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Universe, the greatest mystery of all time has its own ways to function. The Law of Serendipity which states that the Universe bends in our direction by providing us with seemingly accidental and unexpected fortuitous circumstances which we call good luck. But Universe works as yin-yang too, if it brings serendipity than it brings cataclysm too. Join the story of two warrior souls, binded by the fate and juggled by the universe. Isn't it degrading to tell someone's life as a story or Is it privilege to tell someone's life as a story? An Alpha who is born to love and protect. An Alpha, A King who is one of the world's strongest creatures. An Alpha made of ethics. An Alpha with crown of blames and abomination. An Alpha awaiting love for almost a decade. A Girl who is born to become strong and righteous. A Girl who is fragile, clumsy human. A Girl made of hard-headed principles. A Girl with crown of laws and vitality. A Girl awaiting tranquility for almost a decade. And A Prophecy tying all together. It is all destined, they say But courage do change destiny.

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In the Era of Blinks, Winks and Netflix;
Apprehend my idioms;
My dearest reader;
Hang on tight;
For I am telling you a story.


“I am Damnation under the veil of Saviour.
In the journey of loathing you to loving you, I don’t understand why universe thinks I deserve you.

I am dark storm and you’re stardust,

Is that the great plan?

Is that how it ends?

Me shattering You?
You destroying Me?”


“I am descendant of Sun, an entire Cosmos in itself.
My stars are yet to shine.
I had bend my Destiny with Sacrifices, Courage and Will.
You can break me, but you can never break my Faith in Loving You.

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