Crash and Burn

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Chapter 6: Callum

What the actual hell, Callum thought. Today was supposed to be a simple call! Run down to a village and take out the intruders. Do not pass go and do not collect $200, much less two girls!

Fuck! What was he gonna tell his dad?

The heirs weren’t technically even supposed to leave the castle, but they all decided it would be a good chance to get a break from the politics of it all.

The increasing threats from Bernwill were becoming more and more of a problem and the Council was doing everything in its power to completely shove the issue under the rug. And the most infuriating part of it all was how Callum and the other heirs were constantly being disregarded if they brought up anything about the concerning matter.

Having parents on the Council meant nothing if they wouldn’t even listen to what they had to say! They all needed a break or someone was going to lose their fucking mind! Probably all of them.

They all knew that if their parents on the Council discovered that they had taken over the mission in the city they were in huge trouble. For most that meant a scolding and probably some sort of punishment in the shape of extra lessons or something.

Not for Callum, though. He knew that once his father figured out he had left, he’d be in for a major beating. His mother used to be able to soften the blows, but it had been years since her death, and his father had only gotten harsher with Callum.

He knew it wasn’t healthy, but with his father being the head of the Council, Callum had no way to stop the abuse. Besides, it was better that he took the brunt of it rather than his little brother.

Ethan was only a year younger than Callum, but he had always had a brighter spirit and Callum was extremely thankful that his father had decided to send him off to boarding school.

With Ethan out of the castle, his father couldn’t harm him, taking a huge burden off Callum’s shoulders.

The only catch was that he knew he absolutely could not screw up in his duties as heir. As soon as his father had reason to make Ethan his heir he would, and it would put him directly in the line of fire.

Callum always knew he was walking on thin ice.

Now, he knew they were gonna be caught and punished. Not only did they not get the information they wanted from the intruders, but they found the two girls who were currently riding in the back of the car.

Normally he would have let them go to avoid the attention they would garner when they were brought back to the castle, but after seeing the state of the older one, he couldn’t bring himself to leave her. And then the blonde one made it clear she wasn’t going anywhere without her sister.

So, here they were, all crammed into the one patrol vehicle they had taken out of the castle.

Normally these things were built to have plenty of room, but with six people in it instead of the usual four, things were getting a little cramped, and the boys were all beginning to get tense.

Roman had taken the passenger seat, with Callum behind the wheel. Normally he didn’t enjoy driving, but there was no way he was about to be crammed in the back with Lachlan and Declan on either side of the pretty blonde.

Laying across their laps was the older sister, still completely passed out.

Looking in the rearview mirror, he studied the young blonde in the middle seat. Even as she was frowning down at her sister, he could tell she had a pretty smile.

Her wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and curvy figure were sure to be noticed by many suitors in the castle halls. Slightly shorter than her older sister, she had the stereotypical 'pretty girl' persona in spades.

However, judging by the bloody nose Lachlan was currently sporting, Callum didn’t doubt that she had a much more feisty side.

Although beautiful, it wasn’t the younger sister that had caught Callum’s eye.

From the moment he saw the slim, feisty girl with the bloody clothes and the sharp tongue he knew she was unique, and as soon as the first snarky comment came out of her mouth, Callum was a goner.

Who was this girl? No one other than Ethan and the other heirs had ever made him consider taking a beating for them, but he instantly knew he'd take a thousand just to keep this girl safe.

But why? Sure, she was pretty, with her long, dirty-blonde hair and fighter’s build, but she wasn’t the type that Callum usually favored. He was usually drawn towards a girl that was more her sister’s type.

However, he had to admit he was thoroughly impressed with the older one's fighting spirit. He had no clue how she was even conscious when they found her, much less standing and squaring off to fight them.

Her left eye was swollen shut, and her side and legs were covered with blood, most of which looked to be hers. There was no telling what wounds she had internally, and it made him wonder what she must have gone through to get in that position.

If she was still standing after that many hits then she had to have been hard to overpower.

Nevertheless, Callum knew he couldn’t trust her. Not yet, at least. He had the other heirs to think about, not to mention Ethan.

There was no telling what his dad would do to him when he got back, and he would be walking a very thin line with him for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Without knowing who this girl was, he had no way to know if she was here to hurt them. For all he knew, she could have been a fucking spy from Bernwill sent to gather information on their council, and this whole thing could have been a huge setup.

He would definitely have to be careful and keep his distance until he knew who she was.

With the multitude of thoughts running through his head, Callum found that the drive back to the castle went very quickly.

Everyone had stayed silent, so as not to alert the younger sister to any plans. Unless she began to give them information about her and her sister, they couldn’t trust the two at all.

As Callum pulled into the castle gates, a gasp finally broke the silence. Looking back, he noticed it had come from the young blonde. She had probably never seen anything like this in the outer cities she called home.

Parking the truck, Callum quickly ordered the others to unload the van and take the blonde to one of the guest rooms.

“Nope. Sorry, but I go where she goes.” The statement came from pretty girl, as he was now calling her, and Callum sighed, knowing by now that there was no point arguing.

“Fine, come with me. But I need to know your names first,” he replied, hoping to gain even a little bit of information from the girl. Of course, it was no use.

“Sorry, but you won’t get a word out of me. Not until she wakes up,” she said, gesturing to her sister, who was currently still in the backseat.

Done trying, Callum grabbed the girl and began carrying her to the infirmary, where he was greeted by two of their best nurses.

Heading into one of the more private rooms, he laid her on the bed and informed the nurses to come straight to him or one of the other heirs with any updates they had.

Looking at the girl, he guessed that she would not be up for quite a while, so Callum decided to take the chance to head back to his quarters to take a shower and get cleaned up before he inevitably had to tell his dad what had happened.

Everything inside of him revolted when he left her alone with her sister in the room, but he shoved the feelings down. He had no reason to feel that way about someone that could very well be the enemy. What the hell was wrong with him?

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