The Alpha's Cat

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|| Cover art credit: Polina Bright || As a werecat living among a pack full of werewolves, Catherine Heartfilia must blend in with humans to protect her family, and herself. Everything was going as planned until she bumps into the soon-to-be Alpha. That touch electrifies the wolf, and he does everything he can to feel it again. Their worlds soon intertwine and things don't go as planned. (Unedited Version)

Fantasy / Romance
Reira Richie
4.8 34 reviews
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It’s all thanks to you that I’m writing this—If you follow me, you should have guessed it already since I teased it on some of my posts, but now it’s official.


I cannot believe it’s actually happening! As some of you might know, I’m studying in the UK to become a book publicist, so getting the first-hand experience as a writer brings me over the moon.

And everything is thanks to you! The one who decided to give the book a shot and enter the world of werecats!

Thank you for joining me on the rollercoaster that is The Alpha’s Cat. As a token of my gratitude—and because you guys are the best—I will be giving away bonus chapters!

The book is going to be published on May 18, 2021 EST.

For copyright reasons, my publisher asked me to take down the last few chapters before publishing, so you’ll get to read the unedited version up until chapter 20.

I’m dropping an Amazon link of the book here and at the end of the book for anyone who wants to read it.

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