The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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My dear king,
I realize that my last letter was a little too general. Therefore, I will try to be as specific as I can in this one. But first, I would like to apologize for not writing to you in two weeks; I have been doing my best to guarantee that the plan is not postponed. However, I do realize that I owe you an update.
I believe I should begin with the good news. The alpha and his circle met a dead-end every time they attempted to comprehend and solve the warriors’ murder. They are utterly clueless to the fact that I am the one who killed them; I just have to convince the alpha to allow me to get rid of the bodies. I do not want to take any chances; we cannot risk them finding out about who we are or about our abilities. Unfortunately, it will take me a while to bend him since I can no longer control his thoughts. Whatever they did to block me out of their minds, I cannot trick or stop it. Luckily, I am still able to control the rest of the pack like I did when the alpha killed the doctor. However, I fear that the circle will find a way to somehow protect the minds of the rest of the pack. If that were to happen, then I will not be able to prevent catastrophes from happening. After all, the only thing that prevented the pack and the doctor’s family from going for his head is the grip I had, and still have, on their minds.
Also, the fact that the future luna’s wolf is still awake and healthy does not help us. The alpha’s mark somehow cured her from the effects of the mind control. Regardless, I do not want you to stress, she still has not marked the alpha, and I will make sure it stays that way. I will even kill her if I have to. Although I reckon I will do that for the sole reason to satisfy my wrath. Ever since she arrived, things have been changing; she is a threat to our people and their fate. Hence, I ask for your permission to eliminate her.
As for the other alphas, they still blame Alexander Cresswell for the murders that still occur. As expected, no one knows that we are the ones responsible for the deaths and the chaos that is happening in the werewolf community. In addition, the circle still has no idea that I am the one who attacked the gamma and killed the old lady. As far as I know, they are not even investigating the attack and the murder. There is a good chance that they are unaware that they are connected to the warriors’ demise and their minds being controlled.
Once you give me the order, I will once again control the alphas’ minds. The first time we made them believe that Alexander Cresswell is the one killing their people. However since that plan did not work; the future luna saved the pack, I believe we should execute our new plan as soon as possible to avoid any complications or obstacles.
I will be patiently waiting for your reply to know what I should do next. Please send my regards to the little prince, and tell him that I cannot wait to see him again. I hope you are all well and healthy. I miss you and our home dearly.
your loyal nephew

“This is Owen’s handwriting.” I crumble the paper my hand. Owen is my friend, my family, and part of me refuses to believe that he is capable of such a thing; of such betrayal.
“I cannot believe this.” Chance mutters as he rubs his face with his hands. I see his eyes turn a little darker; Mal fights him for control, both of them feel played. As I look around the room, I notice that they are not the only ones. Everyone here feels deceived. Regardless, there is still a part of me that does not believe it; Owen is my friend, I have known him for six years.
You cannot ignore the signs Alex.
I know Amoux, but if the people who are the closest to us betray us, then who in the world are we supposed to trust?
I do not know, but we will figure it out together.
My wolf comforts me although I sense his sadness and uncertainty.
“Are we seriously going to believe her? She is an outsider; she is not one of us! It is obvious what she is trying to so; she wants us to turn on each other!” Lorenza points an accusing finger at Shadow. Hence, Clay, who arrived seconds before I read the letter, growls at her.
“Lorenza, this is not the time for your attitude.” Chance grits his teeth at her.
“I am the female beta, I deserve to have a say on how we handle this situation.” She puts her hands on her hips as she smirks; she believes she has won the argument.
I really wish I can fucking kill her. Amoux growls. He never liked our beta’s mate; no one does. However, as long as Chance does not find a way to finally make her understand that he does not want her, there is little we can do about her presence.
“Actually, the last time I checked you do not bear Chance’s mark. Therefore you are no female beta.” Josh has never been a mean or rude person, but even he cannot maintain his filter when he is around her. At times, I am convinced that he hates even the mention of her name. Lorenza gives him a low growl but remains silent. She clings to Chance even more as she pouts.
“Here is what I do not get.” I change the subject; we have more important things to discuss.
“Owen has been in our pack for six years, and he has been the head warrior for five. There is no way he woke up one day and decided to do what he is doing.”
“His king and uncle, whoever he is sent him here.” Brook talks for the first time as she stares into the distance.
“Which means he and his king have been planning this for a really long time. The question is what other horrible things did he do in the six years he has been here?” Nolan says, although I can see he has a hard time believing the letter’s content.
“Hold on, please tell me I am not the one who is a little taken aback by this whole thing.” I yell in frustration, I cannot think straight; I am overwhelmed with shock and sadness. All these years I have believed that Owen and I were friends, but now I know that not a single moment in our friendship was true. I am hurt.
“We all are Xander, but like you said Owen has been here spying on the pack for six years which means his plan was made before that.” Nick gives me a sympathetic look.
“We have to overlook our emotions and focus on protecting ourselves and the pack.” Chance huffs as he tries to pull away from Lorenza.
We have to act fast or we will lose everything. Clay says through the mind-link.
“Do you have any ideas?” Brook asks the mute werewolf.
Well, for a start we can put the potion in the pack’s water supply. In the letter, he mentioned that while he cannot control us he can control others in the territory. So, if we limit his options and abilities, it might give us some time to come up with a workable plan. As each day passes, I see why Clay was the head warrior in his former pack. He is smart and tends to come with ideas rather quickly.
“That is brilliant. I will put a vile every day just to be on the safe side.” Josh gives Clay an approving nod.
“Like Clay said we need to gain as much time as we can. As of right now, Owen and his king have no idea that we know that Owen is no friend to us. We need to make them continue to believe that.” I go over our options, and I cannot believe I am about to say my insane notion.
“It is quite lucid that this letter is not the first that Owen has written to his king over the years. Thus, if the king does not receive it, he will know that something is wrong. We cannot allow that to happen.”
“Wait, are you actually saying…” Chance’s voice trails off when his eyes meet mine and he receives his answer.
“Xander, I think Owen is still controlling your mind.” Nolan gives me an edgy look.
“Just think about it, we have to return the letter where Owen left it. Otherwise they will question where it went.” I try to reason with them.
You fucking lost your mind Alex.
You know I am right Amoux!
I know, but that does not mean that I like your idea.
Well if you have a better one I am willing to hear it.
My wolf only growls.
“As much as this idea is stupid, it is also logical.” Nick agrees with me.
“I do not like this.” Brook gives me a worried look. She has always been quiet and distant, but I know that she cares about me and everyone else in the room. After all, She, Chance, Nolan, Josh, Nick, and I grew up together. We are a family, and as the years passed, our family expanded.
“Me neither.” Chance agrees with his sister.
“What you think Shadow?” I turn to my mate who remains quiet as she stares at the wall before her.
“I will return the letter. I am the one who brought it here so it is only fitting that I return it.” Her tone does not allow me to argue.
I do not like the idea of her going to an enemy land alone. Especially since we know nothing about that land.
I agree.
You are the one who is a feminist Alex, so what do you suggest we do? I cannot imagine you will just stay fucking quiet.
I think we should go with her.
I like this idea.
My wolf approves.
It is too dangerous Shadow! Clay hisses at her.
“I know that, but I am the only one who has been there, and I am the only one who knows exactly where and how Owen left the letter.”
“I hate to say this, but she has a pint.” Nick gives Clay a sad look.
“I am going with you. I need to see it myself in order to properly register all this madness.” To my surprise she does not object or yell at me. She only gives me a nod and a smile.
“So when will you return the damn thing?” Nolan points at the crumbled paper that contains Owen’s handwriting.
“Tonight, we cannot risk waiting. If we wait longer, then returning it could be pointless.” Brook says thoughtfully.
“However, you have to be careful to go in before Owen and leave after him without him realizing it.” She continues.
“You are right. And of course it goes without saying that what we talked about in here remains between us for now at least. If we tell the pack, there is a chance that word will reach Owen. I hate to hide things from the pack, but their safety comes before everything else.” Everyone but Shadow bows to me as they guarantee that they will fulfill their alpha’s order.
“And your parents?” Josh asks.
“I do not want them to know about any of this.”
“They can help us Xander.” Nolan gives me a look that begs me to reconsider.
“I know, but it is not the time to tell them yet.” I do not change my mind simply because I have another problem on my mind, and my father is the only one who can solve it.
“Where did you put the bodies?” Brook asks the Fairchild brothers.
“In the witches’ garden why?” Josh gives her a raised eyebrow.
“I want to examine the bodies one more time. What Owen said in the letter, they died because of a magical ability he has. If I understand how precisely they drew their last breaths, maybe it will help clear things up. I wish we did not cremate Caroline’s body, because I am certain that she is the woman he talked about. However, since there is nothing to do about that, I will focus my energy on the warriors’ corpses.” She explains and I mentally slap myself. If I was not so eager to keep Caroline’s death a secret, then we would still have her body to examine.
“How did you put them in the garden? Any witch will be able to see them!” Lorenza gives them a perplexed look.
“You will not be able to get into the garden since you are not a witch.” Nick tells Brook and ignores Lorenza.
“Well, I was able to get into the garden because of the necklace you gave me.” Shadow touches the jewelry that is around her neck.
“You are right.” Josh gives her a smirk before turning to Brook.
“Give me one of your rings.” She obliges. Once the ring is in his hands, he chants a spell before returning it to her.
“I put some of my magic in the ring; it should allow you to enter the garden. I need you to be careful, you cannot lose the ring. If it falls in the wrong hands… Well let us just say all my magic can get stolen or I can get killed.”
“Noted.” The blonde mutters as she stares intensely at the ring in her left hand.
“Where exactly are the bodies located?”
“The ring will guide you.” Nick gives her a smile. She returns it before she makes her way to the front door and leaves.
“So what do the rest of us do?” Chance breaks the silence that follows Brook’s departure.
“We divide the tasks.” I answer as I mentally think through everything we should do.
“Josh, I want you to keep searching for a spell that can undo the mind control that was done to us in the past.” The witch gives me a nod.
“I have been meaning to ask. How in the world can he control minds?” Lorenza asks. I know it is not right, but I cannot even stand her voice. Therefore, I do not answer her; no one does.
“Nolan, I want you to go to the garden, and help Brook with anything she needs. I do not want her to be there alone. There are still so much that we do not know. I do not…”
“I asked a question!” Lorenza cuts me off. Thus, everyone glares at her.
“When your alpha speaks you respect him and shut you hole!” Josh snaps at her before I get the chance to say anything.
“I was just trying to…”
“Get everyone’s attention as always.” Chance mutters. I have a few things I want to say, but I do not want to anger her because I need her to do something important for me.
That is a dick move. Amoux chuckles.
One cannot be a gentleman all the freaking time! Besides, she has been forcefully living in our house for years. I reckon it is time we use her presence to our advantage.
I am not judging you Alex; I am just saying that sounds like something I would do.
Shut up Amoux!
“Obviously that is something that we need to figure out.” I answer Chance’s mate with a neutral tone. She gulps and nods. The only thing I love about her is that even after years living with me under the same roof, she still fears me.
“As I was saying, Nolan you help Brook.” I then turn to Nick.
“I want you to do a research on the waterfall. It must be magical since it exists in two realms. If we manage to learn more about it, it can lead us to know more about the castle Shadow saw or the realm itself.”
“Of course.” The younger witch replies.
“As for you Clay, I want you to keep an eye on Owen, follow his every move. Do not make him suspect anything, tell him that since you were the head warrior in your old pack, you requested to become a warrior here. I agreed, but on the condition that you must stay with him so he can teach you the territory’s routes and show you how the pack operates.”
“You were the head warrior?” Chance looks at Clay with a raised eyebrow. At that, I remember that both Clay and Shadow are new to the pack; we still have a lot to learn about them, even though I know more than the others.
Yes I was, and of course I will alpha.
“Call me Xander.” I give him a pointed look.
I hate fucking titles.
I hate them too Amoux.
“Chance I know you are the beta, but I need you to research the creature that turns into a sea snake at night. Perhaps that will helps us understand why they are against us.”
“Will do.” Chance does not reject his task like I thought he would.
“Well, at least now we know the real reason why he refuses to work at night.” Josh mutters under his breath.
“I hate the fact that I liked him. This would have been so much easier if he acted like a jerk.” Nick mumbles with a childish pout.“Please do not remind me, I still cannot wrap my mind around it.” I huff and walk to my mate. I stop right before her and hold her hands.
“I want you to go to my parents’ house and talk to them.”
“Alec, your parents hate me.” She bites down on her lip piercing.
“I know, but this has nothing to do with you. I want you to tell them everything we just discovered about Owen without mentioning what any of us is doing about it.”
“They will never believe me!” She screams at me as her hand goes through her platinum hair.
“They will if Nick magically creates a copy of the letter and show it to them. Both of them know Owen’s hand writing.”
“I do not get it Alec! I mean you are their son, you go and talk to them.” I want to tell her that I want to, that I already tried, but I am afraid that if I go and see them, I will lose control. It is not time to be emotional, but I can never know if Amoux will lose his sense of humanity and get angry. Thus, I have to be cautious.
“I would, but I have to take care of some things.” I lie. I feel my heart skip a beat; I am not a liar, but it is not the right time to cry on her shoulder. She is about to object once again, but the pleading look I give her makes her let out a long breath before she sighs in defeat.
“Fine, but you owe me one.” I receive a small smile that almost makes me forget all of our problems. I am about to reply, but Lorenza opens her mouth before me.
“What about me?” She asks me. I can tell that she wants to yell or glare at me, maybe both, but she does not dare; her fear of me prevents her from doing so.
“If he did not give you a job it is because you are useless.” Josh gives her a smirk, and I really hate the fact that I have to prove him wrong in front of her.
Then do not, I fucking hate her.
One, ‘hate’ is a really strong word. Two, we do not have another option, and you know it.
He only growls at me before hiding in the back of my mind.
“Actually I do have a task for you.” The she-wolf smiles widely at that while everyone else gives me a weird look.
“Right now, I want you to go with Shadow to my parents’ house and I want you to stay there until tonight when my dad leaves. When he does, I want you to take my mother to Amara’s cottage and stay there with Hope and Amara. Until further notice the two of you will remain there. It is the safest place in the territory.” I expect her to nod and accept the task; she does not.
“What? I do not need protection! Need I remind you before I met Chance I was one of the best warriors in the pack.”
“Exactly. That is why you will be protecting the most vulnerable person in the pack and the woman who gave birth to me and currently carries my unborn sibling.”
Are you seriously trusting her with Amara and your mother?! Xander have you lost your mind? Chance screams in my head.
Chance, she is right she was one of the best warriors in the pack. And whether we like her or not, she is the only one who is both capable of protecting them and not freak Amara out. I mean I cannot send a man there. Also, we can trust her; I know that she basically forces you to be with her, but never in the years she has lived with us has she proven herself to be untrustworthy. I try to reason with him.
Fine, but just so you know, I do not like this. My beta gives me a playful glare.
“You want me to protect them?” Lorenza gives me a dreamy look; as if she has longed for the moment that I ask her to do something for me.
“Yes, do not let me down.”
I have a question, why would your father leave the house tomorrow night? Clay looks like he has a puzzle in front of him, one he is carefully and slowly solving.
“Because my dear Shadow will ask him to meet me at the west border tonight just before the sun sets.” I answer.
“But why?” Josh gives me a perplexed look.
“There is another war that must be fought.” I mumble.

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