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Chapter 11


~Jack’s POV~

Escaping the hospital was surprisingly easy.

The drugs they pumped into me, burned through my system rather quickly. None of the nurses had bothered to check up on me after the last injection, so I was able to slip out the window.

Now, standing in Devin’s office, I was trying to find out where the Hell everyone was at. I know they got a lead and I needed to go where they are to search for Emily. I need to find my mate.

That’s all that was running through my head. Find mate. Find mate. Must find mate.

Shuffling through papers on his desk, something caught my eye.

It wasn’t anything big or flashy. Nothing that screamed, ‘I’m a clue!’ It was just a post-it note. On it was an address and a name.

Kayla Bennett

812 W Eighth St

Antioch, CA 94509

Opening the browser on Devin’s laptop, I put in the address. The last name Bennett was what caught my attention. It was the same last name as Cameron, the spy for the Council.

Getting directions, I ran out of the office. Not bothering to close out of the laptop, the post-it secure in my pocket.

Pulling up outside the address, I had to take a deep breath to try and control my wolf. He had wanted to shift and run all the way here. It would have been faster, but we would have never found the address without my car’s GPS.

Now he wants to bust in there, tear everyone apart, and ask questions later. I couldn’t do that. I need to find out what is going on. I need to find Emily.

Getting out of the car, I walked up the cracked driveway to the front of the run down house. There were cars in the drive, and toys in the yard.

The doorway was wide open.

Being the Sheriff in our home town, I always carried my gun with me. Unsnapping it from the holster, I pulled it out and held it towards the ground in both hands.

Edging around the door frame, I brought the gun up, and sweeping the room left to right, I made sure it was clear before proceeding into the house.

There was a deafening silence throughout the home, but I still kept the gun in my hand as I cleared every room. Once I determined that every room in the house was empty, I made my way back to the living room.

The door was in pieces against the wall. It looked like someone had been sleeping on the couch and another on the floor. Taking a deep breath, I was able to detect that Devin and Alexander were the ones that had occupied the living room. There were traces of other scents as well.

From what I could determine, several men came in and attacked the people in this house. I have no clue who they were, but everyone was now gone.

Making a decision, I called Devin’s phone.

His ring tone went off near the couch. Digging through the cushions, I found his phone.

Shutting it off, I collapsed onto the couch to think of a plan. At this point, I can only assume that my friends had been taken by the same people that took Emily. I need to know where they went.

The problem…I don’t know who took them, what exactly happened here, or where to begin looking.

Okay, I’m a cop. I need to treat this as a crime scene. I need to find clues to help me find them.

I went room to room. Opening drawers, going through cabinets. All I found so far, is that one of the rooms belongs to a man—with a penchant for penthouse. Another room belongs to a boy—the Ninja Turtle covers and action figures gave it away.

I was in the final room. This must belong to the Kayla chick. There was a strong scent of Leah here, so she must have been in here last. Going through the closet, and turning the room upside down, I was only able to find a black flip phone.

Absentmindedly, I opened the phone and tried to find the contacts. This phone was ancient, but I was finally able to find the contact list.

My brows drew together. There was only one number on the list. A familiar number.

Quickly pulling out my phone, I went to my contacts and searched for the one I was looking for. Sure enough, the number in my phone, matched the number in Kayla’s.

Why the Hell did she have The Council’s number in her phone?

~Emily’s POV~

Something was happening. There were sounds coming from outside my door. There was shouting and running feet.

Slipping from the uncomfortable bed, I crept along the wall to the door. Pressing my ear against the cold steel, I was able to make out that the guards were getting ready for someone’s arrival.

From the sound of it, they were setting up rooms for several new arrivals. My heart sank. I felt sorry for the ones they were bringing in. This was no place for anyone to be.

Pushing away from the door, I felt my way back to the bed. Laying down, I tried not to think about if I knew the people these bastards were bringing in. I hoped it wasn’t anyone from my family. And I especially hoped they hadn’t found Jack.

I don’t know what I would do if they had him here.

I hope with everything in me that he is free and coming up with a plan to get me and my unborn baby out of this hellhole.

As if to comfort me, my baby kicked my stomach. It was happening more and more lately. Sometimes it hurt, and others it was a comfort to know I’m not completely alone in this place.

There was a scream from outside my door before I heard the bang of it hitting the wall. I was on my back so it was hard to sit up, but I did so as quickly as possible and scrunched into the head board of the bed.

“No!” Someone shouted. The voice sounded familiar, but I was in a panic. I didn’t know what was going on. “What are you doing?! Bring me back my son!” There was a sound of flesh hitting flesh and then a thump as something hit the floor. Then the door was closed with a deafening click.

I heard shuffling and whimpering, then a hand hitting the door. “Please, please, don’t take my little boy.”

I knew that voice. “Kayla?”

“Oh God. Emily. Thank goodness you’re okay.” I heard her move closer, then felt her hand gently touch my cheek.

“Kayla, what…? What are you doing here?” I was completely bewildered. She worked for these people, why would they lock her up?

“Oh Emily,” she sighed. “Everything is falling apart.”

I took the hand that was still on my face and brought it down to clasp it in both of mine in my lap. “What do you mean Kay? What’s going on?”

The sounds of sniffling and hiccups reached my ears. “They took my boy from me,” she sobbed. I was frozen as she collapsed into my lap. “They broke into my home and took everyone. They took my boy from me.”

I held her to me as I tried to process what she was saying. Then something clicked. I pushed her a little from me and felt for her face. I could feel the tears streaming from her eyes, but I needed her to know that what I was about to ask was serious.

“Kay, what do you mean by everyone?”

I could hear her hiccup and take deep breaths to control her sobbing. Her hands landed on my shoulders as she said, “Em, there is something you need to know.”

~Leah’s POV~

I was in a room without windows. The walls were a dingy color, and the bed looked uncomfortable. The only way in and out of here was the door that had been locked behind one of the men who had taken us.

I should be upset with the fact I was in the hands of the enemy once more, but I was oddly calm.

‘Don’t worry,’ my wolf soothed. ‘They can’t do anything to you at the moment. They think you are human as you did not shift when they attacked.’ There was the feeling that she would snort out loud if she could. ‘These morons do not know anything about our kind. They are idiots, and we will get out of here. We just need to contact some wolves close by and ask for help.’

Seemed reasonable to me. My wolf had never lead me astray yet. And I was not about to stop listening to her now.

Closing my eyes—deep breaths in and out—I concentrated on the energies around me.

I could feel the pain and uncertainty of the wolves in this building. I could feel the anger and desperation of my mate, my brother, and the little boy I had just met earlier today. I sent them a wave of calming energy, to let them all know that everything would be fine.

Expanding the range of my search, I could feel a few wolves around the facility, but I did not like their energy. It was giving off this dark feeling, and I looked past them to find others to help.

I do not know how long I sat breathing and searching, but I eventually found a signature that was familiar.


He was close by. At least I think he was close. I am not so good with distances yet. But he felt close.

Zeroing in on his energy, I opened what was almost like a door to his mind. Stepping through I will be able to talk to him and let him know what is going on.


I could feel his shock at me speaking to him.

“Leah? Is that really you?”

Laughing softly, I answered, “Yes Jack. I need you to listen.”

“Sure Luna, what do you need? What happened?”

I let out a breath of relief. He was not too far gone in his search for his mate, my sister, to help when we needed him. “Some men came into Kayla’s home and took all of us. Devin, Alexander, Cameron, Kayla, and Kayla’s son Quinn. We are being held in a huge building near water. I could smell it when they brought us out of the vans. It has a saltiness to it. The building is surrounded by wolves and humans. I do not know how many humans are in this place, but there are several wolves inside who are in desperate need of help.”

“Is Emily there?” he interrupted.

“I believe she is, but I have not contacted her yet. I need you to find wolves you can trust and get them here as fast as possible. I will do what I can to keep things calm here, but I need you to help get us out. Can you do that for us? Can you get the help we need?”

There was a silence as he thought through his options. “I do not know of any wolf packs around here, but I will do what I can to help you all escape. Please be safe, and let Emily know that I love her and will be there to get her soon.”

“I will Jack. Now hurry.” With those final words, I broke the connection between us. True to my word, I searched the energies of those around me to find my sister.

It was faster to find her than it was to find Jack, as she was closer. I did not want to startle her as I had Jack, but I did send her a calming energy, as she seemed upset at the moment. Once she was calm, I sent her a whispered message of love and hope.

After that, I searched for Devin sending him a brief, ‘I love you,’ before closing my mind and settling back on the hard bed to rest.

It will be a while before help arrives, and I need the sleep that was interrupted earlier.

I slipped into sleep with the knowledge, that everything would be all right, and we would all be together safe and sound soon.

~Kayla’s POV~

After telling Emily everything that had happened since I left her yesterday, we sat there in the depressing room in silence.

Emily sat with her back against the metal head board, gently rubbing her stomach in soothing circles. A small smile graced my lips as I remembered doing the same thing when I was pregnant with Quinn. It helped to keep me calm, and reassured me that my child was safe inside me.

Turning from her, I sat with my back pressed against the wall—knees drawn to my chest, arms wrapped securely around them. Tilting my head back, it gently knocked against the wall. I have a guess as to why they took the others and my son, but what I did not get was why they put me in the same room as Emily.

Sure, I had worked with her before they kidnapped me and my family, but now. Now, it made no sense why I was in the same room as her.

My mind kept circling around the question, not getting anywhere fast. Tilting my head slightly, I could see Emily out of the corner of my eye. She had a soft look on her face, and a small smile danced on her pale lips.

What was she thinking about to put that look upon her face? We were in trouble and she was sitting there looking like a love struck fool.

“Emily?” I questioned with a quick shake of her shoulder. She startled for a moment before looking vaguely in my direction.

“Hmm…” she hummed.

I shook her shoulder again to gain her attention, “What are you thinking about?” I questioned. I didn’t want to mention the look on her face, in case she became embarrassed.

“Oh, um,” she rubbed her stomach and looked down. Her long black hair falling over her shoulders to hide her face. “I was thinking about everything you told me, and then…”

I looked at her quizzically as she tailed off. “Then? Then what?”

“Oh, uh, well, this is going to sound stupid.”

She seemed to pull into herself. My brows furrowed. What could be going through her head that would make her so embarrassed? “Em, I’m not going to laugh at you or anything. I was just wondering what put that love struck look on your face. You were spaced out for a while, I didn’t know what was going on.”

Emily’s head snapped up at my words, her blind eyes opened wide. A blush formed on her cheeks, adding color to her pale skin. “It was nothing really. I was going over what you said, feeling worried, and then I got this feeling of calm. Then someone whispered that Jack loved me and he was coming for me,” she shrugged, looking down once more. “I don’t know, I just felt happy. Even if the voice is just my imagination, it helps to know that the man I love is coming for me and my child.”

I reached over and laid my hand over the one she was continuously rubbing on her protruding belly, stopping the movement. “I don’t think you are silly. I think that if something is telling you to have hope of your man coming for you, then I say hold onto that belief.” Letting go of her hand, I sat back in my original position. “We need all the hope we can get in this place.”

I could see Emily fighting her exhaustion. From experience, I know that being pregnant makes you more tired than normal. Add in the fact she was trapped, and stressed beyond belief, she must be beyond tired. “Em, stretch out and get some sleep. I’ll lay on the floor to give you more room.”

She nodded tiredly, too far gone to argue with me. Helping her stretch out and get as comfortable as she could on the rock hard bed, I brushed a few stray hairs behind her ear as she slipped into unconsciousness.

We were of an age, but we both had been through too much in our short lives. More than any eighteen or nineteen year old should have to endure.

If the voice in her head was right and help was coming, then I was going to hold to it with both hands. I need to get out of here and find my son. I hope they are treating him better than most of the others in this place. He was just a boy. What could they possibly get from him, that they haven’t tortured out of the others held here?

Trying not to dwell on those unsettling thoughts, I settled on the floor—pillowing my head on my folded arms. I need to get some rest if I am going to be of any help getting us all out of here.

My last thoughts before sleep overtook me were of my son and, surprisingly, of his father. Both trapped somewhere in this building. Knowing we were all close, and wishing nothing happens in the near future, I finally let sleep take me into a world of troubled dreams.

~Alexander’s POV~

I felt like the biggest loser out there.

I was an Alpha.

I was a White Wolf.

Yet I let a bunch of humans take me and my family. My family. Dear Goddess, in all the chaos I forgot. I was father.

The drugs they shot into me had already worked their way out, but I was still a little groggy. I had wanted to fight my way out as soon as I came to, but my wolf was too weak. He had used a lot of energy to help burn through the drugs. Now I was locked in a windowless room with only a metal bed to break the monotony of grey walls.

Wait…Was there something under the bed?

Getting down on my hands and knees, I looked under the rickety bed. Sure enough, there was a small bundle of something shoved in the far corner.

The bundle moved. It wasn’t just a pile of old rags like I originally thought. It was a little boy huddled under the bed. Big yellow eyes stared at me, and then I was flat on my back with a little body shaking on top of me.

I could hear the sobs coming from the child. Slowly sitting, I carefully pulled the child back from my chest. Looking down, I saw the tear streaked face of Kayla’s son. My son.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay,” I tried to soothe.

He kept shaking and sobbing in my arms. Finding the ground too uncomfortable, I transferred us from the concrete of the floor to the hardness of the flat mattress on the metal bed. It was little improvement. But at least I could lean against the wall and hold the boy better.

Doing my best to wipe the never ending flow of tears from the boy’s face, I asked, “Hey little man, what’s your name?”

I know, I’m pathetic. I didn’t even know the name of my own son. But in my defense, I only did just find out about him. There wasn’t really time to find out his name.

‘Sure just keep telling yourself that,’ my wolf kidded.

‘Oh shut up, it’s not like you knew about him either,’ I shot back.

He just growled at me and slunk to the back of my mind.

The boy was slowly calming down in my arms. He wiped his hand under his snot clogged nose and looked up at me with watery eyes.

“You the man came see mommy today,” he stated bluntly.

Gulping, I could only nod. There was something about the boy that was disconcerting. Sure he was my son, but his stare could bore a hole through you.

Metaphorically pulling up my bootstraps, I asked again, “What is your name kid?”

The boy tilted his head and seemed to be thinking over his answer. Apparently he came to a decision, because he answered, “I Quinn, and you daddy.”

Well there was no getting around this one. This kid was smarter than he looked. “Yeah,” I said hesitantly. “I’m your dad, but you don’t have to call me that if you don’t want to.”

Goddess, I wanted him to.

He was deep in thought again. I thought he was going to just stare off into space for a while so was startled when he said, “No. You daddy. My wolf say so.”

Wait, what? “Your wolf?” Shit, I forgot he shifted earlier.

“Yeah, he cool. He sound old. He say it ’cause he old soul. I not know what mean. But he nice. You nice? I not want mean daddy. Daddies su’osed be nice. Play games and stuff.”

I was shocked. I had no clue how to answer the kid. I mean my son. Shit this was going to be hard to get used to. “Sure kid,” I answered. “Listen, why don’t we get some sleep okay. Then we can figure out how to find your mom and get out of here. Sound like a plan?”

His head bobbed up and down in an affirmative motion. “Yeah. We be Ninjas like Michelangelo or Power Rangers. We going kick bad guy butt? Huh, huh, are we?”

“Sure kid,” I chuckled. The kid was a spazz, “But we need to get some sleep before we kick bad guy butt.”

“Okay,” and with that he curled up in my arms and was out like a light.

Looking down at the boy in my arms, I felt my chest tighten as an overwhelming feeling of love filled me.

Right there I made a silent vow to get this little ball of energy out of here safe and sound. Once we were back with Kayla—his mom, my mate—then we were going to be a real family. I was going to do whatever I could to get her back. I need to be with my son…and her. I didn’t want to be separated from them again.

Pulling my son closer to my chest, I closed my eyes and dreamt of a time and place where we could be a real family.

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