The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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I am happy to inform you that we have arrived at the Red Eclipse pack’s border. Since we merely arrived about an hour ago, I do not have anything useful to report. But hopefully the next letter I send you will contain something helpful like the alphas’ plan.
I hope you are taking good care of you mother and unborn sibling. I cannot wait until I return home and have them in my arms.

“Am I the only one who is noticing and loathing the change in your parents recently? He did not even mention being worried about you or asked you how you are doing. But he cannot wait to have his mate and unborn child in his arms.” Nick’s distaste towards my mother and father is evident. I called him to my office right after Shadow left because some weak part of me did not want to open the letter alone.
You could have asked our mate to stay with you, you idiot! Amoux mutters.
She was in no mood to handle my fear and worries Amoux.
“I swear it is like one day they loved you with all their hearts, and the next they started hating you.” My witch friend throws his arms in the air in anger, but I barely hear him. I am consumed with hurt by my father’s words, and by the way my mother glared at Shadow and I. I know that I have made decisions that brought the pack into some dark times, but despite everything I believe that I am a good man because that is what they used to tell me. They used to stand by my side no matter what I have done or what mistakes I have made.
I love my parents with all my heart; they are the ones who made me the man I am today. I grew up believing that they were the greatest alpha and luna to have ever lived. I still think that, but I believe I am starting to understand that no one is a saint; everyone makes mistakes; everyone has bad qualities.
I do not know about you Alex, but I will never fucking forgive them.
They are our parents, I love them.
Alex, you can love someone and still be hurt by their actions. And you can love someone while not forgiving some of their mistakes.
I… I do not want to think about that; I do not want to consider not forgiving them. They are our parents; if it was not for them we would not be even here today.
“Xander, are you okay?” Nick’s hand on my arm brings me out of my haze.
“Yeah, I am okay. I am just glad that he and the rest of the team are okay.” I choose to pretend that I did not hear what he said.
“Alright.” He gives me a nod that indicates that he does not believe me; but he does not push the subject.
“So what are we going to do about the letter?”
“Nothing; it does not encompass any valuable information. Therefore, there is no reason to raise Owen’s suspiciousness by assembling everyone.” A tiny piece of me desires nothing more than go to my bathroom and sit in my bathtub for hours if not days, but I have to protect my pack and my people.
“Alright, I am going to put the daily dosage of the potion in the pack’s water supply since Josh does not leave his library.” Nick pats his jeans’ right pocket where I guess is the vile that contains the potion before he gives me a smirk and leaves.

I am in the backyard. I sit on the couch swing with a yellow pillow in my lap as I write in the back of my journal everything we know about Owen and his king. My journal is placed on the pillow as I write things down. When I reach number six in my list, a figure stands right before me and blocks the sun from reaching my skin. I look up to see the traitor himself standing in front of me. Within a second, I close my notebook and I nervously study the expression on his face.
“Are you okay brother? You did not even hear me approaching.” He gives me a wide smile that I now know is fabricated.
This is the first time I face him since I discovered his true color. I do not know how to act or what to say especially since I am consumed by anger.
You cannot let the fucking traitor figure out that you know about his treachery.
I know Amoux.
“I am fine, I just… I cannot get the warriors’ murder out of my mind.” It is not exactly a lie since Brook’s endless studying of the corpses has been fruitless.
“Yeah, the whole situation is so damn perplexing.” He huffs. I have to pull my hands into fists to prevent myself from punching him. It also takes every ounce of will power that I have to not show how I truly feel on my face.
“Yeah.” I am scared to say anything more.
“I debated if I should mind-link you, but I figured that I should ask you in person.” He leans on the swing’s side.
“What is it?”
Do you think he already found out about us moving Amara?
I do not know Alex. I feel like nothing is certain these days.
“I was patrolling near your parents’ house. I went to say hello, but no one answered. So, I tried to mind-link them, your father was unreachable and your mother just blocked me. I want to make sure they are okay.” I look at him, and I wonder how I never noticed before that wicked glow in his eyes. He looks like how I imagined the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood” to look like when I was a kid.
I know for a fact that he knows that we know that someone is betraying us. I also know that he is getting desperate to get any kind of information since he no longer can penetrate anyone’s mind.
I do not know what to say; and I can feel myself starting to get nervous as he watches my every move.
“I frankly do not know; we have not been on good terms lately since they intend for my unborn sibling to take my place as alpha.” I want to slam my hand on my mouth the second the words escape my mouth.
You bloody idiot! Amoux snaps at me.
What do I do? My entire body starts to shake as I watch Owen’s eyes glow at the information I stupidly provided him.
Get out of here you fucking idiot before you say anything else you are not supposed to share!
I pretend to be mind-linking someone before I turn my attention back to him. I know that there is a chance that he might not believe my act especially with the visible sweat on my forehead, but I just have to believe that luck is on my side, at least now.
“I have to go and find Shadow.” I do not bother giving an explanation because I am afraid of slipping up for a second time. I get off the couch swing and hug my journal close to my chest as I wait for him to get the hint; I want him to leave. I do not feel comfortable with leaving him here with both Amara and my mother in the house.
Owen walks by my side as I pass the flowers in the backyard. I notice him giving my journal a second glance, and I know that he yearns to get his hands on it. Hence, my hold on it tightens. No one, not even Shadow, has ever read any of my journals; I will die before I allow Owen to even touch its cover.
“I am going to go and check on Clay, he has been adjusting pretty well actually. His former pack has lost a powerful warrior.” He says as we get further away from the house.
I watch Owen’s figure as he slowly walks away from me. The training grounds, where I know Clay is, are at least two kilometers away from here. This is the first time ever that I question why he does not turn into his wolf. That only makes me question how deep his mind control has been before we started taking the potion.
Once he disappears out of sight, I run in my human form towards Josh’s house. I believe I just made a huge mistake; one that could cost my people their lives.

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