The Bearington Brothers & Their Fated Mate (My Love; My Mate; My Shifter - Chronicles - Book One)

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Chapter Six: They Were There Before

Laila took a step out onto the porch and breathed in the woods that surrounded the cabin. It was so serene here. She wished she could live here. But she didn’t know how long she will be with the twins. They could send her away today.

She knows they at least like her, maybe...

She heard a noise to the right of the porch and moved to the end. She saw nothing but the noise didn’t stop. She moved over to the stairs and hurried down them. She had heard that sound before it was the sound of feathers ruffling. She ran to the other side of the house and stopped when she saw two birds on the ground, outside the bedroom window. The brown of their feathers blended in with the dirt.

“Park! Paxton!” Laila called out to her mates.

The brothers came running out of the house. They leaped over the end of the porch fence and ran to her.

“What is it?” Park asked, looking her over to make sure she was okay.

She stared at them. They were both in just their jeans, no shirt, no shoes, bare feet, which were big like the rest of their body. At first, she forgot why she’d called them. Then she heard the noise again, and her mind cleared.

“Look,” she said as she pointed at the two birds below the window.

“What the fuck?” Paxton said as he walked over to the birds. “Looks like they flew into the window,”

“That’s what I figured,” she said as she moved towards them.

“I thought I’d heard a thud last night,” Paxton said, “but when I looked, I couldn’t see anything.”

“Poor things,” Laila cooed as she approached the birds.

“Be careful,” Park said.

She nodded, “I’ve taken care of more hurt animals, then you realize.”

“Those are birds of prey,” Paxton said, taking hold of her arm.

She turned and looked at him. “I know. They’re Ospreys.”

Park whistled, “you know your birds.”

She nodded, “I pretty much know all the animals.”

Park and Paxton smiled at each other.

“Do you guys have a cage?” She asked as she looked back at the birds.

“Yeah,” Park said with a nod, “I’ll get a couple of cages for you.”

“Thank you,” she said with a nod, “I’d like to take them to the clinic and check them over.”


Laila stood at the examining table in her clinic with both birds still on the table, looking dazed. People have always asked her how she knows what animals feel. She doesn’t know how, but she has always felt it. It has always helped her with being a veterinarian. She can feel where the animals hurt.

“They like you,” Paxton said, watching her and the birds.

She smiled, “I like them too,” she said as she placed a hand on each of the bird’s heads. “Why did you fly into the window?” She asked as she felt their necks. “No major damage, but they will be dizzy for a few days.”

Both men nodded.

She looked at the twins. “I’d like to keep them with me so I can keep an eye on them.”

They nodded again.

“Then you can come and get them and release them back into the wild.”

“You want to keep them here?” Park asked, confused.

She nodded, “yeah, I’d like to keep them with me.”

“How can they be with you if they’re here?” Paxton asked.

She placed the Ospreys back into the cages for now then curled her fingers in a suggestion for them to follow her. She took them to the back up the stairs then pulled her keys from her purse. Riley had retrieved it last night and given it to the twins for her.

“It’s small,” she said, “but it’s mine.”

They walked into her small apartment, and she watched the guys look around. She didn’t have much. A couch, a TV, a few DVD’s, Stereo and CDs and a stack of books all about birds and just about every other animal wild and domestic.

“You live here?” Paxton asked.

She shrugged, “I bought the building when my parents were killed, and it came with the apartment. I didn’t want to live in my parent’s house alone.”

Park looked at her. “How did your parents die?”

She took a deep breath. “It was a few years ago. We were all headed to an animal retreat. A bear and her cub had been hit by a car,” she said with a sigh. “A group of wolves ran out into the road. It was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. They covered the road, and my dad swerved to miss them and hit a tree. My parents died on impact. When I came to, I could hear the wolves surrounding the car. I knew if they got in, they’d kill me, so I didn’t move. Just in case they might think I was dead. Then an even stranger thing happened. Loud roars came from all sides, and I could hear the wolves howling then screams of pain. Soon the wolves were gone, and it became eerily quiet.

Neither Park nor Paxton said a word as they listened.

Park blinked. “What happened next?”

“A bear jumped onto the hood of the car and stared at me,” she whispered.

Park visibly swallowed.

“You know what,” she said as she walked to the bedroom. “I try not to think about that day, so I hadn’t realized this until now.”

Park looked at Paxton. It has been so hard for them to pretend that they didn’t know she lives above her clinic. When they had discovered, she took care of animals, they hadn’t realized that she was a veterinarian. They had thought she just owned a shelter for injured or lost animals.

“He looked like this,” Laila said as she held her camera out to Park.

Park took the camera from her and stared at the picture of his bear. Yeah, he knew this was what she had put together.

“This is the same bear that attacked you?” Park asked.

She chuckled, “no, silly. He saved me. Twice now.”

Park sighed with relief. He’d been afraid she’d thought they’d attacked her parent’s car. When he had looked inside, he’d seen her frightened eyes, but with so much blood and death, he hadn’t smelt her.

To think they had saved her from the wolves before they had discovered her. He wondered how many other times he and his brother have saved her without knowing they were rescuing their mate.

“How many times has a bear saved you?” Paxton asked.

Park looked at his brother. He had realized the same thing.

Her eyes widened as she took the camera from Park. “I can’t believe I hadn’t realized this before,” she said as she flipped through the pictures. “Yes, ohmigod.” She breathed.

“What is it?” Park asked.

“When I was five, I got lost in the woods while camping with my parents. A bear found me. He-he sniffed me, and I was so scared. But then he did something totally unexpected.”

Park watched her then turned to his brother, who had fallen onto the couch, his face pale.

“He laid down beside me and let me lie against him. I think he knew I was cold. I don’t know how, but I felt safe with him. I fell asleep, then the next thing I knew, my parents were waking me. Somehow, I’d gotten to the edge of the woods. I never went into an area I didn’t know alone again. And the memory of the bear is what made me want to be a vet. An animal saved me; I wanted to save them.”

Park licked his lips, and Paxton stared at Laila, his emotions on his sleeves. They have apparently been close to their mate all her life and didn’t even know it.

“This one is the one who had saved me that day,” she said as she handed Park her camera again.

Park didn’t have to look at the camera to know it was the picture of his brother’s bear. How can she tell them apart? Even as their bears, they’re completely identical. Probably their fur, because a shifter’s fur is always the color of their hair.

“Are you okay?” Laila asked as she placed a hand on Paxton’s shoulder.

Paxton growled playfully and pulled her onto his lap. “I’m fine sweets,” he said, then nuzzled her neck.

Paxton looked at Park over Laila’s head. Park nodded to his brother. They need to tell Laila everything and soon.

“Okay, love, let’s pack up what you want to bring with you,” Park said, looking around the small apartment. They hadn’t had time to look around the day they’d brought her home from the woods.

It was small but very homey. Reminded him of her. He hoped she’d turn their cabin into a homey place just like this.

“What do you mean?” She asked as she looked at Park from Paxton’s lap.

Park pulled Laila to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. “You’re coming home with us.”

She stared at him. Could this be real? Do they really want her for more than one night?”

Park stared into her eyes then burst into laughter.

Laila frowned.

“My sweet, sweet girl. You didn’t think you were a one-night stand, did you?” Park asked.

Her cheeks flushed as she bit her bottom lip. “Well...

Paxton yanked her out of Park’s arms and back into his lap. He then turned her to face him. She stared into his beautiful blue eyes as she straddled him. Could they seriously want her for more than a fling?

“You’re ours, sweets,” Paxton said with a grin, “there’s no escaping us.”

She sucked in a breath when his hand slid up her skirt. He moved her panties aside and slid his finger inside her.

“Fuck,” he said with a soft growl, “you’re already wet.”

She moaned as she laid her forehead against his shoulder. His thumb found her clit and brought her over the edge. She cried out as her body leaned back from him. Park moved behind her and leaned down. She groaned when his lips met hers.

“One round and then we’re packing,” Park said, looking into her eyes.

She nodded, and Paxton entered her, making her cry out his name. She hadn’t even known he’d unfastened his pants.

Paxton lifted her and slammed her down, making her scream with pleasure. Park smirked, stripping out of his clothes. Once he was naked, he took her off Paxton’s lap and sat on the floor then slid her down onto his hard cock. She whimpered when he filled her.

Paxton grinned and stood, his cock in her face. She smiled up at him as she reached out and took his cock into her hand and pumped it.

“Fuck yeah,” Paxton said with a moan.

Park moved her hair over her right shoulder and kissed the left side of her neck. Paxton helped him pull her shirt over her head, and Park started kissing her exposed skin.

“Take it into your mouth,” Paxton said with a gleam in his eyes.

She looked up at him and moved forward, then took his cock into her waiting mouth.

“Fucking hell,” Paxton said with a hiss.

“That’s our girl,” Park said as he unfastened her bra, then tossed it aside and massaged her breasts.

Laila moaned as she rode Park’s cock and sucked on Paxton’s.

“My turn,” Paxton said with a growl, then pulled his cock out of her mouth and yanked her off his brother’s cock.

Park chuckled as he moved to stand.

Paxton grinned as he turned Laila around to face the couch then yanked her skirt down along with her panties. She stepped out of them and kicked them off to the side just before he pressed her face into the couch. She stood there, stooped over, her ass in the air, both men licking their lips.

Paxton squeezed her ass cheeks. “You have such a nice ass,” he said, then leaned down and gently nipped at it.

Laila moaned as she wiggled her ass in his face.

Paxton chuckled. “You like that, do you?”

She nodded her head, still pressed against the couch cushion.

Paxton grinned, then took hold of her hips and slammed his cock into her wet pussy.

Laila cried out as her body slid forward until her cheek was pressed against the back of the couch.

“Fuck, me,” Paxton said with a loud groan, “you are so hot, sweets.”

She moaned as he continued to slam heavy and hard into her pussy. These two men are the best thing that has happened to her in a very long time. And she still couldn’t believe that they chose her.

“Fuck I’m going to cum!” Paxton called out as his head fell back, and his pelvis pushed forward.

Park grinned, knowing he was next. He moved to the back of the couch and leaned over it until his face was inches from hers. “Are you ready for me, love?”

She blinked up at him from her position against the back of the couch and grinned.

He chuckled as he touched her cheek with his palm.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” Paxton growled as he slammed into Laila one last time.

Laila groaned with a soft cry as her body tightened. His release triggering her own.

Paxton sucked in a breath then slapped her on the ass. “Fuck yeah,” he said with a chuckle then stepped back. His cock made a loud popping sound when he pulled out, and Laila giggled. Paxton smirked as he stood behind her, his cock at half-mast dripping with both their cum.

Park lifted a leg and threw it over the back of the couch then brought his other leg over. The couch started to tilt back, and Paxton pressed his foot on it to stop it from tipping his brother and their mate over.

Park chuckled as he lifted Laila until she was kneeling in front of him. “Are you ready?” He asked, looking into her eyes.

She grinned at him and nodded her head.

He grinned back then slid down the couch until his ass was on the cushion, and her pussy was in his face.

“Too bad you’re dripping with my brother’s cum,” he said, staring at her dripping wet pussy.

She smiled down at him then sucked in a breath when he pulled her down to straddle his legs. His lips locked on hers, and she groaned against this mouth. He smiled and took hold of her hips, lifting her, then sliding her down the shaft of his cock.

“Ohmigod,” she cried against his mouth.

“Fuck, yes,” he said with a deep sigh.

She pulled back and looked into his beautiful blue eyes.

He smiled, then laced his hands behind his head. “Well?”

She took hold of his shoulders, then lifted herself and slowly slid back down the long, thick, shaft of his cock.

“Motherfucker,” he said with a groan, then closed his eyes.

She stopped moving, and he opened his eyes.

“Don’t close your eyes,” she whispered.

He smirked as he nodded and kept his eyes open as she lifted herself up and slid down his massive cock again.

“Fuck woman, you’re going to kill me,” Park said with a groan.

She grinned at him. “But what a way to go, huh?”

He chuckled, “pick up the speed, or I’ll have to take control.”

She stopped in the middle of lowering herself down his cock and watched his eyes dilate.

“Damn you,” he said with a growl.

She squealed as she flew through the air, his hands tightly gripping her hips, then she was on her back on the couch, and he was inside her once again.

“You’re a tormentor,” he said with a growl, then kissed her.

She moaned as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. They heard Paxton chuckle from Laila’s head, and she pulled from the kiss with Park to look up at Paxton. He grinned down at her his cock in his hand, once again hard as a steel rod.

“Open your mouth,” he said, and she did as he said.

He pushed forward and slipped his cock into her mouth. “Fuck! Your mouth feels almost as good as your pussy.”

She smiled around his massive cock then groaned when Park pushed his cock deeper into her pussy.

“I love the way you feel,” Park said with a groan, then lifted her ass off the couch and slammed into her harder and faster than he had last night.

“Park,” she mumbled against Paxton’s cock.

Paxton chuckled, “don’t call out my brother’s name while you have my cock in your mouth, sweets.” She looked up at him, and he groaned. “Fuck, you look good with my cock in your mouth.”

He took hold of her head and started moving his hips, so his cock slid in and out of her mouth in time with Park’s movements in her pussy.

Laila moaned as she looked up at Paxton and held onto Park. Who would have thought that she would ever catch her one sexy as fuck man, let alone two?

“Ohmigod, you are so fucking tight,” Park said with a groan.

She moaned as Park’s cock slid in and out of her pussy, and Paxton’s cock slid in and out of her mouth. It was turning her on so heavily she started seeing stars. She cried out as her orgasm rocked her from her toes to the top of her head and back down again.

“Fuck, yes!” Park shouted when she tightened around his cock, strangling the cum right out of it. He grunted and said her name on a breath as he came deep inside her.

“Fuck, yeah!” Paxton hollered, then grabbed hold of her hair and slammed his cock into her mouth one last time, releasing his seed down her throat.

“Now that’s a good fuck,” Park said with a laugh as he kissed Laila’s breast.

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