The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 12 ~

At about three in the morning, I decided that I should go and look for Alec. He told me that he and Joshua would join the search soon. However, that had been almost three hours ago.
I knew that he was safe, but I still felt like I should check and see what he had been doing. After all, we all knew that the search was a way to keep everyone busy, and if the alpha of the pack was doing something else rather than join the pack in the search, then I was certain that he was doing something way more important, and I wanted to help him.
The alpha is in his office along with Josh. Go, I will tell you if anything happens here. Clay gave me a knowing look.
“I love you so much.” I murmured as I hugged him. A few seconds later, I took off running towards the house. I ran as fast as I could to avoid getting stopped by any pack members. It is not that I did not want to talk to them, but I could not bear lying to them about the details of Nolan’s disappearance and the threat we were facing.
That had made me realize how much this pack had changed things for me; it was starting to turn me into a person who is closer to the person I was before Diamanda died. I was starting to show my caring and vulnerable side to the strangers that live in the Open Wound territory, I even felt comfortable and safe to do so. Perhaps it was because I knew that they are not the kind of people to judge others based on their looks or attitudes; which is something I love dearly about them. Hence, I did not mind how it was changing me; if anything I welcomed it.
I could tell that Alec sensed and smelled me before he saw me as I walked through the hallways towards his office. Before I opened the door, I made sure that Jocelyn was not inside. When I did not smell nor hear her, I opened the door to find both men standing before the desk while looking over a piece of paper.
“I was about to mind-link you right after we send this letter to my father.” Alec looked up at me with a forced smile.
When Joshua grabbed the paper and started to chant weird words after crumbling the paper, I walked to Alec.
He seems tense. I told Accalia when I noticed that she was strangely quiet. However, she did not reply, therefore I decided to leave her be.
“Before you ask, my father had news. You see, your brother…” As he talked, I could tell that he was waiting for me to be surprised or betrayed by Stefan’s reaction even though he knows what he did to Diamanda. However, I was not even taken aback by what he said. As for feeling betrayed, I had stopped expecting my brother to stand by me years ago; I knew exactly how he felt about me, and the feeling was mutual.
“…So, I wrote a letter telling him all the crazy things that has happened these past few days.” He huffed in frustration. I could see the anger in his eyes and body language; he hated doing nothing. Despite the façade, I saw the tight leash he had on himself; he was furious, and he wanted to act sooner than later. Thankfully, his mind seemed to have control over his emotions even though his eyes kept turning black every few minutes.
“It is done; Ethan should receive it within the next few minutes.” Joshua declared and immediately raced to the door.
“I am going to go help with the search.’ He did not even look back at either one of us as he left the room.
“Is he…”
“He is fine; although I think it is better if we give him some space.” Alec stared at the door with pain in his eyes.
“Hey, we will find him.” I grabbed his larger hands in mine ignoring how he winced at the coldness of my rings.
“That is what I told Josh a few hours ago. The thing is, I do not know if I believe it.” He let go of my hands and walked to the window. Countless negative emotions intertwined with his scent, but I did not know what to say to make them go away. After all, I know how it feels like to not know whether someone you truly care about is okay or not; if they are alive or not. I know what a situation like that can do to a person, and how it can change you if it goes the path you do not want it to.
The memories that accompanied these thoughts caused my anxiety to spike. However, I willed myself to push it to the back of my mind.
I slowly took steps towards Alec until I was hugging him from behind. His body immediately relaxed, and even though I was glad for it, I cannot lie to myself and say I hugged him for him. That hug was for me; to help me maintain my nervousness. Regardless, the way both of us calmed down in each others’ embrace made me hope that perhaps the future was not as gloomy and destructive as it promised to be.

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