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In the months after Theron’s passing, many things changed and many different coping mechanisms were used to navigating the turbulent waters of those changes.

Marius took on his wolf form, choosing to spend a significant amount of time traversing America by himself.

He claimed he needed solitude.

Kai was thought to have disappeared without a warning. A significant amount of time was wasted searching for him to no avail. It was only sometime much, much later it was discovered he had been kidnapped immediately after the massacre at Superlunar...

But that’s a story for another time.

DeLoren chose to drown his sorrows in various types of alcohol. While he had stayed close to Lina’s side when her belly started to swell, he wasn’t of much use other than for the company.

Lina still appreciated the sentiment, nonetheless.

In the aftermath of Superlunar, a very pregnant Lina was approached by the executor of Theron’s will. Of course, the only next of kin listed was Catalina, herself... a document that had been drawn up right after Theron left her the first time at the tender age of six.

The check had a lengthy amount of zeros at the end.

Eventually, though, the other Ancients found their way back. The arrival date of Lina’s baby boy and the newly found Kai was just the blessings they needed to mend their broken hearts.

Soon after, Marius, DeLoren, and Kai rebuilt Lina’s childhood home. They couldn’t replace what had been lost on the inside, but they could create the same structure over the old one, with a few slight alterations—three more rooms for three new uncles to be.

But Theron’s presence still lingered in every corner they sat, every thought they had, and every breath they took. Even a home so full could feel hauntingly empty all the same.

The council was disbanded and Uriah was executed for treason. Come to find out, the remaining council members who he claimed wanted the same monarchy as he had been threatened and blackmailed into signing their names on the dotted line. However, that did not change the result and a new oligarchy was adopted.

The Ancients, along with their chosen advisors would now reconstruct laws and regulations, benefitting not only packs worldwide but rogues as well. Rhys, Keeley, and Anthony were those advisors chosen by Marius, DeLoren, and Kai, respectively.

Lina was expected to join the group eventually, though it was not known who would be her advisor.

Superlunar mysteriously collapsed in a suspicious underground explosion. The one female Ancient within the group only shrugged nonchalantly at that little tidbit of information.

The government denied any and all knowledge of Superlunar and their involvement, though they did agree to restitutions to keep everything under wraps and out of the public eye. Lupines promised not to spill the beans so long as the government kept werewolves and lycans as confidential as they did extraterrestrials.

Nathaniel Goe was ruthlessly smeared in the tabloids, his name dragged through the mud unmercifully. He filed for bankruptcy as the money he claimed was his was now gone since Sara was no longer alive. The last anyone knew, his new address was the same as a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

Alex was found—alive, but just barely. Sara had brutally torn his face and both legs off. Lina kept her promise and quickly ended his suffering.

She refuses to discuss her thoughts and feelings on that particular incident.

What happened in the days and months after she lost her mate would alter Lina’s life forever... and it wasn’t just because of the growing baby inside her.

Snippets of a past life tormented her dreams. Flashes of old memories she didn’t know she had shown her looking quite the same, dressed in armor and sitting beside the moon goddess... a goddess who look ridiculously similar to her mother.

So each night, before Lina fell asleep, she hoped to receive more information on this past life. She wanted additional details as to who or what she was.

Most importantly, she wished more than anything to see Theron once more.


Meanwhile, somewhere on a lonely beach in southern Italy, a stranger washes ashore.

Choking on water and gasping for air, his fingers claw at the wet sand.

His body is beaten and bruised. He can’t decide which part of him hurts more... he finally lands on ”all.”

Soaked from the ocean and covered in sand, he shakes his dark blonde hair.

His large brown eyes shimmer in the light of the full moon and he wonders why he feels so drawn to the magnanimous orb.

He wonders a lot of things.

He doesn’t know who he is.

He doesn’t know where he is.

He doesn’t know how he got here.

But he does know one thing...

He knows one word.

One single, solitary word replays inside his head like a broken record and he feels that if he says it aloud, it might cease its annoying repetition... provide him with some temporary relief.


And so, he whispers to the moon, the only thing for miles around that he somehow knows, deep down, will listen to him...



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