Beauty in the Beast

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Chapter 4

This night had been exhausting. I was finally back home from closing the bar and all I wanted to do was get a hot shower. I was embarrassed of Nick overhearing me, but why should I be? It was my honest opinion in the moment. Why do I care what he thinks? Because he’s the Alpha. He babied me more than I cared to admit. He let me get away with things he wouldn’t let other wolves get away with. And I know it’s from the guilt he has over saving me when I begged him to let me go to my mother. I blamed him for so long after that night. But tonight it has been ten years since he pulled that little girl from the fire. I don’t blame Nick for anything, I’m thankful he saved me but I never told him and I don’t know why.

I striped down to my bare skin with every intention of getting in the shower and going to bed. Yet my bones aches for a release and I couldn’t deny the wolf inside me. I took a deep breath and allowed my bones to break into new forms. I fell to the ground on all fours as my hands turned into paws. I moaned loudly as my mouth and nose turned into a snout. The sweet release overcame me and I shook out my auburn fur. A quick leap from the window and I felt the windy breeze from the roof. I jumped off and landed on my paws in the grass. I needed to run.

I took off, leaving my thoughts in my bedroom. With a clear mind I knew exactly where I needed to go. I stopped just before my paws hit the river. I dipped my nose in the cold water and splashed it in the sky. A howl escaped me as I cried to the moon. Even ten years later I still felt the pain. It has dulled over time but I don’t think it will ever go away. I should have called my dad to check on him, but I was so busy in my own head that I didn’t even bother. Now there was a new ache in my heart. What a shitty daughter I must be.

My ear perked at the sound of another in the woods. I breathed in deeply to catch a scent. Derek. What was he doing out here? I opened my mind to link in his own.

Careful, I’m beginning to think you’re following me.

You would be so lucky.

His wolf appeared in my line of view and only came closer to me.

And what do I owe this pleasure?

If it’s pleasure you’re looking for, you found it.

He brushed his coat up against mine before flicking his tail on my snout. With a few more steps he stretched out and I heard a pop! His body began shifting back to his human form. He sighed heavily and laid his bare body in the grass. Being a wolf makes it easy to ignore a naked body unlike humans. It’s a second skin to us, not sexual in nature unless the wolf is aroused. I took his lead and morphed next to him.

“I heard you howl.” He locked his eyes on mine. “The sadness in your voice...” he trailed off and brushed his thumb against my cheek. “What’s wrong, Em? This mating ritual got you that tore up?” Derek had no idea about my mother. He knew she wasn’t around but I never gave him the details. And tonight wasn’t going to be any different.

“Maybe I’m just lonely.” I leaned ever so gently against him, but it was enough to spark an interest that hasn’t seen light since I first turned him down. His hand lifted to my hair, running his fingers down the length to my ass. He lifted his hand again and gently brushed my shoulder and caressed my arm.

“I have a cure for that.” He licked his bottom lip like I’d seen him do in the bar to many females.

“Then what are you waiting for?” That was all the invitation he needed. He gripped my shoulders and pulled me into his chest. His lips found mine in a hungry pull. He wrapped his body around mine until I laid perfectly flat in the grass, his body hovering over mine. I could smell the lust getting stronger as it seeped from his skin. I didnt dare break the kiss until he did. He stared into my eyes as if he was making sure he was still given permission. When he saw no hesitation in my eyes he lowered his body down to mine and his lips found mine once again.

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