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The First Bite

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Neema, 27, is from an ancient line of African sorceresses who wields the power of the Earth's elements. Her duty is to assist the supernatural police force of New Jersey to protect the human race from ancient creatures of the night. She does this with the help of her ancient lover, Victor, who is a Vampire Hybrid. Neema finds herself tangled in a bloody battle with an Alpha Werewolf and is near death. The only way to save her life from becoming a werewolf herself is to become what Victor is; a vampire. However, this will mean she will no longer be human and she is terrified to lose her sense of humanity. Will she bare herself do it or will her stubbornness get the best of her? This story is only a short story. One chapter, one shot.

Fantasy / Horror
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The First Bite

Neema’s crimson blood painted the grass below her as she sped her way to safety. She rushed as fast as she could through the woods, holding her bleeding side to gain some distance from her and the werewolf. If only she had night vision to see through the blankets of darkness before her. Her legs moved as fast as she could, to get as far away from the werewolf. She had been tangling with this beast for hours now to bring it down but he managed to take a bite out of her. Her hand was covered in red as she managed to use some fire magic to burn the wound close to keep the bleeding as minimal as possible. However, moving around a lot doesn’t help the wound. As an experienced sorceress, she bit more than she could chew with this werewolf; an alpha werewolf at that. Something had to be done to protect the people that would be in the wolf’s path, that was her job, her inherited duty. But damn it, where was your vampire boyfriend when you needed him. Her heart raced as she heard the branches breaking and heavy paw prints of the werewolf hunting her down behind her. Fuck, he escaped her prison spell.

“It’s futile to outrun a wolf!” he snarled.

He dashed behind her and swiped her legs to trip her on the dirt. Neema quickly rolled her on her back and summoned a light force field to bounce the black werewolf away from her; slamming him into a tree across the field. The wolf snarled as he slowly rose himself up to shake away any dirt before baring his large incisors at her. He licked his fangs as if he was ready to devour her. The beast prowled towards her. One more bite from this wolf, could kill her if she doesn’t do something about him quickly. Her magic was getting weaker as she loses more blood.

“I can smell your fear witch.” he taunted. “Your heart is racing by the second.”

“Shut the hell up.” she sassed, grounded on her feet again.

The werewolf didn’t waste time to charge at her, Neema attempted to burn him with fireballs from her palms. He charged through them, regardless of his fur burning. Neema cussed at herself as she knew her magic was weakening. The wolf leaped to pin her down, she protected herself with a force field. He began to thrash his huge body and punch the force field to try to break it open. Neema kept both her hands up with all her might to keep the wall of light strong.

“You can’t hide in there forever, witch!” he snarled, punching the wall as hard as he could.

“Fuck you.” she spat, as she tried her best to keep her shield intact while he thrashed against it. Her mind started to spin as her wound from her side began to ooze blood again. As the wolf thrashed with all of his strength, her force filed began to crack like glass and grow weaker. ‘Damn it.’ Blood spilled from her nose as her magic was at its limit, she was going to faint. The cracks rapidly spread bigger as the werewolf gave her a toothy grin, he knew he had the advantage. In a flash, the wolf has been swept away before he gives her force field a final blow. Finally, at this moment her Victor came in just time.

“Thank Goodness.” she said to herself as she finally released her force field.

She fell to her knees exhausted as she could only briefly watch the beasts tussle with each other like ancient times. It’s the eternal dance of the dark; Vampire verses Werewolf. Victor in his demonic bat form, tussled and fought, taking the fight to the skies with his mighty bat wings. The wolf yelp echoed as Victor chocked him with his powerful claw, elongating his long fangs. At this point, Victor saw nothing but red. This was the end of this beast, no one hurts his mate. Absolutely, no one. There, Victor delivered a swift deadly bite to the wolf’s neck; his venom ran through the wolf’s veins. Neema’s world quickly closed curtains before she could see the end of that fight, falling into a slumber.

She woke up to an abyss of darkness, her body levitating. It was as if she was in an unknown dark world, unheard of on planet earth. ’Where am I?’ asked herself.

“In the Abyss, love.” she heard, as a tall dark woman appeared before her in a distance. As she came closer, the woman appeared to be wearing Egyptian grabs, accessorized in gold. Her amber eyes poured into Neema’s as she caressed her face, giving Neema a soft smile. Neema was paralyzed; couldn’t even try to move her body at all.

“It is time, love.” she told Neema.

“Time for what?” Neema asked.

“Time to become a queen of the night, you are dying as we speak.” she hissed.

“I can’t..not yet..”

“There is no sense in fighting it. You are not going to make it.” the Vampiress told Neema. “You don’t have to be afraid to become what you are destined to be.”

“I am not ready.” Neema refused.

“You are more ready than you think, love.” the vampiress said as she circled around her like a cat. “Victor would love to have you as his bride for eternity. He’s been waiting his whole life for this moment. Don’t you want to share this with the vampire you love?” Neema couldn’t answer her at the moment. This is not the easiest decision to make.

The vampiress chucked at her lack of an answer and said “Think about it love, before its too late.” With that said, she disappeared in a mist of bats that swarmed around her. Neema closed her eyes as she felt herself falling into the abyss with the bats following her. To become a queen of the night meant that she will no longer be human. That commitment wasn’t exactly on Neema’s agenda. This was too much for her mind to handle.

Neema’s eyes fluttered open and gazed at the tree branches as the wind danced with them. She hissed in pain as she lied on the dirt bed of the ground, as if the burning pain would stop from her ribs from blood spilling. ’oh God..’ she mouthed as she tried to breathe. She only opened her eyes briefly to see the tree branches above her spinning like a merry-go-round; too much blood has been lost. Blinking her eyes a few times only made her nauseous, so she kept them closed. Tired. In pain. Nauseous. She just wanted it all to stop. Instead of panicking about her hemorrhage, she focused on her breathing. One gentle breath after another.

Breathe, Neema. Just breathe.’ she told herself.

She then heard her name being called “Neema. Neema!”

She almost forgot it was Victor’s voice. “Neema!” she heard again as she felt Victor’s cool hands caress her face to keep her awake. She fluttered her eyes open to meet Victor’s glowing icy blue eyes and his handsome olive face. She almost forgets how handsome her bae is.

She forced a bloody smile and whispered “Hi babes..”

“Neema, you are hemorrhaging. I am sorry I didn’t get to you sooner, I did my best to get to you.” Victor paused to listen to her heartbeat. It was slow, agonizingly slow.

“No shit, Sherlock..” she coughed. “I..can handle it. I just have to heal myself.”

Victor shook his head, this woman was so stubborn, so damn stubborn. “Neema, listen to me. No magic will fix this. You have been bitten and the wolf venom is running through your veins right now.”

“Then just..take me to the hospital, please.”

“Neema, listen, you have lost too much blood already. Your heart is getting weaker and weaker by the minute. You won’t make three hours. Do you understand? We don’t have a lot of time here with your life and you will turn if I don’t act fast.” Victor already knew what he needed to do but he really needed to get his stubborn lover onboard. Neema paused as she knew Victor wanted to do, but she was just afraid. Afraid of a life that is not human. She couldn’t imagine what that would be like, even though she could have a lasting life next to her soulmate. She didn’t want to lose herself, not one bit. However, she had to think fast and before the werewolf venom consumes her body and soul.

“Victor..” she began.

“I know you are terrified and you don’t have to be. I promise you won’t lose yourself. Don’t worry, about it.” he told her. “You have to trust me.”

“I’m so scared…” she choked, Neema wanted to cry, but the pain was excruciating.

“Neema, my love, do you trust me?” he asked.

Neema thought about their conversation about turning her into a vampire if need be. She reminisced of the two cuddling on his couch, drinking a bottle Merlot together along with a platter of the finest cheese and crackers. Victor held her close to his chest, loving the smell of her perfume and toying with her thick dread locs. She loved late night cuddles with him with Merlot, the two tend to finish the whole bottle in a matter of two hours then follow that with lovemaking some nights. She loved how his body felt, he was never cold but warm. Sometimes he’s cool to the touch. Neema remembered him asking her an important question while swirling his last glass of red wine.

“Let me ask you something.” he began.

“Sure” she responded.

“In a life-threatening situation, would you let me turn you?” he asked.

Neeme played with the rim of her glass with her lips, contemplating her answer “Only if my life depended on it, that’s the only exception.”

“Why are you so nervous about it?” he asked her.

Neema sighed and said “I..just don’t want to lose the human in me when I do turn into a vampire.”

Her humanity was one of the most important things she didn’t want to lose. Neema would hate to lose her sense of self; she had no idea personally what vampire life was like. Sure, she had more insight from Victor but turning into a vampire herself was a different story. However, Victor was right, she had to trust him and trust the fact she will be fine. Victor, being a half-vampire himself; understood was being human means. However, her options were extremely limited. She had to tell herself that she was going to be safe; Victor would never steer her wrong. He loved her way too much and he needed her to live.

Neema finally opened her eyes to Victor’s icy blues and finally whispered “ I trust you. Do it.”

Victor sighed in relief and nodded at her final response. He was, however, proud of her, not for her decision in becoming a vampire like he is but to finally let down her wall to fully trust him with her life. That he was grateful for. Victor caressed her arm and pulled down her sleeve to gain full access to her veins that were lowly pulsing. Victor licked his fangs as they elongated, preparing himself for her first bite. His icy gaze didn’t pull away from her deep brown eyes that he loved so much.

Neema gave him a reassuring nod and said “Just do it.”

With that said, Victor sunk his fangs into her brown flesh. Neema watched her crimson blood spill onto the grass for a moment before the pain from Victor’s venom traveled down her arm. Neema struggled to breathe as she started to hyperventilate and her body quiver.

Try to relax, your body is just reacting to both my venom and the wolf. So this is going to be a painful ride, this will take a moment.’ she heard Victor in her head.

Once Victor released her arm from his fangs, her body became a furnace! She hollered in pain as her body convulsed, as the two venoms fought against each other. Her body twitched, kicked and scratched as it tried to reject his vampire venom but horribly failed. Her brown eyes burned with amber as her fangs elongate; letting out a demonic screech. The birds that slept in the trees fearfully flew. Victor waited as his soulmate transformed into a monster; his beautiful monster. Victor smirked thinking about how more powerful Neema will become; sorcerer and a vampire that will be immune to werewolf venom. A beautiful monster that can walk in the sunlight just like he can and can cast magic; a horrific yet beautiful combination.

Once her body finally began to accept his venom and rest; she fluttered her eyes close to unconsciousness. During her metamorphosis period; she will need rest. Some people take three days of sleeping or a week. He couldn’t wait to see his dark queen awaken, renewed. He picked her up bridal style and fondly admired his new bride for a moment. ‘ Neema, you have no idea how your life is going to change and how powerful you will be.’ he thought to himself, before whisking her away into the night in his swarm of bats back to his house, where she can rest.

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