Paranormal Twins

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Serah Evanwood and Seron Evanwood were quite the opposite; Their Personalities were different. Their appearances and personalities were both very appealing but for different reasons. Serah is beautiful, sweet and cute. Seron is handsome and dark. They may be twins, but they don't get along. No matter how hard Serah tries, she can't get her twin to be nice to her. Seron thinks that Serah is crazy since she claims to see and communicate with the spirit world. He doesn't believe in the paranormal. He never believed her visions and experiences with spirits, angels and demons. That was, until, prom day...

Fantasy / Horror
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These are just going to be Character Profiles!


Serah Evanwood

Birthdate: 3rd March 2003

Height: 179 cm (5"8')

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

Personality: Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Shyness - Very sweet, kind and caring. Almost everybody loves her. Everybody but people who you would call 'heartless'.


Hair - Long, Wavy, Dark Brown hair

Eyes - Large, Hazel eyes

Skin - Pale, Fair skin

Others - 19-Inch Waist (Very Slim), Pointy Nose, Full Lips, Rose Pink Lips, Double Eyelids, Long Eyelashes, V-Shaped Jawline - Naturally beautiful across the globe...

She looks like IRENE from RED VELVET. (With a mixture of All the members of RED VELVET, GIRLS' GENERATION, BLACKPINK & TWICE!)

Seron Evanwood

Birthdate: 2nd March 2003

Height: 189 cm (6"2')

Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)

Personality: Conscientiousness, Confident - Very confident and spiritually egoistic. Almost everybody hates him. Everyone except his friends, his parents, Serah and Seth.


Hair - Wavy, Dark Brown hair

Eyes - Sharp, Green eyes

Skin - Pale, Fair Skin

Others - Pointy Nose, Double Eyelids, Sharp Jawline, Slim waist, Muscular - Naturally handsome across the globe...

He looks like JUNGKOOK from BTS. (With a mixture of all the members!)

I have added the pictures of the characters on my wall! Even the new characters will be added after the chapter that they are introduced in will be published.

I hope that you guys like this story! Anyways, Bye! Take Care!

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