Into the Oblivion

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Chance - Spellcasting For Dummies

“You want me to do what?!” I exclaimed. But his face was dead serious. And I instantly knew that there was not a single way around it. “What do you mean by I need to open myself to the darkness?”

“Chance, the House of Vladimir focuses on using the dark element to their advantage. And that means you would have to open yourself to the darkness for you to control it. That’s why you get all emotional and worked up whenever you tap into Israfil’s abilities.” Ven mentioned. But I was completely oblivious. My mind was still fixated upon what he stated. “Just because you are using the dark element doesn’t mean you are evil. Your gifts and talents will never be the basis of who you are. But your character as a person does.”

I was struck by what he said. Because he was right. I got so worked up watching too many fictional movies that I thought I would be some kind of evil person if I allowed the darkness to hold me. But that wasn’t the case this time.

“Well?” Ventus asked. His eyes narrowed as he waited for an answer from me. He knew that I would have to consider a lot of things. “If you expected that it will be easy, then you’re very wrong. Israfil had a hard time controlling his powers because of the emotional strain that carries. I understand that it scares you, but that is why Rei and I are here.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to do it right here and right now.” I asked. It was too much to handle talking to Rei already. He was not the person I was expecting to mentor me. I wanted to hit him, not to be taught by him. Those were two different things.

“Of course not.” The blonde boy smiled at me. Ventus seemed to be a real friend who wouldn’t betray me. It was wrong of me not to trust him. The Rei thing was probably just too much. “We need to get back home. Besides, we’re going to be classmates this Monday.”

“You transferred? That’s funny because you’re going some sort of inter-dimensional transfer student, and no one would know except me.” I exclaimed. His eyebrows went up and down with a smug on his face, confirming my obvious question. “How are you going to keep up then? Last time I checked, we didn’t have any magic class. I can’t even pronounce your spells right!”

“Relax, Chance. Don’t underestimate me. I can easily catch up to your so-called earthly lessons if I need to.” Then he started walking and motioned me to come along. He touched one of the walls and a magic ritual circle like before appeared on it. It began to glow into a deep ocean blue color, and sparks of lightning started to come out of it. “Come on, we don’t have all day. Time moves differently in this realm.”

“Do we really have to? I mean, I would really love to go around and check the place some more.” I gulped. Inter-dimensional travel was the worst. It really sounds exciting at first. But don’t let it fool you. Because it was so bad, I got knocked out instantly. A lot happened, and it was one of those remarkable things. “Please? I’m not sure if my stomach can handle another round of being torn apart from the inside out.”

“We have to go.” He replied with a more firm tone. “I have duties tonight, and I need to check out the rest of the town just in case there are enemies nearby. Samael already knows Israfil has partially awakened. And he might strike anytime.”

“I just don’t like the feeling of teleporting, that’s all.” I grumbled further but still walked towards Ven anyway. “It feels like I’m going to puke my soul out. Or maybe I can puke Israfil out of me if you keep doing it.”

“You’ll get used to it.” He just smiled back. As charismatic as possible. But I think he’s just being sarcastic and having fun watching my insides explode as we teleport back to our realm. He placed his palm on the ritual circle on the wall. “Are you ready?”

“Nope.” I shook my head. “Never in a million years. I still think you’re about to offer me to Satan.”

With a tap of his magic pushing towards the rest of the circle, the blinding light appeared again. It was instantaneous, and I couldn’t even feel the ground leaving beneath my feet. As the light settled down, I was on my back again, and my insides felt like they had some sort of permanent damage.

“I’ll just never get used to this.” I grumbled. But no one answered back. My eyes were still too blurry to see. My muscles felt sore from being shot to another dimension and back. I laid flat on the floor like a stupid starfish washed up on the shore. “Ven? Trev? Where are you? Answer me!”

“In the kitchen. Got hungry, sorry.” I heard his footsteps towards me, and when I looked up, I saw that idiot face of his with a smug. “What do you want to do?”

“From the looks of it, I want to study Inter-dimensional Astrophysics. Then maybe find how my intestines would not end up in my lungs whenever I go to your world. I don’t think my body was supposed to be that way.” I complained. Ven just sat in front of me while eating a piece of donut. From the looks of it, it was his first time consuming the thing. “Please, don’t take me back there if it’s not needed.”

“You know, Jaden was right about you.” Ven replied and took another bite on his donut. My eyebrows were raised in wonder what Jaden told him about me. I knew for some reason that it wouldn’t be anything good. “He said that you’re such a big pussy.”

Sounded just like Jaden.

Afterward, I started crawling upwards and found myself sitting in one of their chairs. Ventus seemed to be really happy with the donut. I guess I should have asked him for one, but my stomach was not ready for that yet. It might end up triggering my stomach and hurl it back at him like some sort of spell.

“Before I forget, I need you to give this.” Ventus suddenly said. He took a small, black marble out of his pocket and handed it to me. When I picked it up, it felt like my energy was being sucked by the small thing. It was also a bit weighty for its small size. “It’s a communication device.”

“Am I supposed to put this inside my ear?” I asked as I examined the small marble. It wasn’t giving any luster at all and was bare stone. “I don’t think it’ll fit. What on earth is it anyway? Looks like an Apple Airpod.”

“It’s marked with Rei’s avroi, and he will be using that to telepathically talk to you.” He instructed. “It could also be a good way to train your control over your avroi. Two birds in one stone. Come on, try it.”

I focused on the small rock and imagined my shadows melding and sinking into the blackness of the marble. Then my fingertips felt some sort of vibration.

Chance, can you hear me? A voice spoke in my head. And I knew it was that man’s voice. It was something I won’t easily forget. Try and put your thoughts into it.

Loud and clear. I thought. Then a vision of what took place in the alley the other night flashed back in my head. Of course, I wouldn’t forget the voice of the bastard who knocked my friend out.

I heard that, too. Rei replied.

Sorry. I replied with a sarcastic tone in my thoughts. Not sure how that was going to work, but I imagined it anyway. But I am not going to be sorry for saying such a thing.

Well then. Have it your way. He replied with a calm demeanor. Go home and rest in the meantime. We can try it out some other day. I’ll ask Ventus to escort you just to the outskirts of town where it’s safe to use your magic. I’ll set up a protective spell there later.

I’ve been aching to get some rest. Transporting to the other realm took a toll on me. I told him. You must be thrilled that I had to travel to the other side just to meet you. I didn’t know you have a sensitive side.

“Hey, are you okay?” Ventus interrupted my thoughts. I found myself sitting on the floor while holding the small stone inside my palms. “It seems you’ve made contact with Rei.”

“I did.” I quipped. Then looked at him straight in the eye. “And to tell you the truth, I’m not getting fond of that guy. He’s a jerk.”

Then I stood up and walked towards the door before I faced him again. “I’ll see you on Monday. Our family needs to go somewhere tomorrow if I remember it right. And thanks for the rescue. I’ll repay you someday.”

“Do you really know what you’re saying?” He replied with a jeer.

“I guess not.” I shrugged. “Goodnight.”

Then I left Ven and went back home. As I walked, I checked my phone. It had 3 missed calls from Jaden. When I checked the time, it was a couple of hours after we left. I’m not sure if it was because of the time difference or that I got knocked out twice in those two hours.

I tapped the callback option, and I heard Jaden’s phone started ringing.

[What on earth happened to you?] Jaden asked hysterically. His voice kinda cracked in mid-sentence. And I was just perplexed with how he started our conversation. [I was worried about your ass!]

[I dozed off in my room.] Again, I lied. And it was becoming a habit I wasn’t proud of. [I don’t remember the need of having to ask you permission just so I could sleep.]

[Idiot!] He shot back. I swear I almost heard his breathing on my end. Looks like he was that frustrated. [Chance, ask me why I am not convinced.]

[Huh? What do you mean?] I asked.

[Just ask me why I am not convinced.] Jaden repeated. And that meant he was serious. I didn’t reply right away. It felt like a joke. [Come on.]

[So Jaden, why are you not convinced?] In the end, I gave in.

[Celine came by and asked if you were here because no one couldn’t contact you for the past two hours. And she kinda berated me for not knowing where on earth you were.] Jaden explained grumpily. [Then you’re going to tell me that just dozed off in your room. Celine would have at least checked if you’re home. But you weren’t. That means you’re somewhere else.]

[Fine.] I quipped. [I was in Trevor’s house. We kinda hit it off and got to hang out some more in their place. Then the next thing I know, I fell asleep on his bed. That’s why. Now, are you convinced?]

[Yep. And that was a joke. Celine was not really looking for you.] Then he started laughing. My eyebrows just crunched in annoyance. And I almost dropped the call, but Jaden wasn’t even finished laughing his ass off. [I guess you really trust me that much, huh?]

I didn’t answer back. Because it was true. [How did you know I would give in?]

[It was just a gut feeling. I know you well, remember that.] He replied. Now that I thought about it, Celine or mom would have left me a missed call if they were really looking for me. [Looks like Trevor is going to replace me sometime soon. I guess my best friend has a new best friend.]

[Dude, stop.] I said. [No one is getting replaced.]

[I know. You’re not ready to let go of someone like me.] Jaden stated. And I knew there was that smirk on his face. [We’ve been friends since forever. I’m one damn irreplaceable person in your life.]

[You’re right.] I responded. He may not see it, but there was a smile on my face when he said something like that. I was not supposed to be affected by his boyish charms, but there I was, smiling. [Anyway, what’s up?]

[Nothing, I just want to borrow a game. Your new Naruto game that you bought a couple of weeks ago. Please?] He pleaded. [Pretty please?]

[But I’m not yet done with it.] I retorted.

[Bring it on Monday.] He said quickly. [Bye!]

Then he dropped the call. I just shook my head and went inside our house in disbelief. Jaden just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The next day, my family and I had lunch outside. It was the usual family day for us. Dad always loved long road trips and told us to admire the beauty of nature. I think it was those days that he wanted to remind us not to take things for granted.

It was also the time that it almost felt like he grew from another world. He was a big geek about Earth as if it was a fascinating piece of art. Meanwhile, mom also had the same sentiments. And the weirdest part was it felt like both my parents have avroi. Even Celine.

Dad’s presence reminded me of Rei’s. And the thought gave my spine a good shiver. My dad was nowhere near the likes of Rei. It was too far-fetched. For me, he was a good family man.

Meanwhile, my mom’s presence was light. It gave off some sort of comfort and glow. A complete opposite of my dad’s stern avroi. But then again, it must have been my imagination. Celine’s was not even that evident. Hers was a lot closer to mom somehow.

Afterward, we went home right away. Nothing else interesting happened that day. Except for getting a feel for my parents’ presence. That was something else. It was still a possibility since Ven and Rei told me that Israfil wouldn’t survive if I had no magic in my blood.

The rest of the week passed by quickly, and Jaden seemed oblivious that Trevor was not really Trevor. But the others were just as oblivious as he is. A few days later, I was already able to grasp the basics of my element. Rei continuously communicated using the black marble while Ven was on standby just in case something terrible happens.

Every afternoon, we would go to this spot, and it was really a hard time getting away from my friends. Plus, it was kind of painful, too, because I missed out on them for the week. Especially Jade. He didn’t seem to notice I was slipping away from them because of this inter-dimensional crap of problems.

The thing is, I wasn’t supposed to be involved in the first place.

“It’s easy to use this magic for creating stuff out of nowhere, but when it comes to restriction type of spell, I need to exercise more control.” I complained. “It’s like I’m trying to put a thin thread into the eye of the needle. And it really needs focus.”

“You’re a natural, Chance.” Ven assured me. “By the end of this month, you’ll be able to use most of what that element can offer. Don’t worry too much. It’s been only a few days.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” I said as I attempted to catch their dog with the restriction spell. My shadow quickly crawled towards the dog and lunged itself to its body. The shadow usually goes through the body to restrict any physical movements. Still, I had to hit the target’s pressure points, or else it will easily break free. “When you brought the dog here, I thought you’re going to ask me to kill it.”

“Don’t be silly. I won’t let Spike be harmed. But if you do, I’ll make sure I’ll also do it to you tenfold.” He said with a seemingly threatening voice. As if I was going to allow myself to hurt the dog. “Just don’t summon a weapon while trying to restrain its movements.”

“Of course, I won’t.” I replied as I freed Spike again from my spell. Then Ven threw the ball towards a reasonable distance, which the dog ran after. That way, I can try to catch a moving target. It was harder at first, but I was slowly getting the hang of it. “I think I’m getting tired.”

“You want me to whoop your ass?” Ven chuckled. He clapped his hands a ball of lightning appeared between it. We were somewhere on the outskirts of town, so no one could hear us. “If any of our enemies attack and you have no idea how to use that spell, then we won’t have any chance of interrogating them. We need information because Samael has been pretty evasive for the past few months.”

Both of my arms were raised towards it while my fingers twitched, trying to take control of my shadow’s movements. The weaponry creation spells that I’ve learned so far allowed me to seemingly borrow from my shadow. That means I cannot conjure many weapons if there is too much light.

“That’s enough.” A voice interrupted. And I wouldn’t forget that cold voice of his. The presence of this man was too eerie. “Chance, you need to learn a more offensive spell. I think you’re putting too much effort into your defenses.”

I checked around to see Rei walking towards us with two other companions behind him. Surprisingly, they weren’t wearing any out-of-this-world garments like the last time. Rei was wearing a brown hoodie and blue jeans plus a pair of red sneakers. Pretty typical to wear for a guy his age.

Meanwhile, the guy behind him stepped forward. From the looks of it, he might be a couple of years older than I am. He was wearing a red buttoned shirt and dark sweatshorts. Then he was wearing a pair of black rubber shoes. His hair was medium-length and messy with red streaks on it. Honestly, I almost dismissed him as a junkie. His eyes were light brown in color, and looked at me with a smile on his face.

“It’s been a while, Israfil.” He grinned and put his hand out for me to shake it. I took it and felt uncomfortable with the way he gripped my hand. It was firm but felt too warm. “I’ve missed you.”

“Sorry, but I’m not Israfil, and he’s not on the line just in case you wanna ask.” I replied and stepped back. The guy just shook his head and laughed at my sarcastic remark. “Try again after a couple of weeks, maybe.”

“I like this guy. Such a light-hearted fellow. He really reminds me of Israfil. A lot.” He chuckled. “The name is Nisroc Fervis, House of Kaizer. Nice to meet you, little punk.”

I just nodded at him, and the girl stepped forward this time. Like Nisroc, she was probably a couple of years older than I am. The girl had long, light brown hair and blue eyes, which were paler than Jaden’s. Her skin was a bit tan compared to Nisroc, and she was wearing a pink shirt under a blue sports jacket with a matching black cap on her head. Meanwhile, her shorts were short and revealed most of her thighs. She was wearing a pair of black rubber shoes like her companion.

And to top it off, she had some sort of resemblance to Caitlyn. That one was kind of eerie for me.

“Hey, the name is Chrystal.” We also shook hands, and I nodded at her with my usual awkward smile. Meeting people was not my forte. And it will never be my forte. “Chrystal Tyfios, House of Aquarii. Don’t forget that.”

“I’m not sure what that meant, but okay.” I replied. Her entrance was icy and cold. Then I turned to the guy who strangled my best friend. The way he looks at me was already infuriating, to begin with. “So what brings you here, prince of darkness?”

“I’m here to monitor your progress, and I’ll need to directly teach you a few more spells because we need to step up your game. According to Ven over there, you’re a prodigy just like Israfil, so learning a few more shouldn’t be a problem.” He started explaining. And then he motioned Nisroc and Chrystal to come closer. “You know the plans. Get to it and come back ASAP.”

“Yes, Captain Reizal.” The two said in unison while making a fist with the right hand and tapping their left shoulder twice. Looks like it was their form of salute. But it just looked boring to me, though. The two of them walked away and left.

“Captien Reizal, huh?” I exclaimed.

“Rei is one of the youngest captains in the history of Zidania.” Ventus started explaining. He was beginning to be some sort of tour guide for things about the other realm. “It’s not really surprising since he was the son of one of our nation’s leaders. Think of him as a prince.”

“Yep, prince of darkness. Called it.” I shrugged. Rei doesn’t seem to mind my quick jab at him. He never did, as far as I’m concerned. “So, what do you want to teach me, Your Highness.”

“I need you to answer me first.” He said with a stern voice. His eyes were suddenly dark and mysterious. I was slowly becoming comfortable with him for the past days, as much as I hate to admit it. But this moment robbed me of that. “Do you have a twin brother?”

“Huh?” My face was almost contorted from the sudden random question. “Not that I know of. My mother would have told me if I did. Or my sister, for that matter.”

Rei took a small photo from his pocket and showed it to me. It was a picture of two babies on a small singular bed. The surroundings looked like they were in a nursery at a hospital. And from the looks of the two babies, they were identical twins.

Below the bed was a label. And what was written on it said it all.

I can’t help but gasp out what was on the label. My heart crumbled as soon as my mind grasped the idea of it. Then stomach did a pretty good backflip while I digested the picture in front of me. It can’t be. It just cannot be.

“Chance and Caleb Valentine.”

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