Legend's V: Illusions of the Present

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There was always more to a story than met the eye. There were always more secrets, more lies, a never ending search for answers that may very well have died with the Ancients; but they had to try. Many had fallen in what was being called the greatest war of all times. Hundreds of planets had been ravaged beyond repair, mighty cities and vast civilizations returned to dust, their lands unable to support life. Millions had lost their lives, and many more were left devastated when their homes had been destroyed and their families, shattered beyond repair. This, was what the Verse had come to, and despite their many victories, Malice knew there was much more to come. The war was far from over, and those who were missing, had yet to find their way home. She'd already lost her past to the Eno'tai, she'd lost her friends and those she'd loved; and there was no way she was going to hand them her future too. She would find what she'd lost, and she'd bring them all home or die trying, for they couldn't win this war alone.

Fantasy / Erotica
Mark McQuillen
Age Rating:


Lost a midst space and time....

It was hard to tell if what she was seeing, was real, or just some fucked up glitch in her memory banks, thanks to her explosive trip through crazy-ville.

Three days. Three, long ass days and nights, surrounded by snow and ice for as far as the eye could see; and what had she learned? She was stuck here, first of all, wherever here, was, and second, she had no energy to blink herself away from this Gods forsaken ball of cold.

At least, that’s what she was assuming her problem was. None of it irked her as much as the feeling of being followed. Eyes, bore down upon her; but from where? She was still faster than the average beast though stronger now, her hunting skills, impeccable. As proven by last night’s kill.

She could still smell the meat roasting over the open fire, and the thrill of the chase had spiked in her blood and sent chills up her spine. She loved to hunt, it was what she did or had done rather, being that she was lost in who the hell knew where.

It looked like Vash, covered in lush foliage and dark blue waters, but then, Vash had three moons and she counted only one. That knocked out Kem’pir, Kelvek and Kelmar as well, for they had dozens of moons as well as T’llar and Danore, having no moons at all.

Gods, this was harder than she’d thought. She had to think. The water, was more blue than purple, so she was closer to Sanctuary than she was the Null. The sky was full of fluffy white clouds against a darkening blue sky.

“Shit!” She let out as the sudden realization hit her. “Of course, it had to be Earth!”

Of all the places she could have been sent, it had to be a planet that was still on her mother’s, so called, forbidden list? And here? In the middle of the Arctic? Or was it the Antarctic? She could never remember which was which.

Still why not a beach? In the tropics? With people?

“The beaches are reserved for the Sand People!” The voice called out, and a shudder of fear ran through her. “Who the fuck is out there?” She called back into the shadows. “Show yourself!” Mia growled, palming one of her daggers.

“Keep your voice down, you’ll draw them to us!” It snapped back at her, and a moment later, a figure emerged from behind a snow-covered tree.

“Here, put this on. It will hide your darkness and allow you to move freely in the snows.” It told her, handing her a long white, fur cloak. Mia said nothing, as she looked up at the thing before her. It was tall, slender, and covered in fur from head to toe. Mia could only choke out one word, before the massive roar filled the sky and the lights danced across the snow a few feet away.


“Them!” The thing replied, before grabbing hold of Mia’s hand, and they vanished into the tree line. Did she miss something? Since when, did Earth have a fucking spaceship, and where the hell was Malice?

Lord Eroch’s anger was mounting as he stormed the halls of the Null in search of answers. He’d given specific orders, to everyone, that none should leave the mountain fortress.

Recent reports indicated that there was a chance that someone had indeed gone beyond the safety of the gates. One foot after another, he actually had to focus on walking he was so mad. She’d disobeyed him, and he wanted to know why. What the hell was going on in her head?

It wasn’t long before the Dark Lord found himself climbing the stairs to the third floor with drink in mind, but the moment he laid eyes on the magnificent white wings, it was not anger that drove him; but fear. If he was here, then she was.

“Where the hell is your female?” Eroch’s words belted down upon the Angel, who stood in shock with book in hand. “Do you have any idea where she’s gotten to?”

“Uh…” Nissa started, but the look on the Lord’s face, the way he heaved when he drew breath. “She was, with Marena, babbling about some Vampire.” Then he stopped short. “Why? Where has she gone?” He growled, as he finally clued in to his Lord’s distress.

“To Sanctuary, to research said fucking Vampire!” Lord Eroch snarled. “Where the fuck is Markus?”

“In the Null!” Nissa replied quickly. “Where I thought Madrina would stay!” He added. “It’s not like her to disobey orders!”

“Clearly, you don’t know your mate as well as you thought you did! Being just like her mother, also has its downfalls!” Eroch grumbled. “You, go fetch my daughter, and I, will discuss this theory with Markus!” He added, throwing his arms in the air.

“Fucking Vampires, they’re as bad as children. Even, after all these years, no one fucking listens!”

Nissa couldn’t help but chuckle as the Dark Lord sauntered away, but stopped short and turned his head to the Angel.

Find her!’ Lord Eroch’s voice whipped through his thoughts, and Nissa made for the nursery. Someone had to be watching over his little Angels if Madrina had gone off on another one of her research trips; but against orders? It still confused him.

Madrina was all about order and balance, why would she go off on her own.

“Navina?” His words entered the nursery before he did. “Hi! I have to.”

“Go! And hurry!” She stopped him, “I have seen it in the mirror, and you must go, now. She will need your help, Nissa!” Navina sighed and shook her head.

“Know that your young are safe here with us, but you must help their mother now!” Seen what? Help her do what?

“What the hell is going on?” He let out, but Navina had already hurried him out of the nursery and into the hall, closing the door in his face.

Nissa sighed, the fear welling in his chest as he called to the Angel Guard to meet him at the portal. What the hell had Madrina gotten herself into this time?

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