The Donor to a Vampire (The Donor Series #1)

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"Your blood is as sweet as your mouth. I cannot have enough of either." Dess has always been fighting for her survival. Time was something she never had enough off, while working multiple jobs to support her younger brother through his cancer. When things turn for the worst and all her fighting seems to be in vain, a stranger with even stranger proposition, makes her an offer she cannot refuse. Dess is plunged into a world she thought existed only in books, movies or horror stories. She is to serve as a Donor, a blood bag, to the influential vampire Lysander. It's either this or lose her brother which was never an option.

Fantasy / Romance
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A Hunger Like No Other

Lysander made an advance his steps were slow but long, stalking me like a predator does a prey. My instincts were screaming for me to run in the rhythm of my own heartbeat. I knew it would make him go wild if he had to make chase. So I stepped back slowly. It took him no time to back me into a corner. His purple and yellow eyes were glistening in the dark room.

“Um, Ly didn’t I fulfil my donor duties already?”

My voice shook. Lysander had a hungry look in his eyes, which was not ever present in any of our feedings. Yet.

“This has nothing to do with that.”

He wanted to catch my gaze, and when our eyes met, I blushed a brilliant shade of red. It didn’t help when I remembered the ecstatic almost erotic feeling that happened when his fangs pierced my skin. His eyes were searching for something in mine. I never had the faintest idea that someone will ever look at me in that way. I was either too busy or too lost in thought to even notice anyone.

But Ly looked like he was a starving man and he just saw the juiciest stake he could imagine. Me.

The purple of his eyes was turning red and slowly spreading from the pupil like a blot of ink does on paper. First expanding to his iris then onto his sclera; it all became the same colour. Soon they were brilliant ruby with only green dots as a pupils. They drilled into my pale gold ones.

“Then what is it?” My voice hitched. Was it that noticeable that I was terrified yet hungry for his touch?

Christ, more remarkable, was my insanity to entertain thoughts about him touching me in all inappropriate places.

I shook my head, trying to fling that image out of my mind.

“I- I don’t know yet.” Lysander zoomed in front of me and whispered in my ear. “But I want to find out-” He leaned in to inhale my scent, and I shivered when his breath made contact with my skin. There was no fear, only expectation. I gasped, and he smiled, locking his gaze with mine.

"- and I think you want to know too, eh, Odessa?" Then his mouth and his whole body were pressed firmly against mine.

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