Crash and Burn

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Chapter 9

After climbing onto the back of Callum's bike, the boys took me and Eleanor around the side of the castle to the garage that they must have used for their personal vehicles.

With the press of a button, the doors opened to reveal rows of expensive cars of all sorts of models and years.

I scoffed. If only these boys knew what the people were going through on the outside of their walls maybe they wouldn't flaunt their money around so much.
Or maybe they did, and they just didn't care. That would be even worse, but honestly, I didn't put it past them.
Without waiting for the bike to come to a complete stop, I hopped off and began walking towards the door with Elle hot on my heels.
"Ad, you're being ridiculous. Get your head out of your ass and smell the roses. We're stuck here so you can't keep making such a scene! Get over yourself and keep your head down or we're never going to get out of here," Elle whispered angrily, grabbing my sleeve to get me to stop and turn towards her.
"You may have more at stake here than I do, but that doesn't give you any more of a right to be throwing us so carelessly into their line of fire. You could get us both killed if you aren't careful here. I know you're used to running in guns blazing, but that isn't going to work here! So suck it up and be patient!"
I felt like I had been slapped. She was right. I had completely been disregarding the fact that I wasn't the only one at risk here. Elle was too, and I couldn't be so reckless if I wanted us both to have any chance of getting out of here alive.
Damn, why did she have to always be right? I was totally out of my element here.
"What are y'all talking about?" Lachlan said from behind us. I could easily tell he was the most laid back one of the group, as he sauntered over to us with a mischievous smirk on his face and a devious glint in his eye.
Man, what that look did to me. It drew me in until I was trapped in those bright blue eyes sparkling in their intensity and staring straight back at me.
I couldn't help but notice slight tilt of his lips and the shaggy blonde hair that so perfectly faded down to his sculpted jaw, giving him a very hot surfer boy look. What I'd give to have those blue eyes on me and those perfect lips on mine.
Get your head out of the fucking gutter, Ad! He's an heir!
Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I breathed a sigh of relief when my sister responded. "We were just talking about what we were going to do about clothing and other necessities. We don't currently have any extras since we were not expecting the trip, so we were wondering if y'all might be able to show us where we could get some?"
"Of course. We will call a maid to your rooms once we get you all settled in, and you can give them your sizes and any specific instructions," Lachlan replied before walking ahead of us to open the door.
"Where is everyone else going?" I asked.
"They have other things to attend to, so I will be the one showing you where you'll be staying. Why do you ask, Addie? Were you wishing for all of us to escort you?" He smirked and I rolled my eyes, walking through the opened door into a long hallway.
Elle and I followed closely behind as Lachlan led us to our rooms. The walk was long and confusing, and I knew there was no way I would be able to find my own way around the castle for quite some time.
As we walked, I noticed the grand decorations throughout the castle. Portraits and fancy tapestries decorated nearly every wall, and the white and gold theme brought a certain grandeur and light to the otherwise lifeless rooms. It was obvious the castle was well taken care of.
Guards stood at nearly every door, wearing simple black suits that looked to be equipped with bulletproof vests and multiple holsters for guns, daggers, swords, and other weapons.
Each uniform looked to be a little different, and I concluded they must have been tailored to that guard's personal preferences in weapons.
Lachlan noticed my interest and commented that each guard got his personal uniform when he graduated from the training academy at the castle.
Finally, we reached the rooms we would be staying in, and I noticed that there were two extra guards stationed at each of our doors. Not that it made a huge difference, but it did prove that they didn't quite trust us.
I didn't blame them. It would have been foolish of them to trust a newcomer, but I had secretly hoped they would forget about us after a bit. I guess that wasn't happening for a while.
"Your rooms are connected by the bathroom since I assumed you two would like to be close together, and you should find everything to already be set up for your stay. If you need anything, feel free to call one of your maids with the phone next to your beds. I will have a maid bring lunch to you shortly, and they will take your clothing sizes then," Lachlan said as he opened the first door to the left.
Stepping inside, I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my lips. This room was huge.
The bed was easily king-sized, if not even bigger, with sheer grey curtains tied up to each bedpost, giving the room a very elegant feel. Decorated in greys, golds, and other neutral tones, it had a very relaxed, yet clean look.
Across from the bed, there was a small sofa and recliner facing a fireplace and TV on the wall. In the far corner was a little bookshelf with a lamp and a beanbag next to it to serve as a reading nook, as well as a desk not far from it.
"I hope you like the set-up. If there is anything you would like to change, contact your maids and they will get it fixed. I have to go, but I'll see you two later." With that, Lachlan left, shutting the door to give us a sense of privacy.
As soon as he left, we made our way into the bathroom and I chuckled at Elle's squeal.
"Look at this, Ad! It's insane! This is what they give their guests?"
She had a point. I wouldn't have thought an average guest of the castle would have gotten such a grand room, but there was no way I was going to complain. The bathroom was huge, and as I looked around, I was awestruck by how elegant it looked.
Decorated in white and gold, and cleaned to the point of near perfection, I was almost afraid to touch anything.
There was a jacuzzi tub on the left as I walked in, with a huge shower right next to it. The shower had three different showerheads, and the number of nozzles was insanely confusing. There was no telling how long it would take to figure it out.
On the right side, across from the bath and the shower, was a long countertop with two sinks. Cabinets filled with every beauty project imaginable lined the bottom and the sides, and I couldn't help but chuckle at Elle's face when she saw the hair products in one of the cabinets to the left.
Past the shower was a small door that I guess led to the toilet, but I didn't have time to check it out before Elle was dragging me into the next room.
As she opened the door, I instantly knew she was going to want this room.
It was set up in pretty much the same way mine was, but hers was decorated in pink, with black and gold accents all throughout, giving it a very girly look, while also making it look sophisticated and edgy.
She instantly made her way over to the small door positioned just to the right of the bathroom, opening it to reveal the biggest closet I had ever seen.
Walking in, I was taken aback by the space, quickly realizing that it was almost the size of my entire bedroom back at Knox's place. There were shelves for shoes, cabinets for jewelry, and anything else she could possibly need, not to mention the tremendous amount of space for our clothes.
"Wow. I don't think I've owned enough clothes in my life to even get close to filling this closet," Elle gaped, spinning around to get the full view.
"Well, that will definitely have to change now won't it!"
We both spun around at the chipper voice coming from behind us, my hand instinctually moving towards the dagger on my belt. However, seeing the person responsible for the statement, I relaxed slightly.
The petite woman at the entrance to the closet was probably in her late forties and wore a simple green and white dress that was fashioned much like the stereotypical maid's dresses that I had seen in pictures or magazines.
She had her hair in a tight, firm bun that contrasted her overall chipper demeanor, and I found myself wanting to return her infectious smile.
"You must be our maid!" Elle exclaimed, walking over to shake hands with the woman.
"That I am, miss! My name is Meredith, and I will be assisting you with whatever you may need during your stay here. By the looks of things, clothes are definitely going to be the first priority!" She chuckled, making her way over to me to shake my hand before doing a circle around me to look me over.
"That would be amazing, thank you! But, would you mind if we have some lunch first? We're both starving." Elle remarked, just as my stomach decided to voice its agreement.
With a good-natured laugh, Meredith quickly ushered us out of the closet and onto the sofa in my room, where a much younger girl presented us with a large tray of food.
Wheeling the tray closer, I noticed the tremendous amount of options before us and licked my lips in anticipation. There was everything from fruit trays to steak and we instantly dug in.
"Oh! By the way, I'm Elle, and this here is Addie. She's honestly very sweet, just not the most social person." With a stern look from me, she chuckled and continued on with the conversation.
Pretty soon, we had cleared up a significant amount of the food presented to us, me eating in near silence while Elle chatted with Meredith and the younger girl, whose name we learned to be Hannah.
Hannah was Meredith's daughter and was training to become a maid and tailor, like her mother. Even at 16 years old, I could tell that she was very mature and well educated, and I looked forward to getting to know both of them more.
If we were going to be stuck in this castle, then at least we would have some good company.
Finishing up, I thanked the two girls for the amazing meal and moved to start cleaning up the plates.
"Oh no! You don't have to do that! We've got it covered!" Meredith exclaimed, reaching to grab the plate out of my hands.
"Oh no! That was probably the best meal I've had in my life, so the least we can do is help you clean up!" I argued, snatching the plate and bringing it over to the cart to clean up.
"Nonsense! That's our job! Hannah, would you please take this back to the kitchens and meet me back here with my measuring kit? These girls are going to need a new wardrobe, and fast!"
"Yes, ma'am!" She hurried out of the room with the tray and I chuckled at her enthusiasm, deciding to let them win this round.
Sitting down, I listened as Elle continued to chat with Meredith until Hannah got back with the measuring supplies.
"Alright! You're with me, Elle. Hannah, will you get the measurements for Addie?" Meredith began searching in her kit for whatever she needed to complete the task, handing things to Hannah as she went along.
A few seconds later, they seemed prepared, and Meredith began ushering Elle into her room to get measured.
"This way, miss Addie." Grabbing my arm, Hannah lead me over next to the bed, setting her things down on the edge and walking around me to look me over.
"Well, what you're currently wearing definitely won't cut it. You're going to need some casual wear for sure, but definitely some formal gowns to go with it. I figure maybe something that highlights your form up top and fans out at the waist? Yes, I think that will look good. And for the casual wear, you will definitely need some sundresses, skirts, and a few nice tops to wear around the castle grounds. Not to mention-"
"Now, hold on for a minute. I won't be needing any dresses or skirts, much less gowns. I will be much better suited in athletic pants and some long-sleeved shirts to work out in. I'm not really into all that dressing up stuff like Elle is, and I will probably be spending most of my time in the gym," I cut her off before she gets any more ideas about putting me in some Cinderella get up.
"Oh, nonsense! I can get you some athletic wear, of course, but you will definitely be needing the gowns. The galas here at the castle are absolutely grand and seeing as how the Heirs put you so close to their private quarters, you will definitely be accompanying them to many of the events."
"Hold on. What does that mean?" I was starting to get a seriously bad feeling about our rooms, now.
"Well, they never allow girls to stay in this section of the castle, as it is much too close to their own rooms. So, that either means that they really want to keep an eye on you, or you've caught their attention and they think you're special. My money's on the latter. And boy what a lucky girl you are! All four of them are just absolute eye-candy. I mean they all look like gods with their sculpted muscles, and I have to mention, I am so partial to Lachlan's ass. I mean have you seen it? It's like-"
"Woah, wait a minute! Slow down there! First off, there is no chance the heirs are at all interested in me like that. If anything they just want to play with me like some sick form of entertainment in this otherwise lifeless, boring castle. And second, they might be hot, but have you ever actually talked to them? They are total, inconsiderate, lazy, arrogant, assholes who think they just know everything and it is an absolute honor to be in their presence. And third, you're sixteen! Down, girl!"
She chuckled and shrugged, "Don't come running to me when you figure out for yourself just how tempting they can be! All I'll say is a big, fat 'I told you so!'"
"Oh, whatever! Just measure me already!" I laughed and we both continued our small talk for the next fifteen minutes or so until she finished up with my measurements.
"Perfect! I'll make a note that you want long sleeves, and I'll make the athletic stuff the first priority. Until those are done, I should be able to find some clothes that fit you well enough so that you are at least somewhat acceptable to be roaming the grounds! I'll bring them by as soon as I can!" She exclaimed, collecting her things and beginning to make her way out of the room.
"Hey, Hannah! Thank you for everything! It was really fun talking to you! I haven't had a friend in a good while, so I really enjoyed that."
"No problem, and you've definitely got a new friend, now! See you later!" With that, she shut the door and I was left alone in my room to think things over.
What the hell had I gotten myself into?
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