Scarlet Ice

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Sylver is a lone wolf whom has a secret. After years of being on the run; her past finally catches up to her. During all of this, she finds her mate. It so happens that her mate is the son of her deceased guardian's best friend. Things begin to unfold once she's introduced into her mate's pack. Some of the members of the pack aren't too keen to her becoming a member but her mate doesn't care. Will Sylver finally be able to face her past? Will she be able to find peace within herself and come to terms with who she really is? Follow Sylver's journey and find out. Warning: There is violence in this book. If you don't like violence or you need to be warned in advanced; here is your warning. :) It is fully done! Thank you for being patient! All Rights Reserved (c) Megan Fritsch 2017-2020

Fantasy / Action
Megan Fritsch
4.6 9 reviews
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Chapter One

Running quickly through the trees, my silvery paws hitting against the ground quietly and swiftly. Trying to get away from what’s behind me; hearing the growls and snarls from behind me pushing me to go faster. I quickly cross another territory. This was the second line I have passed with these idiots chasing me. No one has come to help yet. I mean I could fight them off but I’d rather keep my sanity, thank you.

As I ran, I begin hearing new growls. Suddenly, a sharp howl pierced the air, making everyone stop in their tracks; but only for a second. The idiots behind me; attacked me to the ground. A sharp yelp and whine escape my muzzle. Out of nowhere the pressure on my back disappeared and not too long afterwards more loud growls came to my ears.

I quickly jump to my paws and spun around staring at the harsh fight in front of me. Two wolves I have never seen before were fighting the ones who attacked me. They fought for a long while until the enemy wolves ran off with their tails between their legs and sharp whimpers. I backed up as I got a better look at my saviors. One of them was a big black wolf with white patches on his paws and the tip of his tail. The other one was a chocolate brown with a few random black patches on his fur. As soon as I noticed their eyes turn to me I quickly back up into the shadows and crouched down towards the ground staring at them cautiously.

The black and white wolf stepped forward; his emerald green eyes stared into mine. He radiated power, and he seemed attractive, in my eyes. I snorted and rolled my eyes mentally as I thought about what I just thought. Not a chance in hell will I find love now. The wolf stepped forward and stared into my eyes with his calm green ones. The other stood back patiently. The black wolf finally spoke to me, telepathically. His voice calm, smooth, and a little deep. It made my legs shake beneath me, as my wolf whimpered lightly as the new emotions for this stranger start to stir.

“Hey there. It’s alright, we won’t hurt you,” He assured in my head. Trying to keep me calm and coax me out of hiding, it somehow worked. I cautiously stepped out, only showing the front half of my silvery coat. My lavender eyes seem to brighten just a bit as the sun gazes upon them. His eyes softened as his wolf seemed to grin a bit, and his tail wagged a bit behind him.

“I’m Alex; this is my best friend Dallas. What’s your name sweetheart?” He asked with a leveled tone. My wolf shuddered at the nickname and whined.

“I-I’m Sylver,” I stuttered out, cursing myself mentally afterwards hating how I’m showing my weak and vulnerable side to a stranger. He smiled and his eyes sparkled even more; if it were possible.

“How cute. Sylver, are you lost? Do you need a place to stay? I mean, at least for a while?” He asked with a little hope in his voice. I looked at him and noticed that the scent between us was very strong. Noticing this and the strange attraction I was feeling towards him; I noticed he was my mate, and from the looks of it, for my sake, he was waiting for me to settle down before he expressed how happy he felt to find his mate. Oh, if only he knew who or what I am. I smiled at him sadly, as I walked out from the shadows fully, my tail laying between my legs in slight submission. His eyes brightened even more as he noticed I was nothing but a simple loner, a rogue.

“Yes, but not too long. I just need to rest and get some food and I’ll be on my way. I promise you,” I said kindly. Keeping his powerful aura in mind, knowing he must be extremely high rank in his pack. He shook his head and smiled.

“No need to rush yourself, you can take as much time as you need. We can take you to the pack house if you are willing?” He questioned. I nodded in understanding, He nodded back and turned to his friend, Dallas I do believe was his name, as they shared a small conversation between them. Then Alex turned to me again and smiled, “Let’s go then,” He chirped happily. As he literally bounced forward with excitement. I had to contain my laughter as I watched him. I noticed Dallas was grinning but rolling his eyes as well. He looked at me and smiled kindly.

“I’m Dallas, nice to meet you, Sylver,” He introduced boldly. I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. He nodded back and ran off in front of Alex. I quickly followed behind them and watched their every move, still unsure whether or not I could trust them fully or not. My eyes trailed around the area as we passed tons of trees on the way up a steep hill.

We came to a sudden stop and my eyes roamed in front of me and I gasped once I began to take the scenery in front of me. The place was enclosed in a half way circle, combined with mountain bases on the north side and a forest of trees on the south side. Both going all around making a complete circle. It all connected together in some way, giving the place a peaceful and safe look to it. A beautiful, and loud, waterfall falls over the mountain top into a pond of water.

The whole place was filled with greenery; flowers, full green trees, and full lush green grass. There were a bunch of different sweet scents. That’s when I noticed the huge log cabin in the middle of this entire enclosure. It was around 3 stories tall. It was absolutely stunning. With dark red wood giving it a more gleam but dark feel to it and then the wooden steps and a porch that goes all around the bottom story of the cabin. Bright lights were on inside and a bunch of the noise I was hearing was coming from that house. The entire place littered with wolves and people alike.

Figuring this as their pack, my eyes glittered and glowed at the place I’ll be staying for a while. Alex noticed me staring and being very quiet, as I stood next to him taking in the scene. Dallas seemed to have already left because it was just us two standing there. Suddenly, Alex spoke, making me jump out of my thoughts. I looked at him with half startled lavender eyes, but calmed down as soon as I met his emerald green ones.

“Do you like it?” He asked simply, as he stared into my eyes. I caught myself about to blush and I looked away from his eyes back to the scenery and nodded.

“It’s beautiful, how did you even find a place like this?” I asked with shock playing in my voice. He smiled sadly and looked around.

“My mother, my father’s mate, the pack’s Luna, found it. Well, helped us find it. Before she died,” He said the last part quietly. I looked at him with sad eyes,“I’m sorry; she did a wonderful job finding such a place like this. She must have been some Luna- “I trailed off, noticing what I was hearing. Alex’s mother was the Luna and his father was Luna’s husband, meaning his father is or was...The Alpha. My eyes widened and I looked at Alex quickly. He was the heir for the Alpha position. No wonder why his scent smelled so powerful. It’s because he was,“Y-You’re about to be an Alpha,” I whispered. He looked at me a little shocked and then smiled, nodding.

“Yes, I’ll be Alpha pretty soon. My dad is stepping down and it’ll soon be my turn to take lead,” He said as he stared into my eyes with such calmness.

“Wow, that’s cool,” I breathed out and looked back to the scenery. He laughed a bit making me look at him again,” What?” I asked tilting my head in question.

“If you say so, it may not be cool. I’m not sure about it quite yet. But do you want to go down to the pack house so we can get you settled in? Things seem to be happening down there,” He asked and my eyes trailed to the pack house. I suddenly tense up with overwhelming feelings as I backed up a bit. As a sudden chill ran through my back, a chill of fear.

“I don’t know Alex, what if they don’t like me? What if they’ll hurt me?” I asked panic clearly plastered in my voice as I stared at the house. He slowly moved closer to me, his scent filling my nose, calming me down slowly.

“Sylver, it’s alright, I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’ll be right by your side,” He assured soothingly. I looked at him as I calmed down more by his voice. I nodded and looked back at the house. He took that as a sign of me being ready and he began to lead me towards a trail, leading down into the huge enclosed circle. We walked to the house. Wolves and people stared at me along the way. Nothing but curiosity and confusion. I stay close to Alex as we walked to the crowded house.

When we finally got to the front door that was over flowing with people, we change from our wolves to our human forms. In human form, I had light brown hair and silver highlights, and my eyes a lavender color (I know it’s not normal but this is never normal). I looked at Alex and he took my breath away. He had jet black hair that framed his face perfectly. His green eyes seem to be a bit brighter than his wolf’s eyes. He didn’t have a shirt on so I could see his six-pack clear as day. He was built but not too built. I didn’t realize I was staring until he snapped me out of it and grinned at me a bit.

"Like what you see?” He joked and I rolled my eyes with a soft laugh.

“You don’t look too bad there,” I replied. He smirked and trailed his eyes over my clothed body (thank God).

“You don’t look too bad yourself, pumpkin,” He laughed and took my hand, pulling me through the sea of people and into the house.

We walked down the hall way, and people were in just about every room, at least that’s what I could see. Alex pushed through the crowd to the living room. Where most of the commotion was happening. Let me describe the inside of this place. It looks like normal cabin inside; except when you walk through the front door; the kitchen is on the left side, and then, what seems to be, a game room, on the right side. Both have door frames instead of actual doors .

Then the more you go down the long hallway, you pass a bathroom, and then you pass a few bedrooms and a couple of storage doors. Then you get to the living room right before you get to the stairs, and the whole place is lit with home-y light and scents. The living room had a cow skinned, brown couch and two chairs on either side of it. Two tables between each chair between the couch on both sides, with lamps on them. Then a coffee table in front of the couch. Then in front of those things a huge screen tv sat on the wall; playing something with no sound, probably muted. Then the room itself had about two windows on each side of the room. It was a cozy place, huge, but cozy.

On the couch sat a tall person, one their legs crossed over the other and he was calmly talking to two people in front of him who were raging about something. People were surrounding them with huge confused eyes. Alex pushed passed people and everyone’s eyes turned to us, more specifically, me. I shrunk into Alex’s side from the attention. Alex squeezed my hand for reassurance and smiled at everyone.

“Hey everyone, what’s happening?” He questioned. The guy on the couch; stood up and turned around and looked at us. The guy had mocha brown hair and startling scarlet red eyes. He had this long scar that ran from the left side of his eye all the way down to his jaw. He must be the Alpha. He radiated an enormous amount of power. You would think he’d look really mean or dangerous, but no. His features were relaxed and he looks like he laughs every day. He didn’t seem like a threat what so ever. He also seemed to give off a familiar feeling, but I pushed that away because there is no way I can know this guy. He smiled at us kindly.

“Ah, my son, who is this young lady you have found?” Alpha spoke up. His voice was deep but soothing. Alex smiled at his dad and nodded.

“Yes, Father, this is Sylver. We found her having a little trouble with a few wolves and we thought it’d be okay to have her come here and rest for a little while,” Alex spoke boldly to his father but it was kind. I was amazed with this. The Alpha smiled and walked over and held out his hand and took my free hand in his, gently, and shook it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sylver; perhaps we can go to my study and talk? Where it’s quieter?” He asked staring into my eyes. His eyes showed something. He seemed to give off a sad or sorrowful look but it went away as soon as it came. I glanced at Alex and back at him and nodded.

“Yes sir, that’d be alright, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too,” I said respectfully. He nodded and let go of my hand and led the way out of the room. I looked up at Alex and he smiled at me. He pulled me with him as we follow his father more into the hallway after you pass the living room, on the other side of the stair case. There stood a door under the stair case.

I looked a bit more down the hallway and noticed a few more doors, probably bed rooms or something. Then we walked into the study and it blew my mind. The whole place was dark until lights were turned on. Towers and towers of books on shelves littered the walls on both sides, from ceiling to floor. I squealed in slight delight, and looked at the center where a long black table with black spinning chairs that sat in front of the desk. This room was huge. I took a seat in front of the Alpha’s desk. While Alpha leaned up against the front of his desk staring at me and gave me a smile.

“It’s so good to see you again, Sylver. You’ve grown so much,” He spoke and I froze a bit. Then stared at him as chills ran down my spine.


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