The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 14 ~

It was like the press of a button. One moment Alec was okay, and the second his eyes turned pitch black and Amoux was in control. He took a threatening step towards Owen with a loud growl.
Immediately, Owen’s mind broke free from the spell. He pulled his head away from Joshua’s hands.
“What the hell did you do to me?” Owen hissed as Nick stopped chanting, watched as his brother stepped out of the circle, and then resumed chanting.
“Is this one of your pathetic attempts to save that stupid woman you are obsessed with protecting? I am surprised Shadow does not feel jealous.” Owen chuckled darkly. Amoux growled and threw himself against the invisible barrier Nick was keeping up.
As he continuously punched the wall, I went to him, grabbed his arms, and made him face me. I could see the buildup anger and hurt in his eyes . Owen had revealed more than any of us thought he would. And what he revealed turned out to be deeper than we thought it would be. Hence, I understood him lashing out.
It took some effort, but I managed to pull him out of the attic and out of the house.
“Amoux you need to calm down.” I told him as he leaned against a tree. I put my hands on his shoulders as he panted from the anger.
He looked up into my eyes as he tried to maintain his ire. His hands held on to my elbows as he growled every few seconds.
“Did you not hear what the traitor said? He played us, and he has been playing us for years. How could I be so blind and stupid?”
“He is the reason my pack is detained, he is the reason my pack lost its good name and reputation, he is the reason I became the notorious alpha. The bastard ruined my name and my pack’s name in history. Nothing we do will ever fix what he has done.”
“Amoux, killing him is not the answer.”
“I do not want to kill him. I want to punish him so he can understand how much he hurt me.” I had never seen him this hurt; his anger was derived from feeling betrayed.
Let me calm him down. Accalia pleaded even though she was livid herself. At first, I wanted to decline. However, when I thought it through, I figured it was not a bad idea. After all, both my wolf and Alec’s needed some comfort, and it was obvious that Amoux was not comforted by my presence.
Alright, but promise me…
I promise I will not be out of line.
Thank you, Accalia.
And I let her take control.
“Hello Amoux.” Her voice was almost unrecognizable; she never used that tone with me, or with anyone for that matter. To be honest, it still surprises me a little since neither of us feel the bond. However, I do not ask her about it considering how I feel towards Alec.
It took Amoux almost a minute to comprehend what happened. And immediately, his black eyes got a little clearer as his emotions settled down a bit.
“Accalia.” He whispered.
“I have been waiting for some time to meet you.” She offered him a soft smile. I could sense how much she wanted to say or do something more, but she wanted to keep her promise to me and she wanted to show me that I could trust her.
Before I can tell her to do whatever she desired, Amoux pulled her into a hug. He nestled his face in her neck and inhaled her scent. While both of them calmed down and relaxed in each other’s embrace, Amoux’s anger utterly vanished as soon as Accalia hugged him back. A sign that he felt the bond.
A bitter part of me wished Accalia and I felt it too. The fact that my wolf had the same wish as well made me feel bothered and upset at the universe.
Still, Amoux’s happiness and relieve at finally meeting Accalia made me feel satisfied enough. A few minutes later, Amoux pulled away from Accalia, and kissed her lips.
It hit me like a hurricane, the joy Accalia felt as she kissed him back. It made me wonder how I would have felt like if I could feel the bond. For the first time ever, I allowed Accalia to do whatever she desired as she pulled Amoux closer because I did not reckon I had the right to take that away from her.

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