Beauty in the Beast

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Chapter 6

I stared at my closet, my hand on the door, contemplating on what I should wear. What do people wear when they get drinks? Come on, Emma, you serve females every day who go out drinking with males, why is this so hard for you? I walked over to my bed and picked up my phone. What to do? Text Emmett and cancel? I already got my dad to cover my shift at the bar. I haven’t seen him so excited about something in an extremely long time. Text Derek. He goes out with females all the time, he’d know what I should wear. Dammit Emma, how in the hell is he going to take it? Oh hi Derek, I know we just made out last night but I was wondering if you could stop by and help me pick out what to wear on a date? I plopped down on the bed and threw my phone behind me letting out an exaggerated sigh. My wolf growled at myself as an idea popped into my head. No. No way. Another growl. I turned around and picked up my phone. My fingers gliding over the keys quickly so I could send the text before I changed my mind.

I opened the door before she had time to even press the doorbell. “Thanks for this.” The noise that came from me was barely a whisper.

“Are you kidding me? It’s my pleasure!” Natalie pushed past me and headed for the stairs. “I assume your room is this way?” She pointed up. “I’ve never been here, it’s not like you invite me over often.” She began sprinting up the stairs. I’ve never had a wolf in my home besides my father. Not even Lucas, we were in the woods when we awkwardly lost our virginity together. I moved out at the first chance I could get. Not that I had a good reason, my father was amazing to me. I guess I just wanted my own space.

I followed Natalie upstairs and ushered her to my bedroom. It was bland, I bought it right after it was built and did nothing to customize it besides putting in furniture. “Wow.” She breathed. “You’re quite the interior decorator.” I rolled my eyes at the sarcasm that leaked from her lips. “And your selection of clothes is just as bleak.” She sighed loudly. “This is going to be difficult.”

“Why? Because nothing in there is see-through or short enough that a thong would cover more ass?”

“Do you want my help or not?” Not. I was regretting this whole decision. I picked up my phone, ready to cancel on Emmett. What was I thinking? This isn’t me. I need to go to work like I would every other Monday night.

“Hey!” Natalie ripped my phone from my fingers.

“Oh my God!” She grinned from ear to ear. I stood up to take my phone back but she pulled away from me.


“You’re going on a date with an Omega!? Emmett nonetheless, who is sexy as hell and you’re about to cancel!?”

“I wasn’t— I was just going to reschedule.” I looked down at my feet, knowing I was lying to myself as well as her. If I cancelled this date I wasn’t going to go any time soon.

“Emma, you have never been on a date in your entire life! And don’t try to tell me you have! I know all the gossip of this pack and if you think you’re doing this fabulous job of staying under the radar and not being part of that gossip you are sadly mistaken!” I sat back down on my bed. That was all I wanted: to be under the radar so no one would notice me. And I failed. “Emma,” Natalie took a seat beside me on the bed and handed me back my phone. “I’m insanely jealous of you.” I narrowed my eyes at her, knowing she was lying.

“Come on Natalie, I’m not stupid.”

“You are if you don’t believe me. Not only are you gorgeous but you’re probably the best female fighter in our pack even though you refuse to become an Omega—yeah that hot topic got around real fast— and you’re mysterious. You know what males love? Mysterious women. Especially hard to get ones.” She stood up from the bed in a quick motion. “Emmett is a lucky guy and he’s a worthy guy. All the wolves are going to be talking about this tomorrow and I better be the first to get the details.” She was walking towards the door as if she was leaving.

“Wait,” I stood up. “You didn’t help me pick out an outfit.”

“I don’t have to.” She stated matter-of-factly. “This is your first date. If you need anyone but yourself to help you pick out what to wear then you’re not being yourself, and Emmett deserves that.” She turned from the doorway and waved her hand in the air. “You’re welcome!” She quickly turned back to me. “Oh, and this little chat—never happened. I have a reputation to uphold and being nice to the other females around here is not part of that reputation.” She turned back away and I chuckled. “I want details!” I heard her call from the stairs.

I left my hair down, which was unusual for me. It was almost always in a ponytail from either training or being behind the bar. My hair was wavy, as if I put effort into curling it but I didn’t. I had my mother’s hair except she always had hers cut to her shoulders, I let mine grow almost to my ass. I wore a simple pair of jeans with ankle boots and a black v-neck. I even put a necklace of a full moon on. Maybe I was trying too hard? I grasped the door handle and hesitated. My heart was beating out of my chest and I’m sure every wolf in a ten mile radius could hear it. I was way out of my league and had no idea what the expectations of tonight were. How far was this going to go?

“Emma, you look great.” Emmett put his hand on my arm and gave it a welcoming squeeze. I smiled up at him and thanked him as he took us to a table a few feet from the bar. He pulled my chair out for me like a true gentleman before taking his own seat across from me. A waitress piped up rather quickly and took our drink order before floating away leaving the two of us alone again. Oh Moon Goddess, what do I say? I make conversations with strangers every day, why is this so difficult? “So...thanks. For, you know, taking the time to come out with me.” Could it be that he was just as nervous as I was?

“Why did you ask?” The question slipped out of my lips faster than my brain could register why.

“What do you mean?” He laughed.

“Sorry.” Twisted my necklace in my fingers. “I just didn’t think—I don’t know. I guess I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I think you’re beautiful and fascinating. And I’m trying to be a gentleman but the way you fight really turns me on.” We both laughed. “So where’d you learn to fight like that anyway?”

“I wanted to be an Omega when I was a little girl.” He raised an eyebrow at me as he took a sip of his beer. I smiled and chuckled. “I know. But life was easier back then. Most of the girls I knew wanted to be doctors and most of them turned out to be—“

“Bartenders?” He laughed as I reached over and smacked his arm. “So what changed your mind?”

“I started helping out at the bar. My dad wasn’t as interested as what he was when I was growing up and I just kind of took over for him. Not completely, we have managers and other workers but I do most of it for him.”

The conversation of the bar opened up a new conversation which opened a new conversation and by the time we even took notice the bar was almost empty and the bartender was giving last call.

“We should get going.” I agreed as I jumped down from my stool. I tried to pay our tab but Emmett refused to let me, a true gentleman. He walked me home and we talked some more.

“This is my stop.” I looked up at my door. Solid dark cherry wood, the exterior of my home a dark gray with a blue hint to it.

“It’s beautiful.” He smiled at me. Being an unmated Omega he lived in the pack house. It was probably like a fraternity in there. A few females were Omegas but most of them were males. That was another reason I didn’t want to join the Omegas. I enjoyed the solitude of my home. I fiddled for my keys in the little purse I took with me. “I had a great time.” Emmett stepped closer to me and I raised my head to meet his eyes.

“Yeah, me too.” I could smell the lust on him like he bathed in it. His wolf wanted an invite inside. His finger tips brushed against the bare skin of my arm sending little pimples down my spine. Oh Moon Goddess, I can’t do this. His other hand went to the small of my back and gently pulled me closer to him. The heat I could feel between us was almost electric. “Emmett—“ I breathed. His fingers left my arm only to trace my collarbone. Dammit. I wanted to invite him in. I wanted to rip his clothes from his body and make him beg for me. But why was I hesitating? My wolf was screaming at me to open the door but my head was telling me to stop. He leaned his head down to me, his eyes fluttered shut as he parted his lip. I pressed up on my tiptoes and my lips connected with his cheek. His eyes sprung open in shock and we both stepped back from each other. “Goodnight, Emmett.” I smiled and turned back to my door, my hands shaking as I tried to shove the key in the lock.

“Goodnight, Emma.” He turned on his feet and walked down the street we came from. My key jammed into the lock and I turned it faster than I ever have. I slammed the door shut behind me and locked it in place again. Cursing myself I made my way up the stairs and stripped my clothes off, tossing them to the floor. I jumped in the shower and turned the cold water all they way up. My body was radiating heat like I was ready to mate. Moon Goddess, what did he just awake in me?

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