Beauty in the Beast

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Chapter 53

We were all silent as we traveled to the bunker. Maybe none of us knew what to say to each other? I wanted to hold Nick’s hand, but I didn’t want the trembling to make him think I wasn’t capable of holding my own in the bunker. I had no problem with Jackson dying tonight, he has evil inside him. He’s killed countless innocent wolves in the name of revenge and there was no stopping him until his heart ceased to beat. My hesitation was purely for Derek. Something inside me told me he could be saved. If I could just remind him of who he was, I could somehow revert any mind control Jackson had on him. Moon Goddess, please give me strength. I stopped by a willow tree and Nick put his hand on my shoulder.

“Are we there?” He asked.

“No, but this is where we should meet.” I told him. “This is where everyone should meet when we get out.” Nick nodded and turned to the pack, letting them know about the willow tree. “It’s right up here.” I looked at Daniel, remembering how we burst through the doors to escape and now here we are, right back at the beginning.

I readied my sword and went closer to the building, waiting for an attack. Nick stayed close to me, and Daniel close to him. Alex and Emmett were right behind Daniel, both ready to fight. Roland, Ryan and Alan were behind them with the rest of the Omegas.

“Break into your groups and split up, flank the whole building.” Nick ordered. Alex squeezed Daniel’s arm before following Emmett with two others to the side of the building. Roland and Daniel stayed with Nick and I. With my wolf hearing, the sound of metal on metal perked my ear up. A fight ensued from the left and I wanted to rush over and help them, but Nick shook his head. “You have to trust that they can hold their own.” He told me. I nodded and we entered the building. With my plans laid out for the entire pack to see, they should know where to go.

The goal wasn’t to kill the mutts that followed Jackson’s orders, but if they attacked first then you had to defend yourself. Jackson and Derek were the target, but I had my own plans for Derek. Nick wanted to kill them and end the treat, he wanted to kill them all, but if I could bring Derek back as a prisoner he wouldn’t have to die. Maybe if I could get him away from Jackson’s hold, I could rehabilitate him into being the Derek I knew, and he would be fine.

We walked up the stairs of the building and Nick and I opened the doors, Daniel and Roland entering with their weapons ready. We followed in behind them while we watched our backs, ready for anything to sneak attack from behind. We all caught a scent before a guard attacked Daniel and Roland, but Roland’s sword slid through the mutt’s abdomen before he could get close enough to us. Nick abruptly turned around and swung his sword diagonally to the ground, the blade slicing from the shoulder to the hip of the mutt who came up behind us. The body hit the floor before I even realized he was behind us.

“Keep going,” Nick said quietly. “There will be more the farther we get in the bunker.” Nick was correct, the farther into the building we got, the more mutts emerged looking for a fight. We stayed as a united group and had no injuries.

“The elevator will take us down to the bunker.” I pointed to the little green light above the elevator doors. We fought off three more mutts before we got to the elevator.

“What floor?” Roland asked.

“B.” I answered. From what I could tell, we were on the ground floor, so the ‘B’ was for the basement, which just happened to be the bunker. “This is going to take us into the corridor with the cells. It’s one way so the guards are going to be coming at us as soon as the doors open. At the end of the hall, there’s three doors. If we go to the door on the right, it’s the security room. We can see the cameras and find Jackson on the monitors.” The elevator hummed and began descending. “If anyone is watching the cameras, they might see the light from the elevator, so be prepared when the doors open.” The three males readied their swords as the doors opened, but no one was on the other side.

“Maybe no one’s watching.” Roland whispered as we stepped out of the elevator.

“Keep focused, we need to find Jackson.” Nick directed the way and we all followed, only to be met by a group of guards. They were no match for Nick as he swiftly killed all three before Daniel, Roland or I even had time to act. Blood splattered the wall of the corridor and I couldn’t help but shiver at the memory of my time in the cell. A voice suddenly sounded over the familiar loudspeaker.

“What a pleasure it is to see you after so long, nephew.” Jackson’s voice was cold.

“He’s watching.” I said.

“No one else has to die.” Nick called out. “Face me, and this will all be over.”

“You have your pack, and I have mine.” Jackson responded. “You kill my men and think there won’t be repercussions? Oh, my dear nephew, you should know me by now.” Nick turned to me and connected eyes for just a moment before looking forward again. “Eye for an eye.” Jackson’s voice returned. “Just how many wolves are you willing to lose?”

“How many are you?” Nick countered.

“I’m so glad you brought your mate.” Jackson changed the subject, and a growl rose from his chest. “Derek will be pleased to see her again.” Daniel stepped in front of me, blocking me from the camera hanging from the corner.

“He’s in the security room.” I whispered. It was the only place he could see us and speak to us over the loudspeaker. If we moved quickly, we’d be able to make it before he escaped.

Nick was first to run down the corridor, but we all followed him. More mutts attacked the farther into the hall we went. I pushed my sword into one’s chest and kicked him off my sword before I turned to another and swung it across his chest. Blood splatter hit my face and I wiped it with my arm.

“The door on the right!” I called to Nick as he reached the end of the hallway. His foot connected with the door and it fell over like it was made of cardboard. Daniel killed the last mutt in the hall, and we reached Nick at the doorway where he stood frozen. Jackson was standing in the middle of the room with his bow pulled back, ready to shoot.

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