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The Dragon Princess (Crystalosias - Saga - Book One)

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THIS IS BOOK ONE OF 'CRYSTALOSIAS' SAGA, PLEASE READ IN ORDER - Sahrah was gifted by her planet, to prove that her people were not liars. She must save her planet before the darkness destroys everything. But how? Then the man she thought she would never see again, the man who had abandoned her to his people, shows up out of nowhere and - whips her? Derk thought he would never see his so-called mate again. After she had abandoned him two years ago, he'd given up on her. But then, he saw her. Just as fiery as ever. And just as beautiful, even if she WAS a slave now. But no matter how angry he was, that she had abandoned him, he couldn't bear to see her suffer. So, he gets the brilliant idea to reclaim her, and trust her when she says that her people never lied to his. Now, as they prove that her people are as honest as she says they are, they have to deal with his people and the changes in her. Sahrah doesn't understand what is happening to her body. Something is awakening in her, and she finds that she can do things she didn't know were even possible. Did I mention she can blow fire from her mouth, and roar so loud it scares the enemy away? Is she what her mate and his people believe her to be? Is she really, The Dragon Princess? This book is a fantasy/sci fi/ romance THIS BOOK IS NOT A STAND ALONE, IT IS THE FIRST BOOK TO A LINKED SERIES

Fantasy / Romance
Koko Aranck
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Chapter One: The Crystal Planet

My name is Sahrah Prem, I am the third daughter of King Zeng of Dentoria. A large country on my planet, Poh-eh-nah, (which means, Home of the Crystals). The Crystals are what have kept our planet bright and beautiful. That is, until a horrible alien race called the Dextonians, from a planet (many galaxies from ours) called Dextonia, mined the Crystals; until my planet was left in darkness, and still, they continue to mine.

They showed up on our planet, with promises of peace. They had told our leaders that they had only wanted a few of our Crystals, and in exchange, they would share their knowledge and their technology.

My people have always been trusting and loyal, so of course, they had accepted the deal, and for a few years, our people lived in peace with the Dextonians. Trading a few Crystals here and there and receiving technology, beyond our comprehension.

But the aliens got greedy and demanded more and more Crystals.

The leaders of my planet could not meet their demands, our Crystals were too precious to us, and our planet. My people tried to explain to them, that without the Crystals, our planet would die. They needed to wait six months, for new Crystals to grow. But they did not believe us or want to wait the needed six months.

So, they took siege of my planet and my people. Forcing the men into slavery and sending the women off to be personal slaves or kept, to pleasure the Dextonian men. When they took over our planet and captured my people, they killed any royal, so they could not fight them. Some royals escaped and went into hiding, like my family, or I hope they had. But for me, I was captured on the first day.

What was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, turned into the darkest.

When they had come for me, I hadn’t made it easy for them to capture me. Being the youngest royal daughter, I was not meant to rule. So, while my older sisters learned to rule, I learned to fight. And fight I did. I would have escaped them too, if one of them hadn’t snuck up behind me and knocked me out, from behind.

And because of my flaming red and orange hair, they believe me to be some kind of demon. (Especially since I apparently put two of their Warriors in the hospital. So I heard them say.)

And maybe I have become one.

But wouldn’t you, if your whole world was turned upside down, and pulled out from under your feet?

None of the Dextonians were brave enough to try and take me to their bed, or have me as their personal slave, so their General ordered my death. But one of their Captains saw my strength and suggested they put me to work, in the mines. If I’m strong enough to fight their Warriors, I must be strong enough to mine the Crystals.

‘Why waste her strength?’ He had said.

And so, for two years now, I have been a slave on my own planet. Mining my planets beloved Crystals.

But I never stopped fighting, and I never gave up.

Derksin Dentse landed his ship on the dark planet that had once been so full of light. He hadn’t set foot on this planet in two years, not since his heart had been ripped out of his ribcage and stomped into the dirt.

He hadn’t heard about what had happened to this once beautiful planet, until around a week ago. It had taken him that long to get back to this Galaxy. He had been traveling the universe, going from woman to woman, as he tried to drown out the memories of the woman who had broken his heart. But he has not been able to take his pleasures in the flesh, of the very beautiful and willing women.

Instead, he has found his only release was pleasuring himself, with thoughts of the one woman who could light his flames. Memories really, of their beautiful time together.

He needs a woman, no, he needs that woman.

“Tasheen.” A guard said as he bowed to Derksin.

Derk nodded to the man. Being the oldest son of one of the leaders of his planet, opened a lot of doors for him, that would normally be closed. He made his way to the captain’s office. Captain Vector Pentle, was in charge of the area and could fill him in, on what happened to the peaceful agreement their people had had, with the people of Poh-eh-nah.

“Tasheen.” The captain greeted as Derk entered the man’s office.

“Vector.” Derk said with a nod.

“What can I do for you?” Vector asked.

“I’ve come for some answers.” Derk said as he sat in one of the chairs.

“Of course.” Vector said with a bow. “I could not deny my Tasheen, anything.”

Derk grinned, Vector was right. He could not deny him anything. Vector and his family are from his father’s city, Leboriah. The word Tasheen means Prince and is the second-highest rank on their planet, next to his father’s title, Kentrei, which means, Leader or King.

“Why have we captured this once beautiful planet, and turned it into a dark wasteland?” Derk asked.

Vector sighed. “They would not give us the amount we requested. They had told us that we must wait six months, for the Crystals to grow back. Crystals do not grow, Tasheen. They went back on the deal, so we sieged the planet.”

“We could have waited the six months, for them to prove they were not going back on their word.” Derk said.

Vector nodded. “I had said as much. But General Dinskey had said that six months would give them enough time to come up with a weapon, that would destroy us, and the leaders agreed.”

“I don’t see my father agreeing with that.” Derk said with a shake of his head.

“You are right.” Vector said with a nod. “He was the only leader who believed what the leaders of this planet had said, about the Crystals. And when we took the planet, your father took many women with him, when they gathered women for breeding.”

Derk nodded. “Those women will be safe with my father.”

“Yes.” Vector said with a nod.

Derk took a deep breath as he stood and walked to the windows, that looked out over the mines.

Such a waste of such a beautiful planet. Derk thought as he looked at the dark and gloomy world before him.

“I know what you’re thinking, Tasheen. This saddens me too.” Vector said as he joined Derk at the windows.

“But the crimes we have committed, if they were telling the truth.” Derk whispered.

“Yes, a very big crime.” Vector answered. “But look for yourself, Tasheen. It has been two years, and none have grown back.”

Derk nodded, for he could not deny what was before his eyes.

Sahrah grumbled as she hacked off another chunk of her planet. “Please forgive me.” She whispered as she picked up the Crystal and placed it into the bin, she has fought her tears for two long years, she wasn’t giving into them now.

She had also given up on her Warrior, ever coming to rescue her. Does he ever think of her? Wonder about her? Question what could have happened to her, for her to have disappeared, two years ago?

“Get back to work!” The guard hollered as he flicked the whip.

It came within inches of her face, but after two years of this, she was used to it. She placed her hands in the air and went back to hacking at the Crystals.

“Please forgive me.” She whispered.

Not much longer and she will be led to her cot, in the dingy prison, where she will eat her one meal, and use the bucket that was provided for her, to relieve herself. Then she would be allowed to sleep, for six hours. The only time she was allowed a longer break, was during those times of the month when she has her woman’s time. They had learned quickly to leave her alone, during that time of the month, being they had never had a female slave before.

Too bad it only lasted for three days.

If she hadn’t been spending all these days in the mines, toning her muscles, she would be skin and bones by now. She knows she has lost a lot of weight, but she also knows that it was quickly replaced by muscles. One of these days, she will be strong enough to take out this guard and the others, and then she will be free of this place and start her journey anew. Finding her family would be the first thing she did, then together, maybe they can convince the Crystals to let them help.

“Time is up.” The guard said.

Sahrah sighed as she slammed the pick into the Crystal, one last time. The Crystal fell to the ground, and as she picked it up, she noticed something on the ground with it. It looked to have fallen out when the Crystal had fallen. She reached over and picked up the smooth stone and looked at it.

“You have been listening to me.” She said with awe. “A baby for me to treasure.” She whispered as she held it against her chest.

“Time to go.” The guard said with annoyance.

Should she tell him? No. It would do nothing for them. Besides, this was a gift for her. She placed the Crystal into the bin then followed the guard from the mine.

The Crystals have trusted her with a precious gift, and she plans to protect it. No matter the cost. Now she just needs some dirt from the mine, oh and a planter, and some sun.

The last part is going to be harder to come by. She thought as she looked up at the darkened sky.

“What have you got there?” The guard asked as he turned to her.

“Nothing.” She said as she clutched her hands around the stone.

“Stealing? You know the punishment...”

“No!” She said as she shook her head. “It’s just a stone.” She lied.

“Let’s see.” The guard said as he pried her fingers open.

“It’s pretty.” He said with a surprised smile.

“It is, isn’t it.” She beamed.

“I will take it.” The guard said as he snatched it from her hand.

“NO!” She wailed. “It’s mine!”

“Slaves do not have personal belongings.” The guard said.

“Seriously?” She said as she stared at him. “It’s a rock!” She cried out.

He turned his back to her and started for the small prison, where they keep the “slaves”.

“Give it back!” She screamed as she ran and jumped onto his back.

Too surprised to react, he went to his knees as she tightened her chokehold on him, hoping he would pass out soon.

Derk noticed the guard walking from the mine with a woman behind him.

A woman? He thought, then sucked in a shocked breath when he saw the fiery red and orange hair.

“Spitfire.” He whispered.

What is she doing here? And as a slave? No, this can’t be.

“I see you have noticed the fire-top.” Vector said with a smile.

“What is she doing here?” Derk growled. “Only men are to be taken as labor slaves.”

“It was either this or death.” Vector said.

Derk looked at him quickly, then back down at the woman he thought he would never see again. He watched as the guard snatched something from her hand, then turned and walked away from her. She screamed, then ran after the guard and jumped onto his back. The guard had had no time to react, as she tightened her grip, they both went to the ground.

“Flick!” Vector hollered as he hit the alarm.

“What are you going to do with her?” Derk asked as he continued to watch the scene below. Other guards were running out, to pull her off the guard, she still had a hold of. They didn’t know it, but this move wasn’t meant to kill...

Once they pried her off the guard, the guard stayed on his knees as he pulled air into his starving lungs. Just another minute or less and the guard would have been out for the count and would have had a very nice dirt nap.

“In two years, this is her first offense. So, the punishment will be six lashings.” Vector said.

Derk looked at him. As angry as he was at the woman, he doesn’t want anything to mark that perfect body of hers.

“Let me give the lashings.”

Sahrah fought with the guards as they stripped her of her clothes.

“NO!” She screamed.

One of the guards got a knee to the groin, as she threw a punch to another. If they’re going to rape her, they will come out of this with as much horror and pain, as her. She’s not going to make this easy for them.

“Get over here!” One of the guards hollered as he and two others yanked her to a contraption, where they stretched her arms above her head and chained her wrists to the boards. Then took hold of her ankles and spread her legs, then chained them to the boards.

What are they doing? She wondered with a bit of panic.

“Leave.” A man said from behind her.

She recognized the captain’s voice. She heard the guards as they helped the man she had kneed, to his feet and up the stairs. She grinned with satisfaction.

Derk watched the men as they passed him and chuckled softly. Even after two years of slavery, she was still a spitfire.

“For your first offense, you will receive, six lashings.” Captain Vector said.

Sahrah moaned as she closed her eyes. She wasn’t sure what would be worse, rape, or a whipping. Six lashings for a first offense? What do they give for a second offense, or hell, a third or fourth???

Derk nodded to Vector as the man handed him the whip, then left the punishment chamber.

He stood there as he stared at her naked backside. She still looked incredible. A bit skinnier. But where she had lost weight, she had gained muscle. He grinned. No wonder she had taken that guard down with ease. She has been toning her body, rather than letting herself wither away. He walked over to her and watched as her backside tensed.

“If you’re going to do it, do it.” She said as she gritted her teeth.

He grinned as he cracked the whip.

Sahrah screamed.

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