The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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~ 1~

I do not know why no one, especially Alec, did not wonder where I was all night. I want to say that Owen is behind that, but he was in the lake swimming before me all night.
When I came out of the lake, the first thing I did was make sure that Owen was nowhere to be found. The second thing I did was make sure that the letter was intact in my inner pocket. I looked around the waterfall to make sure that I was indeed in the Open Wound pack; when the sound of the water falling into the lake gave me an answer, I sighed and ran in my human form to Joshua’s house despite being soaked.
I wanted to go to either Alec or Clay, but I could not go to them since they knew nothing about Owen’s treachery. Thus, my only option was Nick and Joshua. It is not like I do not trust the Fairchild brothers, but ever since the three of us started doubting the head warrior’s intentions towards the pack, I had been a little detached from Clay and Alec.
When I reached the front door, I decided to knock on it rather than barge in. When Joshua opened the door, he gave me a raised eyebrow.
“Since when do you knock? And why on earth are you wet?” The witch waved his hand and in less than a second every part of my body dried. Then, he opened the door ajar to allow me to enter the house.
“That is not important. Here is what is, I finally figured out Owen’s secret, well part of it at least. And I think I have proof to give to Alec.”
“Just in time; the white Bean Soup with Sausage and Kale is almost done.” Nick screamed from the kitchen.
I told them about the terrifying experience I went through not even an hour before as we sat around the kitchen table and ate the delicious food Nick had made. I tried to be as specific as I could in order to help them understand why I was so freaked out.
“A sea snake? How in the world is that possible?” Nick has always been a nervous eater. Thus, he ate three plates the more I proceeded with the story.
“As much as I would love to bury myself in my books to find an answer to that particular question, I am afraid we must tend to a more concerning matter.” Joshua finished his plate before he got off his chair.
“You mean the warriors?” My eyes followed his movement.
“I reckon we should go hide their bodies and then take Owen’s letter to Xander.” Joshua went to the shoe closet by his front door and returned to the kitchen with his boots in hand.
“Are we going to take the letter to him without even reading it?” Nick collected the plates off of the table and put them in the sink.
“Yes, he should be the one who reads it in front of the rest of the close circle. Then, I will mind-link Alec and ask him to meet us in the house so we can discuss this mess.” I replied as I opened the fridge and pulled a bottle of water out.
“I agree.” Joshua gave me a nod of approval.
“Alright. Then how are we going to hide the bodies? And where are we going to hide them? Need I remind you that they need to remain frozen otherwise their remains will decay.” Nick started washing the plates and put them in the dishwasher.
“I was about to ask that.” I mumbled under my breath.
“I doubt there is a place that the head warrior does not know.” I looked between the two witches.
“Actually there is one place that only the witches know.” The brothers gave each other an understanding look.
“What am I missing exactly?”
“There is a garden in the territory. No one but the alpha and the witches of the pack are allowed in it. There we grow all our herbs and plants that we usually need for spells. Under it there is a secret room that only the two of us know about since Josh is the head of the witches in the pack.”
“So you want to hide the bodies there?”
“We can perform a spell to decrease the room’s temperature, and hide the bodies there until we find out what our next move is.” Joshua tied his boots and got up as Nick put the last plate in the dishwasher.
“That is assuming Alec takes the news well.” I muttered as Nick and I followed Joshua out of the house.
As we walked towards the morgue, I could not help but feel a little relieved that all the lies were about to be revealed. I desperately wanted to have a profound talk with Alec and eat gummy candy with Clay.
Still, I knew that what was about to take place would change everything, and that it would be the beginning of the storm all of us had been anticipating.

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