Crash and Burn

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Chapter 7

I opened my eyes to see bright fluorescent lighting in an unknown room. Instantly, I shot out of bed, groaning as a searing pain made its way through my skull. Guess I wasn’t fully healed yet.

Then it all came rushing back to me. The fire, the men in black, and the four men who showed up afterward. No, not just men. They were the mother fucking council heirs and there was no way I was letting them figure out who I was.

Looking around, I saw Elle passed out in a chair in the corner and instantly breathed a sigh of relief. Walking over to her, I carefully shook her awake.

I don’t think I have ever seen her get up that fast, which instantly threw me on the defense. Kicking into my shifter hearing wasn’t hard, and after a couple of seconds, I concluded that I didn’t hear anyone nearby.

Still, I held a finger up to my mouth in the universal sign for 'be quiet,' hoping that Elle wouldn’t freak out.

“Ad, thank gods you’re awake!” She whisper-screamed. “We gotta get out of here!” She instantly got up and started for the door, prompting me to reach out and grab her wrist.

If she was seriously about to go running into something without her usual planning, then things were really bad.

“Elle, what’s going on?” I asked quickly.

“Ad, they took us back to the castle. The guy left when we first got here, but it’s been almost half an hour. There’s no telling when he will be back. We’ve gotta get out of here. I know how to get to the cars, but we gotta go now!”

Trusting her judgment, I nodded and let her lead the way. She had always been better at sneaking around, so I followed as she began to take us to where the cars were.

Even though I trusted her to get us there unseen, I still ran my hands over the rune on my hip to manifest a dagger, just in case we came across anyone.

Elle suddenly held her hand up for me to stop, and I tried to peer around, wondering what she saw. I hoped we were almost there because I was starting to get nervous.

Thank fuck they hadn’t thought to take off my clothes to replace them or they would have seen my runes and had even more questions. Hopefully, if they thought we were somewhat normal they wouldn’t be expecting us to leave.

A normal mage or shifter definitely couldn’t have healed as fast as I did, so they probably weren’t expecting me to be up for a while, but it was still taking too long for us to get out.

Elle motioned for me to give her a weapon, so I ran my hand over the rune for a sword, handing it over to her. Normally the weapons from my runes disappeared when anyone else tried to use them, but I guess Elle was an exception to that. Maybe because she was my sister or something.

As soon as she had the sword, Elle silently began sneaking around the corner, motioning for me to wait behind. Although I hated it, I did as she said. She knew how to do this better than I could.

It was only a few seconds later when I heard the telltale thump of a body and Elle peeked back around the corner, motioning me to come on. As I turned the corner, I saw the guard on the ground with a large mark on the side of his head where she must have hit him with the pommel of her sword to knock him out.

Looking up from the guard, I saw Elle holding open a set of large double doors leading into what looked like a large garage. Rows upon rows of vehicles, each exactly the same. This must be their patrol cars. Sweet.

Elle walked over to one near the back and reached under the back bumper on the right side to find a pair of keys. Glad she was so observant, I quickly grabbed them from her and climbed into the driver’s seat.

“The moment we turn this on we're probably only gonna have a few minutes to get out before guards get to us,” I told her as soon as she shut the doors.

“Go for it. There’s no way we’re staying here. You’ll be discovered for sure.”

Although it wasn’t just me I was worried about, I agreed that we had to get out, so as soon as she hit the button to open the garage door, I hit the gas.

We sped out of the garage, instantly hearing the yells of the guards posted on the outside. Smiling, I pressed the pedal down even harder and, with Elle's direction, it wasn’t long before the large metal gates came into sight.

“There should be a button here somewhere to open them,” Elle said, frantically searching for some sort of remote. Suddenly, there were two loud pops, and I instantly lost control of the wheel.

“Hold on!” I yelled at Elle. Trying to get control of the wheel, I hit the breaks until the car came to a stop, only to see a group of motorcycles heading our way.

“Damn it! We were so close!” I beat the steering wheel before looking to Elle. "Get out of here! I'll keep them busy, but there's no way I'm letting them get ahold of you too!"

“Hell no! I'm not going anywhere! You're the one in the most danger, and there's no way I'm leaving you! Besides, you know I wouldn't make it out there without you." She looked determined, and I knew I wasn't going to win this one.

"Damnit, Elle. Then what do we do now?"

"We can’t let them know we’re hybrids. For all they know, we will be weak mages who only have a slight amount of power. We’ll tell them our parents died when we were little and we have been on our own ever since. If we don’t seem important, then hopefully they won’t pay us much attention. Just don’t let them see your runes.” She said, unbuckling herself and beginning to open the door to the car.

I instantly let go of my hold on our weapons, watching as they disappeared back to wherever they came from, and got out with her.

Four very familiar men climbed off the bikes, each with an equally pissed face. Well, shit. Out of all the people who could have caught us it had to be them?

“Hey, boys. What brings you here?” I said sarcastically, still pissed about our ruined escape.

Feeling Elle come up behind me, I knew this was not going to be a fun conversation, and I braced for the worst, stepping slightly in front of her and subtly readying myself for whatever they threw at us.

So much for staying under the radar. The next little while was going to be a massive shit show.

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