Wild Blood

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Aria's life turns upside down when she makes friends with the new boy called Xander. She gets thrown headfirst into the world of Werewolves; the shape shifter of the night. She has to make a choice wether to help the werewolves or her humanly home. Her decision may change the fate of the world for the worst.

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

My name is Aria and this is the story how I found out we are not alone in this world. And I'm not talking about aliens before you say anything. Some people are afraid of showing themselves. And this is where all secrets start: Summer - side High school. There are many people attending this ordinary school, but when new kids join the Summer - side community we all try to make friends. Well, when I say "we" I often mean some. There are around 15 bullies in my grade and only 23 of us meaning most of the "nerdy" kids have at least 2 bullies. Unfortunately, I have 3.Maybe 4 if they feel like it. I tend to get good results on my exams meaning I get lot's and lot's of unwanted bully attention.

I got on my bus and sat in my usual seat, near the driver so if anything happens I can say right away. It takes around 20 minutes to get to my school. Yay school. 6 hours of torture! As soon as I arrive, I make my way to the first lesson of the day: Science. When the bell rung to start the lesson, I turned to look out the window but a boy was in my way. I looked at him closer but I still couldn't recognise him. He had light brown hair with some faint streaks of dark blonde in his short hair. His eyes where the size of ping-pong balls and where olive-green. He also had some darker flecks of amber, brown and blue. Heterochromia... I say to myself.The teacher did the register and it soon became my turn “Here.” I said politely.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw people making fun of me but I didn't care. I just wanted the day to be over.

Strait after me it was the boy who spoke “I don't think you have called my name. I'm Xander Wild.”

The teacher gave a quick nod and said to the class “You will have 4 weeks to create something outstanding. This will be done in pairs.” As soon as this was said the teacher grabbed 2 pieces of paper from a clean glass jar and read them aloud. My name came first. “Aria, your partner for this project shall be...,” the teacher opened the piece of paper, “Xander.”

Great. I'm working with someone I don't know and im hoping that he isn't a bully. If not I'm totally screwed!

Later that day, my parents started to ask unnecessary questions about him. I don't like him if that's what they mean! We all sat at the dinner table, and I took a bite of my food. “Yum...” I muttered under my breath. Anything is better than the food at school. I mean that if it is food! It has a distinctive taste of cold porridge and glue. The custard has massive lumps in it and it's freezing cold. One day the food was so bad a young boy named Timmy had to be taken to the hospital! A few days later, the school was shut down by the government for most of the year! At 10 P.M I went to bed and started to think about what to do for the science project. In my dream, I saw butterfly's and birds. I think I'm being told what to do for my project.


I met him in the library after school, as planed. I sat at the table, often tapping my finger on the wooden desk. After what had been like an eternity he finely showed up.“You're late!” I said

“Get used to it!” Xander replied.

I rolled my eyes in both annoyance and amusement. “So, I thought we could do about evolution. Have you got any ideas on animals we could study?”

“I do actually. What about wolves?”

I may have underestimated him... I thought he was going to say "worm" but nope. While I was putting ideas in my notebook and 4 bullies came up to me and stole my pencil-case. “Hey! You give that back right now!” I yelled

“You are totally going to fail the science project!” one of them said.

Xander stood up “How much y'all wanna bet?” all 4 bullies looked at the floor. I actually didn't notice that he was so tall! He could be very intimidating. They dropped the pencil-case and ran away. I went to grab my pencil but Xander was already there. My hand was on his and we both looked into each others eyes. I looked deeper into his eyes and they were amber! How could this happen so fast? He had green before! And that wasn't the only thing that was different. His hand was way warmer than it should be and I could see his veins running up his arms much clearer.“I'm gonna go...” He said shyly

“Oh okay. See you tomorrow!”

But I was wrong. He didn't turn up. Or the next day. And near enough for the next 3 weeks. I soon started to debate whether he was real or not. I still remember the last encounter like it was yesterday. It was so fresh in my mind that I had to read 15 books just to stop thinking about him for brief moment in time. As showcase day fast approached and I was beginning to worry. I grabbed my phone from my bed-side-table and called him.

“I've got it all covered Aria. Just relax.” Xander said to me.

Before I could say anything he ended the call.

Kinda hard when he never shows up!

I woke from the dappled sunlight shining on my face. Today was the day to prove myself. As soon as I arrived at school on a warm, sunny day, I made my way to the grand hall. I saw Xander waiting for me “You're late!”

“Get used to it!” I said to him.

Xander smiled, and told me what he was doing for the last couple of weeks

“... and I made this project.” He pulled a piece of string that was attached to a machine. It then produced a holographic image.

“Where on earth did you get this? ” I said surprised

“My house.” He simply relied.

I went out of school as soon as the bell rung and I jumped for joy. Xander looked at me and then did the same. “I've got an A+” we yelled in complete unison. Some of the kids from my grade stared at us for a moment but they soon stopped. Xander's eyes turned amber again and I was getting concerned. Xander closed his eyes and put his hands over his face. It looked like he was hiding pain, and not very well. He ran to the closest forest and mysteriously jumped the 1 meter high fence and landed on the other side. I ran after him, not knowing what danger lies ahead. Because I'm smaller I could fit through a small gap in the metal fence. I was running after him and I saw something that changed my life forever...

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