The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 7 ~

The run back to the house was faster than I expected it to be. And despite Amara’s incoherent sentences that she kept murmuring the entire time, I felt tranquil. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I got the chance to hide inside my head while Accalia ran next to Alec’s wolf.
Amara, Hope, and Jocelyn, were put in the guests’ section and Nick put a cloaking spell on their scents so Owen would not know that they lived with us. The witch claimed that leaving them in the living room was risky; although I am sure he just did not want to be in the same room with Jocelyn.
Also, to Chance’s dismay, Lorenza moved back in. Thus, he claimed to be busy to avoid coming home and facing his mate.
As for me, I wanted to be away from Alec’s mother. There was something about her that put me in unease. It is more than a dislike; somehow the idea of her becoming my family does not settle well with me.
“I am going to go and check up on Joshua, he has been exhausting himself way too much in the past few days. Maybe I can convince him to take a little break.” I told Alec as we went down the stairs. Once we entered the living room, he took my hand in his while his other hand touched my chin softly to make me face his crystal blue eyes.
“Is there another reason why you are going to Josh’s house?” He gave me a knowing smile.
“I just want to stay away from here for a few hours. It feels like the tension in here is a ticking bomb. I do not want to be here when it explodes.” I wanted to tell him how badly I yearned to hide away with him from all the problems that we did not seem to know how to fix. I wanted to tell him that I yearned to go to the wooden cave in the Cypress trees field with him. However, I stayed silent because the sooner we defeated Owen and his king the sooner I can give into these things.
“Are you okay?” The concern in his eyes brought a small smile to my face.
“Yeah, I am okay.” I moved closer to him and gave his left cheek a quick peck. As I was pulling away, a letter magically appeared in Alec’s hand.
“You should go to Josh’s house.” His eyes remained focused on mine and I could see how difficult it was for him to not immediately read the paper and devour its content.
“But Alec…” I shook my head in protest, but the look he gave me made me forget my words. It was not full of anger but rather concern.
“It is obvious how bad you want to go, so go and tonight I will tell you everything about the letter, okay?” He waved the paper before me with a soft smile.
I wanted to fight with him, but a selfish part of me agreed with him; I wanted to stall, even if it was for a few hours, before I knew what bad news Ethan sent his son. Thus, I nodded, gave his cheek another kiss, and walked out of the door.
I decided to run in my wolf form to Joshua’s house since being in my fur tends to clear my head. As my paws touched the ground with every step I took, I found myself wishing Alec was running beside me. I love running with him; it gives me the kind of clarity and tranquility that running alone cannot provide.

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