The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 4 ~

This is your fault Accalia! I snapped at my wolf as I stared at Alec’s and I’s wet clothes.
I am sorry, but Xander said that it is not my fault!
He only said that because he did not want to hurt your feelings and he did not want you to get more nervous; you gave out us in enough trouble as it is.
She only whimpered. At that moment I did not care that my words hurt her feelings. Now, however, I realize that I was not fair. After all, the only reason she took control was because I was having a mild breakdown.
It was daytime, and Alec and I found the castle’s empty stables. It was lucid that no one had entered it in years. No horses were there, no equipment, and the twenty layers of dust covered everything. Consequently, we found a hidden spot and hid in it until it was dawn so we could go home.
Every now and then, we would hear someone walking or talking, and every time we would prepare to fight. However, despite what I expected would happen everything was going smoothly given the fact that we were stuck in an enemy’s territory. Perhaps, life was helping us out and was making up for my wolf’s stupid mistake. After all, it was a miracle that we were able to run to the stables without being heard or spotted. Although truth be told, we were so close to being caught at least four times.
We sat on the ground in a very confined space with our backs leaned on the wooden wall. The place was not pleasant, the smell was capable of making me lose all my senses, and the sun did not reach the exact spot we were in. Regardless, I was grateful that we were safe, at least in that moment.
“Is it possible that these people do not have super senses?” Alec broke the silence.
“What do you mean?” I faced his tired eyes.
“I mean that despite all the noise we have made, none of them heard us. So, perhaps Owen controlled our minds to not notice the little details that makes him different form us. I do not now I guess I am over thinking and doubting everything.” He pulled his legs towards his chest and rested his head on his knees.
“That is understandable Alec. You have been betrayed by someone you profoundly trusted; you just found out that all the moments you shared in the past were fake. So, it is okay if you feel uncertain as long as you do not allow it to drive your every move.”
“Yeah.” He mumbled as he got close to me and laid his head on my lap. After a few minutes of my fingers being buried in his black locks, he fell asleep. I, on the other hand, stayed awake despite the tiredness I felt. I did not take a chance that perhaps we would get ambushed. Therefore, I spent the entire day watching him sleep.
When the sun began to set, Alec woke up, and we made our way to the lake. However, since the sea snake was in the water, we had to wait for dawn to approach.
“All right, now is your turn.” Alec sat against a large tree and gestured for me to sit on his lap.
“It is your turn to sleep.” I wanted to object but, our enemies were stuck in the water, and I was beyond exhausted. Hence, I nodded and sat in his lap. I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Are you okay?” His fingers ran over my lip piercing. I only hummed as I closed my eyes and slowly blacked out. Even in my sleep, I could feel his fingers tracing the piercings that are in my ears.
I woke up when I heard loud splashing. Both Alec and I got up and watched as the seas snake disappeared. Alec and I looked at each other; our eyes held the certainty that the mistakes we made were just beginning to demonstrate their consequences. We waited for a few minutes before we eagerly ran to the lake and jumped in.

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