The After Effects

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A month had breezed right by and castle life was still treating everyone nicely. From amazing meals and kind folk, I grew more and more comfortable here on the daily.

Harper was nearly a completely different kid, as a whole new personality surrounded her. She still really enjoyed school and had several friends that she played with on the weekends. She often had sleepovers with her new friends and would wear a smile for days after. It was really nice to see her happy.

The Vikings were still doing their usual business and thanks to the castle's newest guest, Rorek offered a lot of insight when it came to preparing for war. Soren and Locke had taken over the military, ensuring that the King's army was completely prepared and ready for their deployment any day, which has kept both of them busy most of the day.
When they weren't working, Soren was often hanging around with Locke, as it seems that two of them have developed a friendship. As for the Castle guest, it would appear that Locke and Soren put up with him, meaning that I often came home to three males lounging on my couch. Freeloaders.
Tonight was no different and as I approached my front door, I could hear the males and their boastful talking.
Harper was staying with a friend in Everest, though she was only a ten-minute walk from the castle, so I had a feeling that these males would be hanging around for a while.
I opened the door and was greeted with the sight of them gathered around the living room playing cards.
"Hey, Ives." Locke greeted me as he rearranged some of the cards in his hand.
"Hello, Acer." Soren's voice followed me as I walked into the living room and peered over my brother's shoulder at his cards.
"Good Evening, Little Bird," Rorek's deep voice rumbled as his heated amethyst eyes watched me from over his cards. The past month has been fun teasing and taunting the dragon. I didn't mind seeing him around so often, not just because he's insanely gorgeous, but also because I've felt this strange attraction to him.
"Hi Boys." I smiled a greeting to all of them before retreating to my room to change.
My brothers groan of disgust made me chuckle as my door shut. "Really man?" He said to Rorek, who to his credit had zero shame.
Suddenly a naughty thought crossed my mind as I thought about the lack of children and overdose of testosterone currently filling my living room.
Remembering some lively and skimpy nightgowns I had seen neatly folded in one of the drawers of the tall dresser, I started rummaging through the drawers.
My eyes fell on a drawer full of satin and lace and a smirk grew across my face. Pulling out a gray nightgown, I studied its satin fabric and lace trim. Perfect. I grinned as I stripped and pulled on the nightgown.
Turning to the body-length mirror, I studied the gown. The fabric hung off my shoulders, curving around my chest and pooling around my hips before it fell to about midthigh. The low cut v-neck did well at accenting my goods. Satisfied with my appearance, I turned away from the mirror.
As innocently as I could manage, I opened the door to my room and resumed looking over Locke's shoulder at the cards in his hands.
A strangled choke and not-so-subtle groan of appreciation came from the other to men in the room. The sounds caught the attention of my brother and he looked over his shoulder.
With lighting speed, Locke whipped his head around and put his head in his hands. "I can't believe you." Was all he said as he shook his head in his hands.
"What? I'm going to brush my teeth?" I lied innocently as my eyes flicked up to the other two males in the room.
Soren must've been the one to choke because his wide-eyed expression didn't know where to look as his dark blue eyes scanned me from head to toe when I stepped around the couch.
Rorek, on the other hand, wore a heated look and a mischievous grin that split his face. His purple eyes met mine and I only winked before sauntering to the bathroom and quickly shutting the door.
"I'm going to bleach my eyes." I heard Locke say as the front door opened and closed. I didn't mean to give him an eyeful, but he was collateral damage as I wanted to mainly tease Rorek. Although Soren's appreciation didn't go unnoticed.
I propped my hands against the counter as I pictured Rorek and his unique eyes. How had he managed to make me think about only him? My thoughts on the daily consisted mostly of him, which scared me slightly. I've never loved anyone like that. I may take the opportunity to notice a good looking male, but I've never acted on my feelings nor have I ever entertained the idea of being with anybody. But something about Rorek was just different. There was this strange pull to him that gets worse and worse with every day. Every time I see him, it feels as if the world freezes and it's only him and his amethyst gaze.
A knock on the bathroom door pulled me from my thoughts.
Turning around and padding across the huge bathroom, I opened the door. I became eye-level with a massive chest. Looking up, I met amethyst eyes that danced with amusement and heat.
"Rorek." I greeted the male, who had his hip propped on the doorway, arms crossed, and watched my every move as I shifted my weight nervously.
I may have been confident when I left my room, but under the scrutiny of his dark gaze, I felt any and all confidence melt away.
A dark grin pulled at his lips as his deep voice rumbled on word, "Tease."

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