The Bearington Brothers & Their Fated Mate (My Love; My Mate; My Shifter - Chronicles - Book One)

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Chapter Ten: Unexpected Company

The fish was good, and soon, they were full.

“I need to wait thirty minutes before we start again, or I’m going to cramp,” Paxton said, rubbing his full stomach.

“Isn’t that swimming?” Laila asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

Paxton growled as he pulled her against his chest then laid back on the cool ground with her curled against his side. Laila sighed as she closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder and her hand over his heart.

Paxton laid his hand over hers and closed his eyes.

Park laid on his side behind Laila and curled himself against her back. He threw his leg over her hip and laid his head on her shoulder.

Riley watched them and shook her head. “How do they not fight over her?” She whispered to Mark.

Mark smiled, “their twin bond is enhanced by their shifter bond. They were actually very happy when the Shaman told them they would have the same mate. They’ve shared everything all their life. It’s actually when they have something different from the other that they get jealous of each other.”

“Wow,” she whispered.

He nibbled on her ear. “Want to go swimming?”

She grinned and nodded. He took her hand and led her away from the camp.


“We’re alone,” Laila whispered without opening her eyes.

“So we are,” Park said against her shoulder.

A shiver ran down her spine, and she moved her hand from under Paxton’s then slowly moved it down his body until she reached the snap of his pants. She unfastened them, then slid her hand inside.

Paxton groaned when her fingers touched his cock.

“Dirty, little girl,” Park whispered into her ear then licked her lobe.

She moaned as she pressed her ass against his crotch.

Park growled, “you’re going to regret that,” he said, then licked her jaw.

A shiver rocked her body. “I doubt that,” she whispered.

Paxton chuckled then cursed when her hand wrapped around his erection.

“So in trouble,” Park said into her ear.

Another chill shook her body.

Park made quick work of unfastening her shorts and sliding them down to her knees along with her panties, then he was inside her. She cried out, and he wrapped his arms around her and held her breasts in his hands.

Paxton turned onto his side to face her. She looked into his eyes as he leaned forward and kissed her. She moaned as she tightened her grip on his cock.

Park’s hands pulled her shirt up over her breasts, then pulled her breasts from the comfort of her bra. She sucked in a breath when his hands took hold of her bare breasts.

Paxton pulled back from their kiss and looked down at her breasts. He moved Park’s hand off her right breast, then leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth. She sucked in a breath and moaned.

Park moved in and out of her from behind, bringing her higher and higher. His hand, now free from her breast, slid down her body to her pussy and found her clit then started rubbing it.

She whimpered as sensations exploded through her body. Paxton helped her release his cock from his pants, and she slid her hand up and down the large shaft of his cock. Before she knew what was happening, the brothers moved to take her with them.

Paxton laid on his back, his cock hard and ready for her. There wasn’t much she could do with her shorts stuck at her knees; she couldn’t even move.

Park lifted her up and set her between Paxton’s legs. She stared at the large cock in front of her, then took it into her mouth.

“Fuck,” Paxton said with a growl. “That will never get old,” he said as he placed his hand on her head.

Park grinned as he moved up behind her and took hold of her hips. “Ready?” He asked.

She nodded, not able to talk with Paxton’s cock deep in her throat.

Park slammed into her from behind and growled loudly.

Laila felt dizzy with pleasure.

“Fuck, you feel incredible,” Park said as he moved inside her.

She whimpered as she sucked on Paxton’s large cock. She loved the feel of them inside her, filling her.

“Fuck yes, right there,” Paxton said as he wrapped both of his hands around her head and kept her where he wanted her.

“Fuck!” Park yelled as he slammed into her deep and hard.

“Suck me!” Paxton demanded.

And she did. Hard.

Paxton growled and almost howled as he came down her throat. She licked the sensitive tip as it popped out of her mouth, and he moaned as his cock twitched.

“Fuck, yeah,” Park said with a growl as he slammed into her harder.

Laila moaned as she leaned her forehead against Paxton’s leg.

Paxton looked up at his brother, who was still fucking the shit out of their mate. He grinned as he slid his hand through Laila’s hair.

“Holy fucking shit,” Park said with a groan.

Park squeezed Laila’s ass cheeks, then leaned forward and slipped his fingers across her clit. She whimpered against Paxton’s leg.

“Cum for me,” Park said, and within moments she was cumming all over his cock. “Fuuuck!” He called out when her pussy strangled his cock. “Fuck yes, love,” he said, then slammed into her one more time and came deep inside her.

Laila fell on top of Paxton’s legs, and Park laughed as he came down with her. He kept his weight from smashing her and took in a deep breath then let it out. He pulled out of her, then rolled over onto the ground on his back.

Laila groaned as she looked up at Paxton, who was looking down at her with a huge grin on his face. She smiled at him, then her eyes went to his cock, which was right at eye level. When it twitched, she kissed the tip, and Paxton groaned.

“Okay, woman,” Paxton said as he sat up and pulled her to kneel between his legs. “We will never get to the Shaman’s cave if you keep distracting us.”

She giggled, then reached down and slid her finger through the precum that was dripping from the head of his cock.

He growled then kissed her. She moaned against him, and he grunted.

Park chuckled as he situated himself back into his pants, then stood. He helped Laila up so Paxton could fix himself. Park helped her straiten her breasts back into her bra and pulled her shirt back down. Paxton moved up behind her and nipped at her bare ass cheek, making her jump.

The twins laughed then helped her pull her shorts and panties back up. Once everything was hidden away, and they all looked presentable again, they started cleaning up the camp.

By the time Riley and Mark returned, you could barely tell that anyone had ever cooked or had sex in their little camp. Laila giggled at her thoughts.

A noise from the bushes had them all spinning around. Park pulled Laila behind him, and Paxton took a step in front of them.

“Who’s out there?” Paxton asked. “Show yourself,” he said with a growl.

Laila looked over at Riley, who was standing behind Mark, and Mark looked ready to defend her with his own life. She sighed with relief, then turned back to the bushes.

A coyote stepped out of the bushes.

“Ryce?” Paxton said as he watched the coyote. “What are you doing here?”

Laila stared at the coyote. She felt no emotions from him and knew he had to be a shifter.

The coyote shifted into a very handsome young man. Or he looked young, who knows how old he is, shifters live for hundreds of years.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you,” Ryce said as he looked at Riley then at Laila.

“What are you doing hiding in the bushes?” Paxton asked.

“I didn’t want to interrupt,” Ryce whispered.

Oh, God. Laila thought as she stared at the shifter. Can a person die from embarrassment?

“Did you actually watch?” Park asked with annoyance.

Ryce shook his head. “Oh no! I would never to that! When I heard what was uh going on here- I ran to look for Mark. But he was -uh- preoccupied as well. So, I went for a walk. I just got back when you heard me. I didn’t want to come right out just in case you were -uh- still...

“Yeah, we get it,” Park said as he eyed the coyote shifter, annoyance still present in his voice.

“What are you doing here, Ryce?” Paxton asked again.

Ryce looked at each of the twins. “Is it true? Did you find her?”

“What do you think?” Paxton asked as he folded his massive arms over his massive chest.

The much smaller yet well-muscled man looked at Laila.

“You know a shifter can only procreate with his mate,” Park said.

Ryce took a step toward Laila. Paxton stepped into his path.

“Please,” Ryce said as he looked at Paxton then at Park, “I mean your mate no harm.”

Paxton stepped aside, but Park stayed at their mate’s side.

“My queen,” Ryce said as he went to one knee.

Laila stared at him.

“You do know that she’s only queen of the bears, right?” Paxton said as he studied the coyote. What is on the man’s agenda?

“Yes,” Ryce said with a nod. “But she is the Mother of the future Kings of the whole Animal Kingdom. And I am here to offer myself as a guard for her and her children.”

Laila stared at Ryce. Was he serious?

“Are you offering to become a Royal Guard?” Paxton asked, surprised.

Ryce stood and turned to Paxton. “I am. And many more will come. Once they discover you have found her. Some will pledge their allegiance as I have, and others will try and kill her.”

Laila and Riley sucked in shocked breaths.

“Is that why you’re here?” Paxton asked.

Ryce shook his head. “No. I also came to warn you. Stephaun knows you are on your way to see the Shaman to do the ritual to make her your life mate. He has sent wolves and hyenas this way. He may be with them, but I’m not sure.”

“What about the coyotes?” Park asked.

“You know that we’ve never agreed with Stephaun. Most of us are on your side.”

“Most?” Paxton asked.

Ryce shrugged, “future kings that will rule us all. You know not everyone sees that as a good thing.”

“Well, good thing they have more than twenty years to get used to the idea,” Park said.

A screech above them had Laila looking up. “An unfriendly is close,” she whispered.

The others looked up to find the three Osprey circling over them.

Ryce whistled through his teeth. “Are they yours?”

“They are,” Laila said, then whistled, and the three birds swooped down. “Let’s go.”


They made it to the Shaman’s cave without being attacked, and Laila was grateful for that. Park shifted and helped her off Paxton’s back, then Paxton shifted, and they each took hold of one of her hands and entered the cave together.

At first, Laila was scared. The cave was so dark and cold. Then the cave lit up, and she was instantly surrounded by warmth.

“Ah, you’ve found her.”

Laila stared at the Shaman. He looked nothing like what she’d envisioned. She thought they’d find an older man with a long white beard like Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter or the Grey Wizard from Lord of the Rings.

But no, the Shaman was young, handsome, and had a killer-watt smile.

“I’m Vectore,” the Shaman said as he bowed to her. Then he looked up at her with a twinkle in his eyes. “I did once look as you’d expected, but every hundred years, my looks change. For better, I see,” he said as he winked at her.

Laila stared at the Shaman with wide eyes.

“He can read your thoughts,” Park whispered into her ear.

“Mekhi, Avel, Nova,” Vectore said when he noticed the three Osprey. “What brings you here?” He looked to be listening to something then looked at Park and Paxton, then his eyes settled on Laila, and he chuckled. “I see.”

“Can he understand them?” Laila asked as she looked at the twins.

The brothers nodded.

“He’s the only human who can communicate with all animals. You’re the closest to having that gift that we’ve ever heard of except yours is more feelings, I guess,” Park said.

“Indeed,” Vectore said as he studied Laila, “they sure know how to pick them.”

Laila blushed.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Paxton asked, annoyed.

Vectore smiled at him. “She’s pure of heart, loves all animals, and is easy on the eyes.”

Park and Paxton grumbled.

“Do you not agree with me?” Vectore asked one eyebrow lifting in question.

“No, we agree. We just don’t like you talking about our mate like that,” Paxton said as he gave the Shaman a warning look.

Vectore laughed, “I would never seduce a shifter’s mate.”

The four other men in the cave snorted.

“Okay,” Vectore said as he raised his hands in defense. “Just that once. But he hadn’t found her yet, so that doesn’t count.”

“Found who?” Laila asked.

“Nothing,” Park said as he placed his arm over her shoulders.

“No,” Paxton said as he crossed his arms over his chest. “She should know, so she knows what she’s up against.”

Park looked at his brother then sighed. His brother was right, of course. He looked down at Laila. “Vectore has a reputation with the ladies. Even going so far as seducing a shifter’s mate.”

Laila wrinkled her nose. “That’s horrible.”

“In my defense. I hadn’t known she was destined to be with my friend,” Vectore said.

Laila’s mouth dropped open. “You knew she was to be a shifter’s life mate?”

Vectore shrugged, “I knew she was a possibility. Not every human meets their shifter mate; they mostly find their human mate. Very select few humans are destined to find their shifter mate.”

Park and Paxton let out a growl.

“Hey, he forgave me, and they still did what they were meant to do. You’re here, aren’t you?”

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