?" He demands while his left hand was wrapped around my neck. I tilt my head to the side, my gaze piercing through his rough exterior. I admit this position is a turn on for me, but he doesn't have to know that... yet! 《《•》》 ⚠️ English is not my prime language, so you might come across minor errors

Fantasy / Romance
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Five years ago...

The metallic scent of blood and sweat hung heavy in the air, filling her nostrils with tang and musk. Bodies of the dead and injured lay strewn across the ground, while still more clashed in ferocious battle. Each warrior bared their sharp canines, and claws flashed against the pelts of their enemies, ripping out every scrap of flesh they could reach, spraying themselves with cruor.

The girl sauntered through the battlefield, the safe house that her parents placed her in along with other women and children, long forgotten. Alpha Danvers of the Blood River Pack, smelled his daughter’s scent and snapped his wolfish head in her direction.

Terrified of what would happen to her, Alpha Danvers mind link her, ‘Daughter, what are you doing out on the battlefield? Please go back inside.’ He pleaded while fighting off two other wolves.

But dad I want to help you and our pack, I know I can do it. I’m ready and you know it,’ She says.

What she cannot understand was that her being out here was a distraction for her father, but the girl was stubborn even in times like these. Being done with the two wolves, he made his way toward her.

Princess I know you are ready but today is not the day. Your time will come. Now please go back, you are distr-.

Her dad got tackled mid sentence by an enormous silver wolf. Being distracted by his daughter’s frantic appearance, the wolf dug its claw deep into the man’s chest and dragged it all the way down. His wolf howled in agony as his flesh was being torn apart.

A brown wolf made way towards them, which the girl recognized as her mom. She shifted into her human form and crouch down, pulling the man’s head into her lap, who has now shifted because of the deep wound he sported. The brown-haired she-wolf was in pain already and tears were running down her face in waves, knowing that her mate was about to meet his end.

“Baby stay with me please we need you, the pack, your daughter and I need you.” The woman said.

Meanwhile, the threat was still there, waiting for the perfect moment to end the Luna’s suffering. The girl was crying for her father from unable to move, the scene too much for her. It felt as if an unknown force stamped her whole being to the ground.

By hearing someone choking on their own blood, it brought her back to the actual world, but what she saw will scar her for life. The silver wolf has taken the opportunity of her mom’s breakdown to slit her throat.

“No... it can't be.” The girl was now full on wailing.

She was shaking by the amount of distress along with uncontrollable anger that filled her body, and by the time the wolf turned around, the girl has already shifted into her wolf. The man was taken aback by what he was seeing in front of him.

What he thought was a fragile girl before, now standing, was a beast he’s never encountered in his entire life. A huge white wolf, eyes red as blood, was snarling at him with the sharpest canines and largest jaw he’s ever seen.

He took a few steps back and contemplated his options; whether he should retreat to his pack along with his warriors as he was not prepared to face whatever he’s seeing or stay and fight, knowing the latter will be his impending doom.

The white wolf must have read his expression because before he could make a run for it, it clamped his neck inside its enormous jaw while he tried to shake the beast off of him. Keyword tried as he was failing, miserably. The girl’s wolf bit down harder until it heard a sickening crack above all other sounds.

The wolf's ferocious roar caused the dirt to shake underneath every living thing around the area, just like an earthquake would’ve done. Everything went silent and wolves cowered in fear, most tilted their necks showing their submissions whilst the remaining wolves from the opposing pack made a run for it without sparing another glance back.

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