Beauty in the Beast

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Authors Note

Authors Note!

I have decided that I wanted to continue Emma’s story with a sequel. I will begin working on it as soon as possible, but it will take me a few days to sort out the storyline before I begin posting chapters. With that being said, please follow me for updates! In my head, I have enough ideas to continue rolling with the story for a possible trilogy. I would love to develop the characters as time goes on and introduce new characters to the pack. Quarantine won’t last forever, and I know going back to work will slow down my ability to have time to myself and sit down and write. Until that happens, I plan on keeping my creative juices flowing and taking advantage of the free time I have.

Again, I want to thank my readers for the support of this story! I’d like to really thank those of you who comment on each chapter, I really enjoy hearing the theories you guys have come up with during the process of this story! You guys are the best! Thank you all so much for the support and please stay safe during these crazy times!

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