The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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“So let me get this straight, you two dragged me from the peace and quiet my mate was providing because you are so damn impatient?” I practically yell at the two idiots before me.
Let me bite their fucking heads off! Amoux fumes. I can see the images he creates of him slowly and painfully killing them.
“This is urgent Xander.” Nick says defensively.
“So is my mental health!” I snap. I know I am acting a little childish and irresponsible, but I cannot help but hold on to the day I spent with Shadow. Because of Nick and Chance, I had to carry her from the wood cave and to the bed upstairs; they literally woke me up at seven in the morning and I did not have the heart to wake her up. I guess I am just pissed that my morning did not go the way I hoped it would.
I am telling you Alex, we should claw their fucking eyes out.
Do not tempt me Amoux.
“What do you want to know Nick? I already told you all the vital parts.” I sit on the chair behind my desk.
“Are you sure you did not miss anything?”
“Yes I am sure Chance. I told you about the people in the castle, the lake in the bedrooms, the stables, and how the sea snake looks like. Sadly, with everything that went down, I did not get a chance to look at the castle’s design or anything else.”
“Well, that definitely does not make anything easier.” Nick mutters as he throws himself on the couch.
“So what happened while Shadow and I were gone?” ”You mean aside from hitting a head end on every corner?” The sarcasm in Chance’s voice is bitter.
“Please do not tell me things are that bad.” I beg.
“Well, let us see. None of us succeeded in our tasks. Every book I found in the pack’s archive that discusses the waterfall, its pages were torn apart or the words were unreadable because they were erased. I do not know how that happened, so do not bother and ask me, Chance’s research on Owen to figure out what he is hit like a twenty blocks, also, Clay claims that nothing about Owen’s behavior is suspicious; the bastard is being really careful.” I have known Nick for many years, and rarely did I see him angry, and now is one of the rare occasions.
“What about Josh and Nolan?”
“Well, the only thing different between us and the two morons is that they have become obsessed with finding answers that we did not even see them since you left.” Chance chuckles at their typical behavior. Josh and Nolan have never been the kind of people to accept failure. It often becomes super annoying, but in unusual situations it actually proves to be helpful. I cannot decide which one applies in this situation.
“So we have nothing.” I slam my fist against the desk without breaking it.
“Yeah, so what are we going to do about that Xander?” Nick demands a solution.
Xander, your presence is required in the cabin. Hope, Amara’s best friend, mind links me.
Is Amara okay? I immediately forget all about Owen and only focus on Hope’s words.
I believe you have to come here to know what is going on. She answers me before she blocks me out of her mind.
“Well, for now I want you to go help your brother. Who knows? Maybe for once luck will be on our side and you will find something.” I get off the chair and walk towards the door.
“What about me?” My beta asks me.
“You and I are going to the cabin. Hope says that I am needed there.” Chance immediately follows me without asking any further questions. After all, Amara is a sensitive subject to him as well.

“I do not know what happened; she has been like this all morning. When it got bad, I called you. I cannot calm her down.” Hope meets us at the cabin’s front door. I can hear Amara’s mumbles and pleas, but nothing she says is coherent.
“What triggered the episode?” I am impatient to go to Amara but I will not be able to calm her down.
“Well, I came to your house to tell you about it, but you were not there. I asked Nolan and he told me that you were not available at all.” Hope suddenly becomes nervous. She plays with her fingers as she looks down at her hands.
“What happened?” My anger abruptly rises; not at Hope but at myself; if I had been there then I would have been able to help Amara.
Would you stop blaming yourself for one fucking minute? The woman still did not tell you what happened, Alex!
I should have been there for her; she counts on us. It is my job to protect her.
You are right; your job is to protect her not to practically make out with the blame the second they call you to this god damn place.
I mentally huff in annoyance as my focus turns back to Hope.
“It started a few days ago. Every morning she would hold me in a tight grip and claim that there were people in the cabin the night before. At first it was one of her usual attitudes. However, she kept telling me the exact same thing for almost a week, and yesterday she freaked out and started screaming claiming that these people are out to get her. When I did not find you, I decided to stay awake last night to check it out, and she was right; a man broke into the house walked around the house and then left.”
“Did you manage to see any feature of the man’s or at least catch his scent?”
“No, I honestly was too scared to do anything that would declare that I was aware of his presence in the cabin.”
“Alright then, What did you do?” I know for a fact that there is not much she could have done without endangering Amara.
“I wanted to mind-link the warriors, but I was too busy handling a screaming Amara. I tried to mind-link you but it was like you were not even there. So, I stayed with Amara in her room until morning came and I tried to mind-link you again.”
“Alright I will go and talk to her. In the meanwhile, Chance can you stay with Hope?” My beta only nods as I walk into the cabin.
Alec, where are you? Is everything okay? I hear Shadow’s voice in my head right before I enter the room Amara is in. Therefore, I stop in my tracks.
I am at the cabin. Something came up.
All right, if you need my help, let me know.
I will honey.
Then, I enter the room.
“Hey Amara, how are you?” I walk towards her but she immediately starts to shake. Thus, I stop in my tracks.
“It is alpha Xander.” I lower my body a little as I try to catch her eyes.
“I heard that something has been bothering you. Do you want to tell me about it?” She starts mumbling to herself things about being captured again and how scared she is.
“Amara? Can you focus on me for a moment?” I resume my walking until I reach her bed where she sits against the cupboard while hugging her thick blanket tightly.
“A man… In the cabin… He walks…”
“Does he come in here?” I try to maintain my patience.
If a man even comes even near her room at night, I will fucking kill him no matter who the fuck he is. Unlike me, Amoux is impatient, which means he feels intense. Nonetheless, he manages to not demand to be let out.
“Alpha?” She finally looks my way.
“Yes Amara, it is me. Do you want to talk to me?” Like every time I saw her in the past five years, her tears make an appearance, and like always, they tear my soul apart.
“They… They are here. They found me alpha.”
“Are you scared?” She nods her head vigorously.
“Okay, I will find whoever found a way to get in here, I promise, but in the meantime what do you want me to do?” I am ready to do anything to keep her safe and make sure that she sleeps peacefully at night. However, whatever I do is her decision even though at times she can be a little off.
“I want to leave… Get me out of here.”
I definitely did not expect her to say that. Amoux is as stunned as I am. After all, the cabin has been her safe space ever since I built it for her.
“What do you mean Amara?” I know what she means but I want her to explain how she feels.
“I hear him at night… he is here so I do not want to be here. Please alpha, get me out of here… I am scared. Do not leave me here.” Despite the tears and the trepidation in her voice, her eyes have never been clearer. She knows what she wants, and she forms complete and coherent sentences.
Despite it being a good sign and a huge step of improvement, I see it as a confirmation that she truly feels threatened.
Chance, did Josh mention anything about someone entering the cabin? I am tempted to go and have a conversation with him at the front door, but I do not want to leave the room without telling Amara what I will do to keep her safe.
No, and I just mind-linked him and he confirmed that he did not sense anyone cross the border around the cabin.
Okay, thank you Chance. I quickly think about the options; and I come up with nothing. Amara has not been in danger in more than five years, so I cannot understand why she would be targeted now, and more importantly I cannot think of someone who would be able to fool Josh’s spell.
“Xander, what are you doing here?” My mother comes into the room.
”We will talk in a minute. Wait for me outside.” Lorenza shows up behind my mother as my mother gives me a disapproving look.
“Leave this room, now!” My mother gives me a growl before she leaves with Lorenza right behind her.
“Alpha? Will you get me out of here?” Amara’s shaky voice begs me to say yes.
“Yes Amara. If you do not feel safe here, then you will not stay here.”
Getting her out of the cabin is a fucking bad idea Alex!
I know that Amoux, but what am I supposed to do? This cabin is supposed to be the safest place in the territory and it has been breached!
Where are we going to take her? We cannot exactly trust just anyone with her safety!
His words give me a reckless and stupid idea, but it is the only one I have at the moment.
“How would you feel about coming with me?” I know that she will immediately accept. After all, she has always claimed that she feels the safest with me around.
“Come with you?” She whispers.
“Yeah, I want you to come and live in my house. That way you will be with Chance, Nolan and I if someone does come after you.” She nods her head for the second time, and I see the relief in her eye.
Chance, come to Amara’s room and bring Hope with you.
We are coming.
“Do you feel safer living in my house?” I just want her to say the words just so I can be assured that there is a possibility that I am doing the right thing.
“Yeah, my alpha will protect me. I know you will.” I see a hint of a smile on her face, and it brings happiness to my heart. Perhaps this crisis we face will bring back at least a piece of the person she was all these years ago.
“Is everything okay?” Hope speaks up as she and Chance enter Amara’s bedroom. She sits on Amara’s other side of the bed.
Why is the beta looking at Hope like that? I raise my eyebrows in confusion as I look between Chance and Hope. I notice that Amoux is right; Chance looks at Hope almost the same way I look at Shadow. Regardless, I decide to not ask him about it; he will come and talk to me when he is ready.
“Everything is fine, but I want you to pack yours and Amara’s things. Tomorrow morning you will move in with us until we figure out who is the person who has been sneaking into the cabin.” Hope only nods as she heads to Amara’s closet and starts to pull things out of it.
“Why not today?” Amara asks and both Chance and Hope freeze at the coherent phrase she forms.
“Because I want to prepare your rooms.” Fear returns to her eyes.
“I can stay the night with them. I can guard the cabin until you come and take them to the house.” Chance is as desperate as I am to give Amara the comfort she seeks. When I see her body slightly relax I nod.
“I am going to talk to my mother about the move.” I inform them before I turn to Amara.
“I will see you tomorrow morning, okay?” She only nods, and I get off the bed and walk out of the room to find my mother and Lorenza eavesdropping.
“What are you two doing?” I ask them once I close the door behind me.
“We… We were…” My mother tries to come up with a lie.
“Never mind. I assume you already know what will happen tomorrow morning. So, prepare yourselves to move to the house as well.”
“Why? I want to return to my house!” My mother demands.
“I can stay with her.” Lorenza offers and it is clear that what I told her before I sent her here has gotten to her head.
“No, you will be moving to the house and that is final.” I start to move away from them but my mother grabs my hand tightly, therefore, I stop in my tracks with my back still towards her.
“Xander, this is stupid and disrespectful! I said I want to go to my house, and since I am your mother you have to obey my wishes.” Her tone and childishness causes my rage to almost erupt. Nonetheless, I manage to not yell as I turn around and face her.
“I do not know if you remember but we have a traitor from an unknown species in our territory and he has the ability to control minds. I do not have time for your drama and childish demands because I have a pack to save. You claim to care about the pack’s well being and yet you are standing here wasting my time.” There are so much more things I want to say, but the hurt in her eyes tells me that I have said enough.
I say nothing more as I get out of the house and turn into my wolf to have a run. Throughout the entire run I cannot help but think how the next few weeks, or maybe months, will be torturous with all these people being in the house. Thus, I try to mentally prepare myself for what is to come.

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