The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 11 ~

The calm was done and Owen had made his move. I honestly do not remember most of the events of that afternoon; most of it is a blur. What I do remember is that after Alec mind-linked everyone to ask them about Nolan’s whereabouts, they all came to the house within a few minutes.
Different from all the times we gathered before, we sat in the basement. Confusion, worry, and anger filled the room as Alec told them about our encounter with Owen in the office.
After about two hours of both Nick and Joshua doing countless of locater spells attempting to determine where the Gamma was, they declared him missing.
“Owen must have kidnapped him.” Lorenza said, and as much as I did not like her, I could not help but agree with her assumption. After all, that was the only explanation that made sense. Frankly, I do not know how we did not link Nolan’s eccentric behavior to Owen. He had proven that every dilemma we faced ever since I arrived at the Open Wound pack had been his doing.
“So, what are we going to do?” Joshua kept his eyes on Chance who had tears in his eyes. I suspect the only thing that prevented him from letting them run down his cheeks was his beta pride.
“I know it will most likely prove to be useless, but I feel like we should search for him across the entire territory.” Alec kept rubbing his eyes as Amoux kept fighting for control; at least that is what it seemed like.
With all due respect alpha, but like you said, this will only waste our time. Clay looked over the territory’s map that was on the table in the middle of the basement.
“I know, but none of us will be able to sit and wait while I write to my father to see if there is anything on his end that could help us. Also, I want to prepare the pack for the bad things that are about to come. I do not want to surprise them with such problems all at once. Hence, we will start with Nolan’s disappearance, and soon we will tell them about everything else.” I had never seen him be this calculating before. It felt like he was even over thinking every word he spoke.
“Do you really think your father will have valid information?” Brook doubtfully asked.
“I do not know. But if it turns out that he could not find anything, then I will tell him to return home. I have a feeling that we will need him, along with everyone with him, here. One cannot guess what Owen has planned for us.” I cannot remember his expression, or the clothes he was wearing, or what was even in the basement, except for the table and the map. My mind was overwhelmed to take in anything else.
However, I do remember the fear that I smelt off of everyone around me, and I could tell that that was the point where everything would change. The quiet was gradually being replaced by chaos. And chaos can be deadly; if it drags a person, it can bring them to their doom. Only in this situation, it is not only our lives that are on the line, but every person who is a part of our pack.

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