Beauty in the Beast

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Chapter 43

I didn’t want to overstep and start firing off questions about Derek to this Alpha. While he said he liked me, I didn’t want to push my luck. I let Nick takes the lead and I just sat in the chair and locked my ears on the two of them.

“To my knowledge, you accepted a member of my pack into your territory and gave him groundbreaking treatments to one of your kinds only poisons.” Nick began. “Why?”

“You mean Derek?” Reggie asked. Nick nodded. “Derek has been an ally of our pack for a long time now.” Reggie sat up straight in his chair.

“Why?” Nick asked.
“I don’t think that part of the story is of your concern.” Reggie was playing hard to get.

“If you want my pack and my warriors as an ally, you’ll make it my concern.” Nick didn’t want to play. Reggie chuckled and turned his head slightly to his Beta. He sighed and turned back to Nick.

“Derek had a wondering eye.” Reggie continued. “As a child, he came to our pack seeking refuge from the South pack.” This sounds familiar. “I turned him away.” That was why Derek came to our pack, he was refused by the East pack. “As heartbreaking as his story way, I couldn’t take any chances with the South pack coming looking for him. With the rumors going around about a war between your pack and the South, I thought it best he seeks help with Alpha Phillip. I put in a word and sent him on his way.” Reggie motioned with his hand just how he sent Derek away. He was quite the character. “Of course, he went to your pack and Phillip granted him shelter within the pack and you know the rest.” Kendrick cleared his throat, but Reggie held his hand up. “Now, now, Kendrick. It’s alright.” He silenced his Beta. “Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Derek came back to my pack to thank me for the advice when he was just a lad, and I was more than happy to accept his gratitude. I allowed him to stay the weekend as a gift to my daughters.” Reggie gave Derek to Octavia and Ophelia like a sex toy. I’m sure Derek didn’t complain, but it didn’t sit well with me. “My dear Octavia,” he held his hand out and his daughter took it. “She took a liking to Derek and I turned my head when he would come to visit.”

“Another wolf sneaks into your pack and you turn a blind eye to it?” I asked.

“Derek’s a rogue in sheep clothing.” Reggie stated and I had to hold back a growl that threated to escape from my belly. “He jumps from pack to pack depending on which one will benefit him that week.” Reggie dropped his daughter’s hand and she stepped back into line with her twin. “He wasn’t causing any harm, so yes, I turned a blind eye to him and let him service my daughters as they pleased.” I wanted to throw up. How long did that go on for? Why would he risk his life trying to fight for me in the ring when he was sneaking off to East pack females? “He came to me a few years back and asked to be granted a permanent position within the pack. Of course, I allowed it for my daughter’s sake, but he wanted to bring a female.” The grip Nick had on my shoulder tightened and I heard a muffled growl come from him. Derek wanted to take me to the East pack, I knew that much; I just didn’t know he was going through with it after I told him I didn’t want to go. “Of course, I had to deny him upon learning that little detail.” I flicked my eyes to the twins, and I could see the hurt in Octavia’s eyes. She had deep feelings for my friend, but she knew his feelings were not mimicked. “I told him if he was going to break my daughter’s heart, it was best he stayed away. That was the last I saw of your wolf.”

“That doesn’t make sense.” Nick pointed out. “If the last you saw of him was years ago, how did he get your herbs just a few months ago?”

“I gave them to him.” Ophelia spoke up. “I told him I would help him save his mate, but the deal was he had to stay away from Octavia forever.”

“I guess it’s you I should be thanking then.” I said to Ophelia. Without her, Derek wouldn’t have been able to get his hands on those herbs and it’s very likely I would have died in that hospital bed. She nodded to me as she accepted my appreciation. I turned back to Reggie. “So, Derek isn’t in your pack now?”

“No, he’s not.” Reggie responded.
“He could be hiding out from someone.”

“Not likely.” Kendrick finally spoke. “I take the security of my pack very seriously. I let Derek in a few times with my Alpha’s permission, but Derek is not in the East territory.”

“Like I said,” Reggie spoke again. “Derek will jump from whichever pack benefits him at the moment, so if he’s not here and I don’t have him, then he went back home to the South pack.” I opened my mouth to speak again, but Nick cut me off.

“Thank you, Reginald.” He held his hand out to him and they shook again. “I appreciate the information and I look forward to our alliance.”

“Always a pleasure, Nicklaus.” Reggie stood to his feet and headed for the door, but he stopped short and turned his attention to me. “It was very nice meeting you, Emma.” The way he spoke my name and held on to my stare gave me the creeps, yet this wolf was nothing but nice to us. I didn’t understand why my body hated being around him so much.

Reggie took his pack with him as they exited the training center. I turned to Nick and let out a long sigh.

“Why do I feel like I need a shower?” I asked as Nick chuckled.
“Reginald will do that to you.” He propped his ass on the desk, so he was facing me. “They’re very… loose with their sexuality.” I narrowed my eyes at him and tilted my head. “Mates aren’t really their thing. They feed off sex and power, but they don’t like violence. Jealousy isn’t common with their pack, which is why I’m surprised Octavia cared that Derek had feelings for you.” I looked up at Nick and tried my best to find his eyes.

“Derek’s my friend. I have feelings for him, but I don’t love him.” I couldn’t help the words that spilled from my tongue. I felt Nick needed to be reassured that my need to find Derek had nothing to do with love.

“Emma,” Nick took my hand. “If Jackson is back, and Derek is hiding out in the South pack—”

“I know.” I looked down at my lap.

“Do you, Emma?” He pulled my eyes back to his.

“You think Derek is working with Jackson. Who is probably back to his old tricks and working with Stefan to start a war to take over your position as Alpha.” I knew where this was going, I wasn’t that naïve.

“Then you know what I’d have to do.”

“You would have to kill Derek.”

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