Beauty in the Beast

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Chapter 15

A low growled escaped his lips, his chest heaving up and down as he tried to catch his breath. I sat my ass down right on his crotch, the bulge of his erection pressed into my jeans. I could tell his wolf was fighting him. He was torn.

“Would you like me to stop?” I asked as I rubbed against his erection.

“I can smell the alcohol all over you, Emma.” He said through gritted teeth.

“I’m perfectly sober.” I lied.

“If you were perfectly sober you wouldn’t be on top of me.” I pulled back, my eyes connecting with his.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You’re not this forward, Emma.” He laughed. “You’re drunk.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Does that bother you?”

“Does it feel like it does?” He pressed his bulge into me again.

“I’m not drunk.” It wasn’t a lie. I wasn’t completely drunk, I was definitely still feeling the alcohol I had been drinking earlier but that didn’t mean I didn’t know what I was doing.

“Good.” He wrapped his fingers around the back of my neck and pulled me down to him, his lips finding mine in lustful kiss. I grabbed two fistfuls of his shirt and tugged at them until he broke the kiss long enough for me to pull the shirt over his head. He reconnected the kiss as I dropped his shirt to the floor. He hands found his bare chest, no wonder he was an Omega. The muscles beneath my hands were strong and powerful. I could feel my panties become wet as the smell of arousal filled my house. Emmett grabbed my ass tightly and picked me up only to set me down on my feet. His hands went to my jeans, popping the button with ease he pulled them open, the zipper sliding down on its own. I looped my fingers into his belt loops and tugged. He brought his fingers to his own button and undid it with ease. I tugged again and his jeans loosened from his hips. Another tug and they fell to his ankles. His erection bounced behind his briefs and suddenly I realized how inexperienced I was in this department. This wasn’t the training center and we weren’t sparring. The last time I was this close to a males erection was three years ago and I was much drunker than this.

“What’s wrong?” Emmett sensed my anxiety and pushed the pause button on our intimate moment. What was wrong? I was nervous, but I wasn’t doubting what I wanted to happen, so why the hesitation?

“Nothing’s wrong.” I brushed my fingers through his shaggy hair, letting my hands trace down his cheek to his neck. I kept going past his shoulder to his ribs and down to his hips. My fingers slid under the elastic of his waistband and pulled them down to his pants. His now naked body completely exposed to me. It didn’t take him long to follow suit and remove the clothes from my body that stood in between what he wanted. Once again, he lifted my body with ease before laying me on the couch. He was taking in my body with his eyes, roaming down every inch of skin. As my eyes met his, I was waiting to see his wolf take over, waiting for that shimmer in his eyes to turn primal but it didn’t happen. His eyes remained soft and almost...human. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lowered his body closer to mine until he was just at a slight hover. With his left hand he reached down and placed his thumb on my core, releasing a small moan from my lips. He leaned down and brought his lips to mine, his tongue caressing my teeth, so politely asking for permission to enter. As I parted my lips, he slipped his tongue into my mouth as he positioned the head of his shaft into my opening. My legs tightened around his waist and pushed his hips into mine, encouraging him to go into me deeper. My followed my orders and thrust his hips into me until I felt his pelvis on mine. He moaned deeply into my lips.

“Oh fuck...Emma.” He buried his nose into my neck. I lifted my hips until we found a rhythm. He brushed his lips over my collarbone. With each thrust he was getting faster and faster until he swore and pulled his hips back, his erect shaft gliding out of me before thick wet juices splattered across my abdomen. I leaned my head back into the couch and closed my eyes. The soft cotton of fabric wiped my belly clean before Emmett’s warm skin fell over mine. He pulled me into a tight embrace and we both let sleep take over our bodies.

I woke after only an hour or so of sleep. It was hard to tell since I had no idea when I got home from the bar. I slid out from under Emmett as he laid laid on my couch. I needed to charge my phone so Chloe could get in touch with me when she woke. The last thing I needed was someone showing up at my house to find a naked wolf because I didn’t answer my phone. Where the hell was my phone? Oh yeah, my purse. I picked my little bag up from the floor and opened it, money was crumpled up everywhere and of course my phone was stashed all the way at the bottom. I ran upstairs and plugged it into the wall by my bed. I jumped in the shower and washed the remnants of Emmett off of me. I didn’t even bother drying off, I stepped out of the shower and jogged downstairs and straight out of my house into my backyard. I dropped to my hands and broke my human bones into wolf ones. The feeling of my wolf overtaking my body was more pleasurable than my night with Emmett. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and he was more than well enough equipped to get the job done, I just felt like something was missing.

I darted off into the woods behind my home and didn’t stop until I reached the river. I was letting my feelings for Emmett get in the way of my mission. I needed to refocus and get back to figuring out who tried to kill me. The moon glared at me in the night, as if a reminder to tell me the mating ritual wasn’t going to wait for me to solve that mystery. Damn, what was I going to do? Thanks to Nick’s new rules I had to participate and all I could do was wish no one would try and fight for the right to be my mate. Because if they did, I would have to reject them to get back to my simple life. I didn’t need a mate in the middle of this, he would only be a weakness to me when I wage war against the bastards who took my mother.

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