My Goddess, My Queen

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In this world, the impossible is possible. Where gods, goddesses, and supernaturals exist. Nyx is the goddess of the night. She is the offspring of Selene, the Moon Goddess, and Ares, the god of war. Being a hybrid of two different god/ goddess makes her one of the most powerful beings in the world. Her life is most definitely stressful. From training, to controlling her powers, her life is a full plate, oh and trying to find her mate. Asher Knight, prince of werewolves, soon-to-be king. All his life, he has been training, and brought up on how to rule a kingdom. He isn't too keen on having a mate, but being 23 already, and not yet found his mate is not good. At this rate, he is going to have to take a chosen mate, to be his queen. While going to the gala for the prince of werewolves to choose a queen, Nyx comes across her mate. Finding her mate is not the problem. Who her mate is though and the situation he is in, can be a problem.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Please be aware that some things may not be the same as real life facts, or how you see it, or know it. For example, Ares, God of war, and Selene, Moon Goddess are together, and had Nyx, the goddess of night. Selene made Nyx a werewolf, because obviously werewolves are her people. I am aware this never happened in the Greek history. But that is how I wanted this book to go, so no 'that never happened' bullcrap. I'm fully aware.


"Ms. Nyx. Your parents want to see you." My personal maid said to me. I stop during mid punch, and turn around. "Thank you Mya, I will be down in a moment." I say to her. She nods and walks back where she came from. "Sorry, you heard the lady, I have to go. We can spar later?" I ask my sparring partner and best friend, Nessa. She is a demigod. Her mother is Diana, greek goddess of the hunt, and her father is Alpha Liam of Red Moon Pack, the second strongest pack, after the royal pack. We have always been best friends. We grew up together, although I live in Olympus she lives with her parents in the pack.

I walk through the halls of the castle, and towards my dads office. Once I get there I knock on the door. When I hear the gruff come in from Dad, I walk in. It’s a fairly large office, with a wide and large oak desk in the middle of the room. The walls are red, the color of blood, the floors are a black marble. He has a large book shelf on the wall with couches surrounding it. He has two chairs in front of the desk. Mom is sitting on dads lap. They are so cute! “Hey Daddy, Ma. What can I do for you?” I ask in a mock formal voice.
They both chuckle. “The royal werewolf family is hosting a gala for the king to be, he is going to be choosing a mate. He hasn’t met his, so his family thinks he should choose one. They think it will be better for the kingdom...” she sneers. “Anyway, I want you to go. I want your wolf to be around other wolves, even if it is for one night. Besides you might have fun.
And I want you to tell them I don’t appreciate them hosting this kind of event.” I’m staring at her wide eyed. “Nononono, no. I don’t wanna!! DADDY!!! Help me!” I look at him pleading. And do you know what he does. He smirks and just shrugs. Like he can’t do anything.

“Daddy, just give her the D, she is probably just sexually frustrated. And she is retaliating trying to ruin my night. And what if I had plans, hmm?” I suggest, seriously. “I’m definitely not sexually frustrated.”
My gross mother puts emphasis on ‘definitely not’. I fake gag. “Anyway, just go. I’m really sure this will be a good outcome.” She says like she knows something that I don’t. "And besides, when in the last 718 years of your life have you had plans?"
She smirks smugly. I gape at her, but just sigh defeated dramatically. “Ugghhhh fine. But I’m bringing my knives. Maybe throw some... at a few faces.” I whisper the last part. I chuckle darkly. “Yeah. That’s what I will do.” I say. “I guess this is what I get for being mated to the god of war. My child loves the thought of violence.” My mouth sighs. Both dad and I gasp, feigning being offended. “We do not!” We both exclaim.

“Okay, we do.” We sigh defeated.

I walk out, and towards my bedroom. My bedroom is huge. It has a king size circle bed in the middle of the room, on top of a dark grey plush rug. A white wood dresser is behind the bed against the wall. I have a desk against the wall, on the right hand side of my bed. On the left hand side of the bed I have a grand fireplace with bookshelves on either side of it.
I have couches surrounding the fireplace and bookshelves. I have a walk in closet. My bathroom is grand. I have a walk in shower that can fit at least 8 people. My tub can fit four people. I have a double vanity. My floors are white sparkly tile. My walls in the bedroom are light grey and dark purple. The wall with my desk, is floor to ceiling windows.

I take a quick shower, letting the hot water relieve my tense muscles. I get out of the shower and brush my teeth and hair. I out on some boy shorts and a bralett. I crawl in bed, and get under the covers. I quickly fall asleep back into dreams, unicorns, and rainbow bullshit.

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