The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 3 ~

When Nick told me what Alec planned for his father to do, I felt completely frozen; like the earth stopped spinning and time no longer moved forward. I do not know why, but I felt completely taken aback. I reckon it was because of the countless emotions that ran in my mind in that moment. I felt surprised, scared, confused, uncertain, anxious, and many more feelings that I could not identify.
I utterly lost my balance when my witch friend told me that he had discovered a way to trick the boundary spell around the territory and he and Alec tended to give it to Ethan so he could spy on the alphas.
I do not know how I did not think about the alphas, and specifically my brother, before. Although I will admit, I did not think that Stefan would need someone to control his mind in order for him to commit such an ugly thing. Still, I know that my brother has done horrible and horrifying things in the past, so I am not fooled into thinking that he is a good person.
“Enlighten me, how exactly do you plan on fooling an invincible border that the Amazonians had the witches put?” I asked Nick as I sat down on Alec’s seat behind the desk. Both of us were sitting in Alec’s office because Nick claimed that he needed to do something that no one needed to know about.
“Can you please not say it like that? It makes me feel like a deceiver.” Nick muttered as he put something that looks like soil in a ring.
“What on earth are you doing?” I looked at him as if he had just skinned himself alive.
“Well, every spell has a loophole; I had suspected that I found the loophole to the border spell for about a year now. However, today was the first time I actually got to test my theory.” He looked at the ring with a huge smile on his face.
“I am guessing your theory was proven to be true?”
“Yes, I honestly cannot believe it. However, it perfectly works to our advantage.” I could see his point; with Ethan being out there, we would have eyes on the alphas and we will see an attack before it comes. Also, if all our plans deem to be ineffective, then evacuating the territory would be our last resort.
“Are you going to tell me what is the loophole?” I bit down on my lip piercing in anticipation.
“You see this ring?” He put the ring in my face.
“Well, Ethan will be able to cross the border as long as he wears it because the soil that is inside is from the Cypress trees field. Technically he would not be leaving the territory because he has part of it with him.” He looked at me with sleep deprived eyes.
“So the spell will allow him to leave because it will mistake him with the territory’s soil?” I was not convinced.
“Yes, I had Xander try it, and he was able to cross the border.” For some reason, I felt a little uneasy; I did not like the thought of Alec leaving the territory. It felt wrong.
“And what happens if the person is outside the territory and manages to lose their ring?”
“Let us just say that it will not be pleasant; Xander almost died.” My anger abruptly peaked at that.
“What do you mean he almost died? He took off the ring?” I almost clawed Nick’s face off with my claws.
“Do not worry, he is fine now, but he refused to let his father wear that ring without knowing the consequences of taking it off.” He answered defensively.
“I have to say, it seems a little too simple, the way to trick the spell, but at the same time I would have never thought of it.” I changed the subject.
“I know what you mean. I honestly have no idea how the notion came to me. Still, I am grateful that I did, otherwise we would have limited options.” I could sense the pride and the relief in his voice.
“Did Alec recover after he returned to the territory’s land?” I could not help but be concerned for my alpha mate. If I was that worried about him without feeling the bond, then I do not know how I would have reacted if I did feel it.
“Do not worry honey, I am fine.” Alec came into the office. Both Nick and I turned around to face him.
“That was really reckless Alec.” I gave him an almost blank look.
“Well, I will leave you two to argue you in private. I left the rings on your desk.” Nick gave us a smirk before exiting the room.
“When are you going to meet up with your dad?” I asked.
“I am about to go now, I just came to get the rings.” He walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I knew that something happened between him and his parents, but I did not want to push him by asking about it.
“Are you okay?” I decided to ask without mentioning Ethan and Jocelyn.
“I am just a little on edge.”
“Do you want me to come with you to meet Ethan?” I really did not want to see Ethan; however Alec seemed to need some company.
“No it is fine. I have to face him on my own.” I understood his nervousness; from then on, everything we did would either save our pack or doom it.

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