The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 15 ~

The sight of a weeping Alec felt wrong in every way. I wanted to keep my arms around him and comfort him, but he desired to stay with Chance, Joshua, and Nick. So, I respected his wishes.
The mental howl Chance sent down the pack’s min-link did not make anything better. Within minutes, wolves ran together throughout the territory as they howled in grief at the loss they just suffered.
I wanted to join them, but it felt like it would be disrespectful to do so. After all, I did not know her as well as the rest of the pack did. I did not feel like I should be there even though I am now one of them, and they do somewhat like me. Therefore, I joined Clay in the flower field where no one ever runs in fear of destroying the flowers. He sat on the grass by the yellow flowers with his gaze as distant as it could be.
“For the first time since I got here, I feel exactly like I did back at the Red Eclipse pack.” I said in a way of greeting after I sat next to him.
Seeing the alpha cry like he did reminded me of Diamanda’s death. I cannot get the image of her dying in my arms out of my mind. He clenched his jaw as he hugged his legs to his chest.
He growled lowly as his eyes started to turn black. I could see how Clay and his wolf, Zen fought for control. His eyes said it all; how vividly he remembered that day. And that along with Amara’s death caused my tears to emerge.
Immediately, Clay turned to me and his eyes cleared. I got off the ground, sat on my knees behind my best friend, and hugged him while resting my head on his; pressing my right cheek on his hair. “I wish I can tell you something to comfort you, but I frankly cannot think of anything to say.” I said as I hugged him more tightly.
“We will get revenge for Amara; Alec will make sure of it. And one day… I promise you, I promise you we will make Stefan pay for what he did to Diamanda the same way my father and uncle paid.”
Death would be too kind for Owen and his king, Stefan too.
“Then we will not kill them, we will punish them with a fate worse than death.” Something in me told me that my words were not an empty promise; mainly because I will make sure that they are not.
Although I know that punishing Owen and the encantado king is Alec’s right, I will be the one to handle my brother. After all, he is the main villain in my story. Owen is Alec’s.
What do you think he is planning? Clay asked me.
“I do not know. But whatever it is, I am sure that my brother wants me dead, maybe you as well.”
I will kill him if he even looks at you. He growled.
As if on cue, magical wind started blowing away everything in its way, including us. And I knew without a doubt that the reason behind it was Nick. It was like his magic showed how the world was mourning the loss of Amara; and how it should be with her being gone.

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