Beauty in the Beast

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Chapter 40

I ran to the river, my only lead at this point was the East pack, and from what Derek has told me about them I didn’t have fears of invading their territory. The sun was beginning to set, and I could smell the rain coming. I had to shift to go to the East pack, but I was terrified the wolfsbane that poisoned me would prevent me from doing so. I looked up to the sky as raindrops began slipping from the clouds. Oh, Moon Goddess, please help me with this journey ahead. I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the ground. The rain was picking up, drenching my hair.

“Emma, stop!” The rain adverted my scent so that Nick was able to sneak up on me. I turned to him, but I had nowhere to run. His white t-shirt was sticking to his skin from the wetness of the rain, his muscles bulging in the thin fabric.

“You can’t stop me, Nick.” I was wrong, I was so wrong. I knew the power behind those muscles, and I knew just how capable he was of being able to stop me. But I also knew he would never hurt me.

“The hell I can’t.” He stopped just in front of me, and I couldn’t help but take a moment to appreciate the appearance of my mate in front of me.

“Nick, I have to do this.”
“You don’t.”

“He didn’t do this, Nick, please. I know Derek, this isn’t him.” I shook my head, pleading with my mate to let me do this my way.

“We’re going home.” He gripped my bicep and gently yanked me forward, but I held my ground. I pulled my arm from his grip with ease and took a step back. “Don’t do this, Emma.”

“Don’t make me.” I pleaded.

“I can’t let you go there. The Luna of another pack going into another territory unannounced accusing them of kidnapping someone from our pack is going to start trouble you can’t handle by yourself.”

“I have to help him.”

“Emma, you don’t even know if he’s in trouble.” Nick stepped towards me.

“He is.” Nick took another step.

“Emma, just come home with me. We can talk this through, we can contact the Alpha of the East pack and arrange a meeting.” I was surprised Nick was even trying, but I knew his way would take too long. Getting in contact with the Alpha of another pack takes days, if not weeks. By the time the meeting was arranged, it could months from now that we actually went to the East pack. I wasn’t as naïve to the workings of the pack as he was hoping I was at this moment.

“I can’t wait that long.”

“Dammit, Emma, don’t!” I stepped away from him and unbuttoned my jeans, but his hands wrapped around my arms and forced me to stop. I pushed him away, but it wasn’t forceful enough. He grabbed my waist and with sure ease, he threw me over his shoulder like a child.

“Nick, put me down!” I pounded on his back with my fists, but he didn’t budge. I knew the only way he was going to put me down was if I forced him to. I pulled my leg back and slammed it into Nick’s ribcage as hard as I could. I heard a crack as he dropped me to the ground and doubled over. I had to push the guilt of hurting my mate down or I would lose focus. As he recovered, I stood to my feet and took off running. If I could get far enough away from him, I could try to shift. I knew I would be faster than him in my wolf form and I could get to the East pack and find Derek. But I wasn’t fast enough. Nick’s body slammed into mine and we both fell to the dirt. He flipped me over and pinned my wrists above my head.

“Stop fighting me, Emma!” I tried to knee him again, but his leg trapped my own to the ground.

“You stop fighting me!” I lifted my head until it collided with his.

“Dammit!” He was forced to let me go as he gripped it head. I could feel something warm escaping my forehead, but I didn’t have time to worry about it. I got to my feet, but I almost instantly fell to my knees as Nick grabbed my ankle. I kicked until I came into contact with him, quickly standing to my feet and taking off in a run again. I heard a loud growl, but I couldn’t stop to look. One of us were going to tire before the other and it had to be Nick, I couldn’t lose my chance. Nick’s hand grabbed my arm and swung me around until my back collided with a tree. I gasped as the initial hit forced the air out of my lungs. Nick held me by the forearms and panted in front of me. His body was covered in mud from the downpour of the rain. His forehead was bleeding from my hit, I’m sure mine was too. We stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity, both of us unable to break the gaze. Suddenly, Nick’s lips collided with my own, and I tried to release my grip from him, but only to cup his cheeks with both hands as I deepened the kiss. I abruptly pulled away and slapped my hand across his cheek. How dare he try to distract me with affection when force wouldn’t work. His grip on my arms returned only to throw me to the ground like an old rag doll. I slid in the mud and tried to stand, but Nick threw himself on top of me. His lips smashed into mine and I didn’t stop him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He growled and lifted me off the ground with one single movement. I gasped again as my back was slammed into another tree. His lips went to my neck and I tilted my head, granting him easier access. My wolf howled for him and I knew I was losing this fight. I released my legs from around his body and let my feet find the ground. With my jeans button already undone, it was easy for Nick to pull them off me. I kicked my shoes off with them and returned my legs around his waist. My chest was heaving up and down to the rhythm of his own. He pulled back and ripped my bra off with one hand, my nipples instantly perking with the cold of the rain. “Emma.” He purred my name in my ear as he went back to sending butterfly kisses down my neck. I pushed him back and gripped the neck of his shirt and pulled until the wet fabric ripped down the middle. It fell from his shoulders and I forcefully pulled at his pants until the button was undone. He dropped his briefs and jeans to his feet in one single motion and my hand went to his hard erection. He growled deeply as I gripped it in my hand, positioning it to my opening. He thrust into me and I leaned my head back into a moan. I gripped his shoulders and rocked myself back and forth over him, his member pulsating inside of me. He growled again and his teeth elongated into fangs that pieced the skin of my neck as he bit down. I moaned in pleasure as my body shook with the pleasure of an orgasm. Nick thrust into me harder and faster as he rode out my orgasm until his erection pulsed against my wet walls. I moaned again and my head collapsed onto his shoulder as he groaned with the sweet release of his own orgasm. My plans of going to find Derek were long lost in the haze of my pleasure with Nick.

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