The Sacrifice Of The Cursed {2}

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Are you sure you are ready to face him? Amoux asks me for the tenth time as I stand by the west border waiting for my father to show up.
“He is the only one who can handle this Amoux.” I answer out loud.
That is not what I asked you Alex. I can feel your fucking nerves, and I know that you are still hurt; their words from this morning stung you.
“What do you want me to say? Regardless of everything they do or say, they are still my parents. They brought me to this world, raised me, took care of me, and made me the man I am today. I do not care about their behavior, I still love them, and I always will.”
I am not saying that you should hate them Alex. I am just pointing out that their words have hurt you deeply. I do not think you should act like nothing happened. You should at least talk to them.
“Yes, I am hurt, but right now is not the time for emotions. I promise once this mess is over I will clear things with them, or at least I will try to.” I promise my wolf only because I know that I should do that no matter what happens.
So you are okay with your fucking unborn sibling taking your place after you do everything to protect this pack?
“Clearly my parents did not think their plan through. By the time my unborn sibling, that is if it is a boy, is old enough to take my place, I will be ready to retire and give the position to my son. An infant cannot lead a pack, and even if it can, I do not care. He would still be my little brother, and I will love him no matter the circumstances.”
I know you will, I am proud of you Alex. You are a good man, and you would have been an even better person if I was not your fucking wolf.
“What on earth does that mean?”
All the fucking problems you have exist because of me. If I was not your wolf, you would not have any of them.
“Do not be an idiot. You are my wolf, and I love you. I would not trade you for anything in the world.”
I love you too Alex.
“Who are you talking to?” My father emerges from in between the tress.
“Amoux.” I whisper.
“Has mom and Lorenza left to the cabin?” I avoid looking into his eyes; I am afraid to see the expression in them, afraid that they will hurt me even more.
“Yes, they are already there. What is this about Xander? And what do you plan on doing about Owen?” It hits me that he did not even attempt to apologize for this morning. However, I choose to push that thought away.
“I do not want you to concern yourself with Owen.”
“How can you ask me to do such a thing boy? I was this pack’s alpha before you took the position…” As he yells at me, I realize that I regret declining Shadow’s offer to come with me.
You are the one who fucking wanted to face the old man on your own.
Are you seriously teasing me right now Amoux?
Yes, yes I am.
I ignore my wolf before I turn my attention back to my father.
“You trained me to become an alpha; you taught me how to handle this responsibility. So right now, I need you to trust everything you have taught me over the years.” I dare look into his eyes. They are filled with confusion.
“What are you talking about?”
“Did you read the letter?” I ask him.
“Yes, more times than I care to admit.”
“Then, you noticed that the alphas believing that I am the one who is killing the high ranked werewolves in the nation is Owen’s, or perhaps his king’s, doing.”
“I did notice that.” His expression turns hard, calculated.
“I also concluded that the warriors’ attack was their doing as well. They want to eliminate us.”
“Exactly. Which means we have two problems to deal with, but I cannot focus on both of them at the same time.” I notice that the sun slowly starts to set; I have to leave as soon as possible.
“But the source is the same; Owen.” My father points out.
“That is true. However, they are considered two different major problems. So, I was thinking that I will handle the Owen situation while you handle the alphas’ ordeal.” I look at him closely expecting a lash out or a slap. He surprises me when he gives me a nod.
“Okay, but how can I do that from here?”
“You cannot. Remember what you once told me? ‘We must make some inevitable sacrifices and risks to protect our pack.’” Despite everything, I know that my father will agree to do what I am about to ask. He loves his pack as much as he loves my mother.
“What do you want me to do?” His hazel eyes are determined to do what is necessary.
“I want you to go to the Red Eclipse pack and spy on the alphas there.” The breeze brushes against my skin as I wait for my father’s reaction.
“How in the world will I be able to cross the border?” I expect this question, and I did plan to answer it, but time is not on my side.
“Look, I do not have time to explain but here, wear this.” I offer him a large ring; he takes it and examines it for a few moments before giving me a questioning look.
“The ring will allow you to leave the territory…”
“But, how?” He cuts me off.
“I do not have the time to explain, dad. I have to leave in the next two minutes.”
“Okay, is there anything I should know about this ring?” He puts it on.
“Once you cross the border you cannot under any circumstances take it off or else you will die within minutes.” I touch his hand to make him understand the severity of the consequences.
“Okay, I will keep that in mind.” My father gives me a nod.
“Also, I would never send you on such a quest alone. Outside the border, you will find seven warriors, three trackers, and two witches waiting for you.”
“Alright.” I see his body relaxing when he learns that he will not be going alone, and I immediately know that I did the right move by assembling a team to escort him.
“I would appreciate it if you send me a letter every few days to give me updates and I will do the same.” He only nods.
“Promise me to look after your mother. I would go and say goodbye to her but I believe it is better if me leaving remains a secret.”
“Indeed, and do not worry; I will keep her safe. I will fill her in on everything once you are gone.” He gives me a final nod before he looks at the ring in his finger and passes the border for the first time in five years. I watch as his figure gradually becomes smaller until I cannot see him anymore.
I am about to head to the waterfall when Lorenza mind-links me. It takes me back a little because she has never mind-linked me before.
Xander, Amara is having an episode.
I want to go to the cabin, but if I do then I will be late. As much as I hate myself for thinking it, I cannot risk arriving at the lake after Owen. Therefore, I mind-link Chance and ask him to go and calm Amara down.
I look at the twilight in the sky for a second before I run to the waterfall in my human form. Luckily, I make it on time, since Clay informs us that Owen left ‘to head home’ the second I arrive at my destination. Shadow stands by the end of waterfall waiting for me. When she sees me, she walks up to me and wraps her arms around me.
“Is it okay to admit that I am a little nervous?” She asks as she pulls away from me.
“Yes it is. I am terrified.” I chuckle. We both hold each other’s hands before we jump into the water. From now on, everything we do will either save our pack or doom it.

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