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Our lips touch and all other thoughts fade away.

The feral female.


The queen’s words...

Every alarm that has been ringing inside my brain now falls to the wayside as heat flares from my core, a raging fire working its way up my stomach, through my chest, and onwards. My body comes alive, as the energy sparks and crackles between us.

Soft kisses quickly blossom into needy hunger as his tongue caresses mine.

Into Theron’s embrace I melt, his hands slowly sliding down my arms, my sides, and snaking around my lower back, yanking me closer.

The taste of him lights up my senses, surrounding me in the essence of pure and bestial man. A deep primal desire has been unleashed and there’s no going back now, even if I want to... but I sure the fuck do not want to.

My fingers travel up his warm skin, a soft layer that covers strong, defined abdominal muscles... a torso I had shamelessly ogled not minutes before. Every dip and every ripple flexes and contracts as he moans beneath my touch.

Effortlessly, and with little to no thought, I reposition my stance, allowing him to move even closer between my legs. As his six-foot, two-inch frame presses against me, I can feel the growing bulge that remains hidden within the nylon restraints of his track pants.

Theron’s hands glide down my lower back, to my ass and squeeze my cheeks. Mewing softly in his mouth incites a fierce rumble within the back of his throat. Suddenly, and without warning, his large hands dip to my thighs, lifting me to wrap my legs around his waist.

My body is no longer under my control as an instinct to roll my hips overtakes sensible logic.

I need to feel him.

Two moans, two separate beings, resound simultaneously as I position my core directly over him. Between the wall at my back and Theron’s tight grip on my legs friction is easily achieved as he presses hard against me, wanting more.

His lips leave my mouth, moving down my jaw where I can feel his hot breath against my ear. The temperature change of his heavy inhaling and exhaling brings forth a new sensation that only seems to cause a shift in the intensity of my arousal. Latching onto my ear, he scrapes my lobe with his teeth—light enough to leave me a panting mess but just enough pressure to make me imagine what else those perfect teeth could usefully bite.

Lost in a sexual haze, I’m not aware of exactly when we had torn my shirt off, but my skin now hums and pulses against his—chest to chest. The familiar feeling of my nipples tightening and perking upon contact leaves a warm flare in their wake.

Open mouth kisses trail from my ear down my neck, occasionally pulling the skin between his lips and sucking ever so lightly.

My head falls against the wall as I rub my center over his again in an attempt to find a small amount of relief to the acute ecstasy he’s bringing me.

But it’s not enough.

The impulse to hump the shit out of him is overwhelming and uncontrollable. Any and all conscious movements of my body have flown out the window and instead of trying to catch them, I allow the breeze to carry them away. Everything from here on out is a reaction based solely on sweet, primeval passion.

I thank the Goddess for this blessed wall that gives me the leverage I need to stroke my sex against his. With every move of my hips, I feel the wetness seeping through my shorts only to dampen the barrier of that infuriating fucking nylon he’s still wearing.

An aggravated snarl tears through his lips as his canines rip the delicate stitching of my bra, obliterating it in mere seconds. He takes but only a moment to stare appreciatively at my heaving chest before quickly dropping his head to pull a hard bud into his mouth with a vicious growl.

The pressure with which he sucks has me a moaning mess, only desiring more. My pussy throbs as my hands weaved through his hair, tugging him closer. Theron happily obliges, sucking harder.

His fingers continuously toy with the sides of my waistband, dipping in and out from beneath the cotton. Every inch his touch skims over is another log added to the fire thus causing the restricting clothes to feel unbearably confining.

It’s as if, in this moment, he feels the same. Slowly and carefully setting my feet on the floor, his mouth crashes into mine.

And the flames roar higher.

Fingers stretch and nails grow until lycan claws slice through both sides of my shorts. Like a knife through butter, the cotton gives way and the flimsy rag crumbles into a pile between my feet, along with a kneeling Theron.

Thoughts and emotions indiscernible, his swirling eyes look up at me, never straying as his powerful hand cups my ankle. Bringing the top of my foot to his lips, he places a gentle, yet searing, kiss.

The anticipation inside me spikes, soaring high above the clouds to an unfathomable height. Kisses slowly ascend up my shin to the top of my knee and inside my thigh. Theron drags the tip of his tongue excruciatingly slow up the inside of my leg toward the one destination that craves him the most. His hand follows on the opposite side of my leg, guiding it to rest comfortably on his shoulder, all the while our eyes stayed firmly connected.

Me watching him.

Him watching me.

Hands circle my ass, rounding around to the top of my underwear. Holding tightly to my hips he inhales deeply, nuzzling the top of my mound, strongly guarded by the only piece of clothing I still donned.

Impatient and beyond horny, I push myself into him wanting desperately to know what that tongue feels like.

Theron’s chest reverberates approvingly, his mouth opening and closing as if he could taste the smell emanating from under the soaked cloth so close to his face.

Without any hesitation, his tongue slides out from between his lips, that wet muscle getting the first taste of drenched cotton.

He groans in pleasure.

My head falls against the wall once more and I close my eyes. His warm breath was like a cool breeze against my hot core. His tongue moves slowly down first and then back up causing me to gasp.

Fingers loop under my waistband, lowering my underwear and pulling it over and off the leg that’s still hanging on his shoulder.

With a lowly smack, the elastic band hits my weight-bearing leg. The material shimmies itself downwards, pooling around my ankle.

Diving in, his mouth latches onto my pussy eliciting a loud moan from deep within me. My hands fly back to his head, my ankle digging into his back. Flicking, licking, and sucking—I can’t see what he’s doing but I feel even the slightest movement as if it’s the first. Once more I’m aware of how thankful I am for this supporting wall as my standing leg becomes weak, trembling with the severity his mouth is working me over.

Seconds turn into minutes as my core winds tighter, threatening to snap. Grinding myself into his face, I don’t care that he might not be able to breathe—all I want is release.

Up, up I climb, closer to the peak, ready to fall over the edge.

A single finger inserts itself within me and I welcome the intrusiveness, instantly feeling somewhat complete.

What I don’t expect is a second...

They move rhythmically, in and out, in and out.

The more frequent my moans and mews, the faster they pump... fracturing that coil and finally shoving me over the edge.

A wave of euphoria swells throughout me, gravity taking the reins and crashing that wave against the shore.

Downward it falls, like a rush of liquid seeping through a broken dam.

I drop against the wall, my chest rising and falling in a feeble attempt to calm my racing heart. Theron’s face appears before me, his mouth capturing mine.

His hands grasp my thighs, lifting me. My legs wrap around his waist again and suddenly we were moving. The precious wall I had unabashedly worshipped disappears, leaving my back only feeling cold and clammy.

I whimper at the loss, holding desperately tight to Theron’s shoulders as if he’s my only form of life support.

Three long strides later, he tosses me unceremoniously onto the bed. The mattress bounces beneath my body but my only focus is the Ancient before me.

His eyes graze every inch of me adoringly, yet meticulously, as if he’s memorizing each plain, each valley, each curve...

He licks his lips, drawing the bottom one in with his teeth, pouring gasoline into an already roaring fire within me.

Theron’s eyes meet mine and I know I am not the only one currently burning.

Pushing his pants down, he carelessly kicks them to the side. My attention instantly falls upon his artistically sculpted body, landing solely on the monstrous thing once shadowed by nylon.

With his cock now free, it curves, rock hard, towards his abdomen. Though his length was extremely impressive, it was not what causes my thighs to clench with need.

It’s the thickness of such an intimate part that hitches my breath.

Massively girthy, bulging veins ran from the base to the swollen tip, twitching under my heated scrutiny. In the fading light of the day, moisture glistens upon his bulky head with the rays that peek through the window.

And suddenly I’m the one licking my lips.

Grabbing the base, my fingers barely close to connecting to my thumb, I think it’s now my turn to display exactly what my hands and mouth can extract from him.

Theron watches me with lust-filled hooded eyes as I slid my tongue over the tip of his cock, my taste buds bursting with the saltiness of his pre-cum.

A snarl curls his lips, and instantly I’m pinned beneath him. “Later,” he grits, the outside of his erection sliding up and down my slit, effectively saturating him in my juices.

His hand cups the side of my face in the most gentle of ways. “Lina,” he groans softly, “I can’t promise this won’t hurt...”

I understand his concern.

It’s also my own.

I am still a virgin and I’m not stupid. I know the first time will be painful, regardless of size. I also know he could rip me apart if he wanted to but in the end, I trust him.

My body trusts him.

Eventually, the agony will give way to pleasure, and that’s my ultimate goal.

And for that, I’ll bear the pain.

His eyes search mine, flickering from left to right as if he needs my permission.

As if I would change my mind.

The vampire queen’s words echo deep within the caverns of my brain...

"Mate him..."

"Do it now..."

Reaching between us, I align him perfectly, giving him all the consent he’ll ever need. I can almost feel his restraint as his cock throbs within my grasp.

“Look at me,” his husky voice brings my attention back to those colorful eyes. He strokes my cheek with his calloused thumb, “only me, okay?”

As he slowly pushes forward, I fall into the magnanimous colors that swirl violently within his eyes. Hypnotically soothing, I almost don’t feel my insides expanding to accommodate his girth.


He pushes himself inside, only until he notices me wince and then pulls out, just to repeat the process again.

And again.

Little by little, he fills me millimeters at a time.

He works steadily.

A painstakingly slow invasion that only the patience of Theron can endure and I can’t help but wonder just how bad he really wants to thrust the rest of himself deep inside me.

Or maybe it’s me that wants that...

Refusing to be a dead fish beneath the one and only man I’ve desired most of my life, I begin to raise my hips to meet his advancements.

It isn’t long before I feel his tip hit my hilt.

He pulls all the way out, only to thrust back in just as deep. A groaning roar meets my satisfied moans as he continues his pace.

He studies my face with every plunge, finding my reaction just as pleasurable as the specific act itself.

My body sings with every measured push, another rhythmic melody created solely by Theron... reality blatantly better than any wet dream I have ever had.

I claw and scratch at his back, the rapture becoming more extreme with every stroke.

I feel myself climbing that climatic mountain once more.

Theron’s lips smash into mine as his arms ensnare me, lifting my body off the bed.

I don’t dare unwrap my legs from his torso.

He kneels upon the mattress, holding me tightly against him. One hand supporting my leg, the other pushing and pulling my lower back, directing my grinding core into his pelvis.

An entirely different position brings forth a surge of intense bliss as my tits touch his chest—the closest we can get.

Theron kisses and sucks my shoulders, breathing heavily upon my already sensitive skin.

My eyes land on the crook of his neck, that curiously unquestionable common spot that should sport my mark.

"Mark him.”

“Do it now,” she reminds me.

Faster and harder we work against each other.

Louder and more frequent our sounds of pleasure resound within the small space around us.

Tighter and firmer he squeezes me as our breathing becomes more labored.

My canines elongate, as my orgasm builds, ready to burst.

My pussy clenches, ripples, and contracts clutching him taunt inside of me as I explode around him.

Animal instinct trumps logic as I ferociously sink my teeth into his skin. Blood gushes, filling my mouth and overflowing out the sides.

Theron roars.

I can feel every luscious amount as his cock jerks and sputters its hot release, erupting inside me.

Unlatching my teeth from his skin, I watch the blood fall down his chest, leaving a crimson trail behind it.

I marked him.

He is mine.
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