Wolf City

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Luke and Natara both have been outcasted by their pack; leaving them to start over to pick up the pieces. Healing their battered wounds, the couple lean on each other and will come to terms to create a pack of their own in Manhattan. However, just the two of them still seem so damn lonely. This story will also be a short story with only a few chapters. Maybe it will become a Novella one day!

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Luke Stone curled his dark lips into a snarl as he exposed his sharp incisors. His hot tongue licked his fangs, ready to use them against the wolves that surrounded him in a circle. His sharp ears lied flat against his head as his grey fur spiked up, ready to fight. His pack had him and Natara surrounded with no way to escape. Well..it was his pack..was his family. Actually they don’t even deserve to be called family. Pissed off wasn’t even the word to describe him right now. He kept Natara close to him, defending her to the best of his ability as they pack snarled back at them. Drool dripped from their muzzles, ready to shed blood. Ready to fight.

How could you?’ Luke snarled. ’How could you do this to us? Your family?

Nothing personal, its just business.

Tossing us out is personal!’ Luke argued. ‘We are not going anywhere!’

’Lets see about that!

The brawl was on. The pack attacked the two from left and right not given them enough reaction time. Luke bit, snapped and tore flesh as much as he could to protect himself and his beloved Natara. No one was going to dig a fang at all. I will kill you all. Bloodstained the green grass the pack tussled with the two. Luke managed to clamp his jaws into one of the wolves’ throat and shake him as the wolf wailed in pain. Luke silenced him as he snapped his throat with a quick crunch. Blood dripped from his fangs as he released the carcass, he tasted the copper when he ran his tongue along his teeth. One down at least.

Natara tried her best to defend herself. She snapped her jaws at everyone. She even managed to catch one of the she-wolves off guard and snap her neck with her jaws. Slowly, she was growing tired, panting, her heart was racing. Natara wasn’t sure how long she could keep this up. Hurt. Betrayed. Angry. She felt it all. This was supposed to be her pack, her family, her home. How dare they treat her and Luke like this! Where was the honor? Where was the respect? This was unbelievable, it couldn’t be fathomed by her.

The pack tore at her; ripping her fur and digging their fangs into her flesh. They were itching to rip her apart. To banish her. Exile her. Natara hollered as the attacks became brutal. The pack gained upon her as she had to choice but to curl up in agony. All of her energy has left her. I can’t…I can’t there are too many.

Luke paused for a moment as he heard his beloved cry. The cry made his heart jump out of his chest. Only on instinct, he threw a wolf out the way with his strong jaws and rushed to her side. At this moment, Luke saw red. ’You don’t hurt my Natara!’ All needed was to be at her side. To be by her and protect her. Luke snapped at everyone until he got to her side. He stood over her and gave a loud snarl. The pack paused as they glared at them surrounding them. Luke was bleeding, beaten, exhausted but he wasn’t defeated. He wasn’t going to stop until he had his last breath.

Before the pack continued their assault, the new alpha snarled “That’s enough!”

All the wolves bowed except for Luke, he deserved no respect from him at all. The alpha, a huge dark wolf, stepped forward. His sharp yellow eyes burned into Luke unaffected by his snarling.

You two no longer have a place in this pack. Is that clear? Or do we need to teach that you through Natara.’

‘You are not touching her!’ Luke hissed.

‘Then I will need you two to be gone. You are no longer welcome.’

‘I’ll kill you..’

‘I would see you try.’ he bared his long fangs as he steps forward with authority.

’Luke…just..drop it…please.’ Natara pleaded under his protection. Luke’s snarl slowly faded into a whimper as he saw his beloved suffering in her own blood of blood.


‘I…I don’t have the energy to fight anymore…’ she cried.

The alpha snapped at everyone to leave them as he stayed behind. The pack faded away into the trees as they still glared at them. Blood thirsty. The battle was over and they lost. Luke dropped to the dirt on top of Natara, his legs were Jell-O. His tongue lolled as he wheezed for oxygen. The alpha glared at them both and told them ’I suggest you two find somewhere to live. I’m giving you 2 days to leave. If I still see you two by then…I won't be as merciful.’ With that said, he walked off leaving the two beaten and in their own blood.

After a few moments, Luke began to lick Natara’s open gashes that were oozing blood. She whimpered and cried as he desperately tried to halt her bleeding. His beloved was hurting and he hated it. ’ Everything is going to be alright..I promise you. Hang in there love.’ Natara stayed curled in a ball, that was the best she could do. ’ I am in so much pain..’ Those words cut him deeper than any wound. It infuriated him to the core. He snarled just thinking how much they hurt her.

They won't hurt you like this again. I promise you that. No one will ever hurt you Natara.’


5 years later…

Manhattan, NY

Natara’s soft cries encouraged Luke to keep going. He held her chocolate body against his possessively as he drove his dick into her in a strong steady rhythm. She kept her legs open, welcoming him into her warm wet cave. Surrendering herself to her alpha, her mate, her Luke. She arched her back, crying out as she held his caramel shoulders. Luke faced her, landing a hot kiss against her full lips. His teeth gently pulled her bottom lip while she caressed his face. Her finger traced his high cheekbones.

His amber eyes dug into her, his focus was only on her. The two didn’t care if the blinds of their studio apartment were open or if anyone were to see their lovemaking. They were so engulfed in each other, they didn’t realize the morning sun was being on their brown skin. Natara closed her eyes in pure bliss as he whispered sweet words in her ear.

“I love you.” he hissed, he wanted her to know that. No, he needed her to know that and burn that into her memory. He vowed to himself and her that he would protect her no matter what. He would give his life for her without hesitation. No one will hurt her his beloved again. No one.

I love you more.” she moaned. He loved hearing her cries. He silenced her with a hot kiss, claiming her lips as his only like any wolf would. His mate was his alone. No one will get in the way of that.

‘I’ll protect you with my life, my beloved.’ he vowed to her, which he had a thousand times by now.

I know my dearest.’ that was something she didn’t need to worry about with Lu. He has always been fiercely protective of her. She couldn’t blame him at all. But it was a sweet feeling, her love protecting her this much.

The pair climaxed shortly after one another as they intertwined fingers with each other tight. The two absorbed memories from each other as it was fast movie clips in their minds; their childhood, upbringing, pain, and the joys. Tears swelled in the eyes of each other as they felt each other become one, one wolf; one union. They became mates for life.

Luke collapsed on the bed beside her as he wiped the forehead sweat with his arm. This time around, he felt different. He could feel everything Natara was feeling as well as hear her thoughts. He held her body close to his as he silently listened to her fast heartbeat. Luke kissed her shoulder and traced his hand down the curves of her chocolate body that was tainted with her battle scars. Her scars healed but became darker than her actual skin tone. The worst one was on her back, which took the image of a spider that covered much of her left shoulder blade. He remembered this one took the longest to heal. He kissed it several times as he remembered trying to stop the bleeding after she was beaten.

“Lu, its going to be alright..” she reassured, she felt his anger boiling inside him. Every time he looked at her scars, he would get upset all over again about the night it happened. Part of him blamed himself for not getting to her fast enough.

“They ruined you, Tara.” he hissed, his eyes became stone cold.

“Lu..” she began as her big brown eyes faced him.

“I will get them for this.”

“Just let it go baby. I am alright. We managed to survive.” She reassured.

“Tara, I can’t forgive them for hurting us like this…for hurting you out of all of us. You didn’t deserve this.” he spoke with every drip of hatred.

Luke.” she silenced “Enough of this please. I know you blame yourself, you did the best that you could to protect me. So stop it.”

Luke paused for a moment, he didn’t want to upset his mate, not now. Not after she surrendered herself to him. His mate was a little different from him, she only fought when she needed to as a last resort. Luke fought all his life, especially when he was picked on as a kid. Fighting was second nature to him, it helped release some of the anger he carried. He never knew how to give up or let it go as Natara did.

Luke sighed before leaving the bed in his nakedness. The sun glossed against his caramel skin, where his scars decorated his muscles and the left side of his face.

“I need a damn cigarette.” he growled as he grabbed his pack of NewPorts, slipped on his black boxers and walked outside their balcony to smoke. He lit the white stick and took a smooth drag. He sat down on the patio chair and watched the busyness of the city below him. He watched the humans below him run around in their business outfits rushing to work. The one thing that was different from humans and his kind is that he was greatly immune to many diseases. Luke wasn’t worried about a simple cigarette giving him cancer. Natara hated the habit but it was one of the things that kept him calm beside herself and coffee.

Natara simply let him be and began her day as she stretched her body before putting one of his old white T-shirts. She shook and fluffed her messy kinky afro before walking into the kitchen to get Kerig started to make coffee. Their kitchen was tiny but she didn’t really fret about it. Their kitchen and studio apartment was enough for both of them. She pulled out the eggs and beef bacon to fry them on the stove. She looked back at Luke on the balcony for a moment, watching him taking drags of his cigarette and baking under the summer sun’s rays. He was calm now, relax. This what he would do every morning, sit outside, think and smoke. He knew better than to smoke in the apartment, it would differently upset her. He only smoked outside to keep the peace, but she had his way he would smoke all over the apartment without giving a fuck.

Though she was proud of her mate and the man that he became. She has known him since she was a preteen. He was a young kid running the streets stealing and getting in trouble with the law as a juvenile. But he always stuck to see her at home in the middle of the night, bringing her food so they could talk. He was immature then but he always had a soft spot for her and made sure she was okay. Now he grew, got a good-paying job and rented them an apartment to provide for her. He wanted to give her a sense of home without a pack of their own. She was proud of how much he grew as a man and as a wolf. However, people around him as the hard street raised thug but she saw him as her protector. And she loved him and didn’t blame him for how he is now.

“I got breakfast and coffee.” she chirped as she slides open the patio door with the tray of food in one hand. Luke gave her a simple nod as he dug his cigarette bud in the ashtray and said “Eat with me.”

Natara sat with him after she put the tray down giving him his cup of coffee and plate. She sipped her own cup and smiled “Ah, I made the coffee perfect this time. Not too sweet.”

“Thank, goodness.” Luke commented, he never liked his coffee too sweet, he preferred the bitter taste of the caffeine. “Listen, I am looking into a slightly bigger place for us.”

“hm, really? I am really beginning to like this little studio just for the two of us.” Natara commented.

“It’s alright for now but we do need something a bit bigger than this. And a bigger bathroom yea know? A nicer kitchen for you, you love to cook.” he spoke.

“Like a one-bed room?” she asked.

“Yeah something like that.”

“You are not thinking about children any time soon right?” she joshed.

Luke chuckled “Hell no, not now. I still have a business to handle before I knock your ass up.” Natara could only laugh at that but the thought of him being the father of her children was quite amusing. She wasn’t sure how he would be as a parent. Probably hard as hell..

Don’t you think you should get ready for work?” Natara asked.

Fuck…I know.” Luke sighed as he stood up with his empty plate and mug. “I need to shower first. You care to join me?”

“Lu, you are going to make yourself late if I join you.” But she was very interested in a sex shower session with her mate. Luke chucked at her amusement and said “Don’t act like you don’t to. I smell your arousal all over you.”

Natara’s act was only short-lived. She followed Luke into the hot shower, yearning to be intimate with her mate once more. The shower rained on their naked bodies as they gave into each other. Luke traced his hands over her curves as he made out with her as if he was trying to get familiar with her body again. Natara held on to his board shoulders as he carefully lifted her up, not hesitating to claim her again. He eased himself inside her and rocked himself in an out. He didn’t care if he was going to be late for work, he just wanted to make love to her one more time before he left her for the day.

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