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In this exciting conclusion of The Bound Trilogy, Emily is still in the clutches of those who kidnapped her. Jack is slowly losing his mind, and Leah and Devin's relationship is faltering. Through all the ups and downs of dealing with his new family's troubles, Alexander Whitesmith has to confront his past in order to move on with his future. During the search for his sister, Emily, Alexander is made aware that the mate he left all those years ago, may in fact be innocent of the charges he laid against her. In order to find out the truth he seeks her out, only to find something he never expected. Kayla Bennett is a single mother. At the age of 15 when she met her mate, Alexander, she thought her world was finally starting to make sense. Now 3 years later, she is raising her 2 year old son by herself while trying to help the Council bring down an organization that spans across the country. When Alexander unexpectedly walks back into her life, can she forgive him for the way things ended? Or will her bitterness consume her and ruin what little chance she has at happiness? Will he finally listen to what really happened all those years ago? Or will Alexander's pride leave her words unheard?

Fantasy / Adventure
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This can not be happening.

What am I going to do?

The object in my hand mocked me with its life changing answer. I was just a fifteen year old girl. I wasn’t ready for this to happen to me.

I barely started high school. I didn’t even have a driver’s license yet!

My mind raced with thoughts of everything that was going to change in my life, and then my heart dropped to my stomach. What was I going to tell my parents?

I wasn’t even supposed to be dating, let alone have this happen. What was I going to tell Lex? He just turned sixteen and was being told he would have to work for his Council until he was ready to become Alpha of his pack. What was he going to say when I told him about this?

My knees gave out and I sat heavily upon the seat of the toilet in the stall I had locked myself in.

It was the middle of the school day and I had asked my older brother to go out and buy me pregnancy test because I had been sick for a while—I’m never sick.

Cameron was pissed that I had asked him, but he went and got it for me anyway. He brought it back just as the lunch bell rang. I barreled my way to the closest bathroom and locked the doors behind me.

Now that I had the results, I didn’t want to leave. Cameron was going to kill me, then he was going to kill Lex, then he was going to tell our parents who were going to bring us back only to skin us alive all over again.

The anxiety building inside made my stomach churn. I quickly turned around so I could throw up what was left of my measly breakfast. Weakly, I unlocked the stall door and hobbled to the sink to rinse my mouth out and splash cold water over my face.

I don’t know if the sickness was from nerves or from what that devil stick confirmed, but it sucks either way.

A knock on the girl’s bathroom door startled a yelp out of me.

“Kayla? You okay in there?” The low whisper of my brother’s voice reached me, and a relieved breath escaped through my lips.

I didn’t want to face him, but I knew I had to. Slowly, I made my way to the door, unlocked it, and pulled him in re-locking the door behind him. Resting my head against the door, I bought myself some time before facing my brother and admitting the truth out loud.

“Kayla? What’s going on? What did the test say?” he gently questioned.

Turning to face him, I opened my mouth to answer him, but nothing came out. My mouth opened and closed several more times and still nothing. Eventually, I managed to mumble, “I need some air,” before bolting out of the bathroom and to the front of the school.

Cameron found me a short time later leaning against a tree, doubled over with my hands on my knees, tears streaming down my face.

Silently, he pulled me into his arms and just held me to him. I buried my face into his chest, inhaling his comforting and familiar Axe body soap. Letting my emotions out in a flood of tears, I didn’t have to say anything. He usually knew what I was thinking even before I did.

He was six years older than me, but he was more of a father to me than our own. He was also my best friend. Always there for me, no matter what the problem. Right now, I needed him more than ever.

“So this is where you’ve been this whole time?” A voice growled, startling me from Cameron’s embrace. “I’ve been worried sick about you. Thinking that something horrible had happened and here you are cozied up with some other guy!” The disgust in the voice froze me, I couldn’t move an inch. All I could do was stare in wide-eyed horror at my brother as the person behind me continued.

“I should have known you were just like all the other sluts in this school. All you wanted to do was bang the new hot guy and move on to the next conquest. Well congratulations Kayla, you succeeded.” My heart was shattering in my chest with each word, each sentence that was being said.

That’s not what happened at all!

He, of all people, should know this. We were meant to be together. He said so himself! He told me we were mates! He showed me his wolf! He MATED me!

Before I could even think of turning around to make things right he spoke to Cameron, “Dude, I hope you know what you’re getting into with this one. She’ll rip your heart out if you let her.”

Cameron took a step around me, as if he was going to pound the crap out of the boy behind me. But he had to catch me instead, as I collapsed to the ground. I turned in his arms and watched as the only man I have ever loved. The only man I have ever let touch me, kiss me, love me. The man who got me pregnant at fifteen, walk away.

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