The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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If you are going to do it, then for fuck’s sake do it. If not, then walk away you idiot! Amoux growls in my head as I clench and unclench my hands.
I am just not sure if I should knock. I reply defensively.
Alex, you are the one who said that you have to make things right with them. So man the fuck up and knock the damn door. My wolf hisses at me.
I know that Amoux, but something tells me that I should not knock. I might be ready to talk to them, but perhaps they are still angry for all the things I did to them.
Whether they are ready or not, whether they forgive you or not, at least you will know that you tried; that you did what you were supposed to do.
You are right.
I take a deep breath as I prepare myself to knock on my parents’ door. However, I hear my mother’s voice before I get the chance.
“I do not think I have ever been this happy in my life.” She giggles happily. I hear the traces of elation in her tone, and I wonder the reason behind that. Thus, I refrain from touching the door’s wood.
“Me too Jocelyn. If our unborn child is a boy, then he can replace Xander as alpha.” My father replies. Pain makes its way to my heart as tears threaten to fall down my cheeks. I have always known that my parents have a dislike towards my anger issues and my personality. Nonetheless, I never thought they would ever say such things.
Go to the kitchen’s window. I reckon they are either there or the living room. Either way, you will be able to see them through it. I do as Amoux suggests with heavy legs. I feel betrayed by my own blood. If my own parents have such thoughts and opinions about me, then what do others in the pack think?
I push that thought to the back of my head as I stand before the window and watch my parents through its glass. The content looks on their faces break my heart even more.
“We should have never allowed him to become an alpha; ever since he took the title, the pack has fallen.” My father crunches his nose in disgust.
“I know darling. We were lucky that our plan worked. If I did not get pregnant, then we would not have someone to replace that demonic son of ours.” I try to calm myself, but I boil with rage. What surprises me is the fact that for the first time ever I am completely furious while Amoux is utterly tranquil. It is like he expected an act like this from our parents, while I clung to the hope that perhaps one day they will change.
When I realize how foolish I was, I let out a deafening growl. Thus, my parents know that I stand right outside their house. My mother starts walking towards the window. I try to turn, but Amoux does not cooperate with me.
Why are you not taking over? I ask my wolf as I give my mother a glare.
You need to calm down Alex.
I will if you take over.
I hiss at Amoux as my mother almost reaches the window.
If I turn, I am in control.
That is fine with me I need some time to think anyway.
As my mother open the window, I turn into my black wolf. I slowly pull myself to the back of my head and allow Amoux to take control. He gives my parents’ house his back and runs towards the Cypress trees field.

Amoux has been running for hours, from the Cypress trees field, to the flowers field, and then to the woods at the east border. He is not angry; in fact he rather enjoys exploring our territory with an almost clear mind. I, on the other hand, calmed down about an hour after I turned. Still, I did not want to rip him from the joy he usually does not get the chance to have. Hence, I stayed in the tiny corner of my mind while I allowed him to enjoy his time.
I know what you are doing, you know. Amoux breaks the peaceful silence.
I have no idea what you are talking about. I cannot help but smile at the playful growl he gives me.
Still, thank you. I have not run through our grounds like that in years.
You are very welcome.
The second Amoux stops by the border to rest for a little while, Shadow mind-links us.
Alec, are you free right now?
Yes, is everything okay?
Can you meet me in the house in five minutes?
Of course. But I am by the east border; it will take me about thirty minutes to arrive at the house. Maybe more.
Okay, mind-link me when you are close.
Alright honey.
She closes the mind-link as Amoux starts to run to our house.
Do you think something is wrong? My wolf asks me worriedly as he runs as fast as he can. For the past few weeks, he has been extremely possessive over her. However, to my pleasure, he has been keeping his possessiveness to himself; he did not act the way male wolves in our nation normally do. I keep thanking God for that; I refuse to be like Shadow’s brother or former alpha. I am not better than they are, but I am certainly better than this kind of behavior; and Shadow deserves better than this kind of treatment.
I have no idea Amoux, her voice sounded a little unsettled.
I noticed that too.
After that neither of us say anything as we run under the sky that slowly turns dark.

I arrive at my backyard and turn into my human form. Based on the voices that come from inside the house, I know Shadow has not arrived yet even though I mind-linked her ten minutes ago, and everyone is in the living room. Thus, I make my way to the back door and enter the house.
Once I am in my room, I enter the closet and grab a shirt and some jeans. I return to the room and I put the clothes on as I listen to the conversation that happens in the living room.
I take a look around the room; it has changed a lot since Shadow moved into it. My favorite thing is the fact that the room has both of our scents now. Also, the room is the messiest it has ever been. Unlike me, Shadow is a messy and an unorganized person. Her clothes cover both the bed and the floor. However, I do not mind, as long as she is here with me.
“Xander, are you here?” Chance screams from downstairs. He must have either heard me walk up the stairs or smelt my scent.
“Yes, I will be down in a minute.” I reply. I go to the bathroom, wash my face, dry it, and then head to the living room.
“Where have you been?” Nolan asks me once I enter the room. He sits on the couch next to Owen. Opposite to them sits Chance with Lorenza clinging to him. While Brook stands by the book shelf.
“I was having a run. Has Shadow arrived yet?” I sit on the couch’s hand next to Owen.
“No, she has not. Is everything okay?” Owen puts his hand on my shoulder. Before I have the chance to answer, my mate along with the witch brothers emerge. Shadow is about to say something once she stands in the middle of the room, but when her eyes land on Owen, she closes her mouth.
I want to ask her about her eccentric behavior, but Josh stops me with a shake of his head. I can tell that something is wrong, and that the three of them do not want Owen to know about it.
What the fuck are they up to Alex?
I do not know, but I am going to find out.
“Owen, I was by the east border about thirty minutes ago, and I did not see anyone from the wolves that are on patrol.” I say the first thing that comes to my mind.
“That is not possible Xander, twelve wolves should be patrolling in the east border.” Owen gives me a puzzled look.
“Do you mind going to check it out? I do not want to take any chances especially since we are nowhere in solving the warriors’ murders.” Owen is my friend, and I trust him, but if my mate does not want him to hear what she has to say, then I am willing to get him out of the house so I can know what goes through her mind.
“Of course.” The head warrior gives me a nod and gets off the couch.
“And please give me an update once you find out why the border is empty.” I request as he makes his way out of the door.
“Of course alpha.” He touches his hat and gives me a bow with a smirk. Chance chuckles at his actions. Just as Owen is about to leave, he turns around to face me.
“I almost forgot. What do you want me to do with the warriors’ bodies? They cannot remain in the freezer forever.” His words confuse me; we cannot do anything to the bodies before we find out how and who killed them.
“Actually he already had me and Josh dispose of the bodies.” Nick answers for me.
We did no such thing.
I know Amoux. They are up to something, but what is it?
I am uncomfortable by the why they are acting.
And why the fuck did they just lie?
I guess we are about to find out.
“Alright.” Owen gives me a nod before he leaves. Everyone in the room gives Shadow, Nick, and Josh weird looks.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” Lorenza glares at them. My mate ignores her and directs her attention at me.
“Alec, you will not believe what happened last night. I wanted to take a swim in the waterfall’s lake…” She tells me the events that occurred the night before. If she was not my mate, then I would have not believed her; I would not have let her finish even. Regardless, Nick and Josh’s faces tell me that they are certain that Shadow’s words are utterly possible.
“Do you have the letter with you?” I do not recognize my own voice.
“Yes.” She hands me an envelope. I open it with shaky hands because I know that no matter what happens, what is in the letter will change everything around here. Perhaps it is the beginning of the storm all of us have been anticipating.

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