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Chapter 12

~Kayla’s POV~

It had been a few days since my family and I were abducted from our home. The only reason I knew it had been so long, was from the amount of visits from the guards.

They left us alone for the most part, except for meal times or when they needed Emily to take her meds for the pregnancy.

After each passing day, our hope for rescue was dwindling. It had already been three days and I could tell the lack of effort in escaping was getting to Emily. She would start to recede into herself, curling around her pregnant belly, rubbing it over and over. Then she would perk up and act like nothing was wrong.

I wish I had her ability to ignore everything going on around me, but I couldn’t. I had no idea if my son was safe or not. I didn’t know if Alexander was still alive, but I had to believe he was. With him coming back into my life our mate bond had resurfaced. I had to hope that if something happened to him then I would have some way of knowing it through the bond. So far, there has been no sign. It was starting to get on my nerves.

I spent my days pacing around the small ten-by-ten room. I needed out of here. I was close to exploding, when Emily stepped in my path.

“Em, I’m not in the mood,” I ground out. “If you don’t move, then I will move you myself.” God what is happening to me? I’ve never talked like that before. I guess the stress was worse then I thought.

Emily just stared blankly in my direction with a serene smile on her face. I wanted to slap it off. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

“I know you don’t mean that Kay,” she said. “I have been trying to get your attention for a while now. You were so busy making a rut in the floor you didn’t notice.”

I paused in my murderous thoughts at her words. Okay, I need to calm down. This is not like me. I never want to hurt people. Maybe this anger has something to do with my bond with Alexander?

“Kay! You still there?”

“Uh, yeah, sure. Sorry, spaced out for a minute.” I murmured sheepishly.

My words were greeted with a small smile. “No problem. But you really need to listen to me.”

“Okay, what’s up Em?” I had stopped my pacing next to the metal-framed bed so took a seat on the lumpy mattress.

She followed suit, almost sitting on top of me. She would have, if I hadn’t gently nudged her to the left of me.

“Well, I just thought you should know that we are going to be out of here tomorrow.”

I was shocked, “What? How, why, huh?”

“Oh Kay, you’re funny,” she giggled.

It’s the first time I had heard her laugh. Granted our circumstances didn’t lend to laughing, but still it was nice to hear.

“How do you know that we are going to be out of here tomorrow?”

There was a pause, the silence stretching, “Well, you know that voice I heard the first night you were brought here?”

I nodded, then remembered she couldn’t see the action so made a noise in the affirmative.

“Well, turns out the voice was my sister, Leah. She was one of the ones with you when they came to your home.” This was getting hard to believe. How could her sister talk to her? Then I remembered her talking to me in my mind. It was something to do with her being a special type of wolf or something. I should have paid more attention to Lex when he told me all of this stuff when we first mated. Oh well, hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

“Anyway, apparently she’s been in touch with Jack and he is getting help to come and get us out of here. She just told me that he said they will be here tomorrow to get us and the other wolves out.”

I couldn’t speak. This was too much to believe. Then again, my son changed into a fur ball before my eyes, so nothing should be out of the realm of possibility. But for some reason, I could not really comprehend what I was hearing.

All the years I have worked for these people at the request of the Council—more like blackmailed—no one had ever escaped. I know they told Emily that the wolf who attacked her had escaped, but they actually let the creep go. It was part of some sick experiment of theirs.

These people had no clue that setting a rogue loose, especially one that had been tortured, would end so badly for those in his way. Emily just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sure they eventually tracked the sicko down, but by then he had raped eight women, and murdered several people before they caught up with him.

Since then security has been tighter than Fort Knox.

“Kay. Kay? Kayla!”

“Sorry, what?”

“Ugh, seriously you need to get the spacing out under control. I was asking what you were thinking about. Aren’t you happy that we are going to be out of here soon?”

Sighing, I faced Emily and trapped her hands within my own. Holding them so she knew I was being serious. “Em, I don’t know what to believe. What happens if tomorrow comes and there is no rescue? What will you do then?”

“I have to believe Jack is coming Kay. I have to. If not…I don’t know what will happen to me. Or my baby. All I know is that Leah said he’s coming and I have to believe her.”

“I know Em, but I can’t. I know how this place works. I can’t think of any way for this Jack person or anyone else to get in here without being caught. I’m sorry…”

“No,” she interrupted. “I have every faith in Jack. I believe my sister. If she says we are out of here tomorrow then we will be free.”

She pulled her hands from mine and went back to sitting in her corner of the bed rubbing her ever growing belly.

There was sound at the door, then it swung open slowly revealing one of the guards stationed outside our room. “Dinner time ladies,” he said as he placed a sectioned metal tray filled with stale bread and grey slop on the floor.

Wrinkling my nose at the unappetizing food, I resigned myself to eating it none-the-less. It was better than nothing I guess.

After the door was closed, I turned to Emily, “Come on Em, it’s feeding time.”

~Alexander’s POV~

Three days. Three days, we have been locked in the place. Three days, where they come to the door and shoot a dart through the slot at me. Knocking me out so they can take the boy and do what they want with him.

Three days where, he comes back crying and all I can do is hold him and try to make it better with useless words.

I’m a failure as a father and mate. I can’t find a way out of this room that doesn’t mean going through the only door here. I’ve tried hiding behind the door when they come so they have to come in to shoot me, but they just gas the room instead.

I didn’t want to risk Quinn like that again, so I just sit on the bed when it’s time for them to come. I’ve tried to be complacent so they won’t use the tranq guns, but my wolf takes over and I end up growling at the slightest noise at the door. Resulting in me being knocked out from a flimsy little dart in the arm.

Right now I was waiting for Quinn to come back. They came early this morning for him, and have not returned yet. I was getting anxious. I need to make sure my son was back safe and sound.

These past few days have brought us closer as father and son. I love the boy now. I want more than anything for them to stop doing whatever it is they are doing and leave him be. Every time he comes back all he does is cry. He won’t tell me what they are doing to him, and my mind is filled with all the horrific things that could befall a small child.

It makes my stomach turn, the thoughts that run through my mind. But I need him back in my arms. Leah has been in constant contact, letting us know that help was on the way. She let us know today that her mate’s Beta was coming tomorrow with help. We were all supposed to be ready to leave as soon as possible. I just had one problem. Quinn wasn’t here.

There was no way I was leaving this place without him in my arms.

A scraping noise outside the door caught my attention. A small growl escaping without my permission echoed around the room.

The door flung open and Quinn was shoved through. He fell to the floor. The pajamas he had worn the first night here had been long since replaced with small blue hospital scrubs. He curled up on the floor weeping uncontrollably.

Rushing to his side, I scooped him up in my arms and held him close to my chest. Rocking him, trying to sooth him in any way I could.

Anger filled me. These monsters were going to pay for what they were doing to my son. None of them were going to live to see the outside world again.

“Shh, Quinn. It’s okay buddy. Daddy’s here. It’s alright now. Don’t worry. Shhh.”

He sniffled and burrowed further into my embrace. “It hurts daddy.”

“What hurts buddy? Come on, show daddy where you’re hurt.”

I sat him on the edge of the bed, as I knelt in front of him.

He sniffled again, and lifted his shirt up for me to see his stomach. A growl was ripped from me, and I had to try really hard not to shift. There on his small belly were tubes. They had placed them in his stomach, chest, and where his liver was. I wanted to rip them out, but that would only have hurt him more.

I could see where the skin was healing around the tubes already from his wolf. My poor boy was going to be in so much pain for a while to come. The healing will push the tubes from his body and it will be extremely uncomfortable until they are all out and the wounds have healed.

I pulled his shirt back down and crawled un into bed with him. I pulled his back to my chest so as not to aggravate his wounds more.

“I’m sorry buddy. I wish I could take them out for you, but you will have to let your wolf heal them. He will push the nasty things from your body and it will hurt, but you have to be brave okay. Can you be brave for daddy? Can you let your wolf heal you?”

He sniffled, rubbing his hand under his runny nose, and gave a small nod, “Yes daddy. I’m a big boy. My wolf says I should sleep now. Can I sleep on you daddy? It feels better when I sleep on you.”

I cuddled him closer, “Sure buddy, you sleep now. Daddy’s here. Just sleep and heal.”

Leaning down, I kissed the top of his head, and he made small noise before his breathing evened out and he was asleep. Something slid down my face and hit the top of his head. Raising a hand, I rubbed it over my cheek. Pulling it away, I noticed it was water. I was crying. I hadn’t cried in years, but this little boy in my arms—who was in so much pain—brought tears to my eyes.

I had already vowed to love him and his mother, and to be there for them. Now, I let the tears fall silently, as I vowed to hold him through his healing. My son needed me, and if this was all I could do at the moment, then I would.

~Jack’s POV~

The building in front of me was crawling with rogues and men with guns. The smell wafting from the opening and closing of doors brought the scent of disinfectant and blood.

Mixed in the miasma was the faint scent of wolf.

My own wolf wanted to storm the place and rescue his mate and friends. I on the other hand knew the action was a recipe for disaster.

I had done what my Luna asked. I went and found all the wolves I could to help take this place to the ground.

Emily’s family was here also. Her father had brought most of his pack warriors to aid in the rescue of those who are being tortured in the run down building before us.

Other packs sent warriors, doctors, and any one else they could spare once they heard what has been going on. Apparently, the other packs were missing wolves and hoped that they may find them—or at least a clue of their whereabouts—in this building.

Right now we can smell them, but the rogues can’t smell us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t change. But if it does, I hope they mistake our scent for their own.

Reluctantly turning from the scene before me, I walked further into the trees that crept to the back of the warehouse. I had gotten the count of the men surrounding the place and the numbers of those coming and going. Now I needed to take these numbers back to the others. We will need to work on a plan to get in there, kill everyone who is a threat, get those who are hurt medical attention, and then burn the place to the ground.

Spotting Emily’s father as I reached our temporary camp, I called him over.

“Alpha Matt! How are things going here? Is everyone ready for what is to come?”

Emily’s father had aged in the short time I had known him. His once bright and cheerful eyes have dulled and purple bags hung under his lids. Adding testament to the fact he had not slept well since the abduction of his only daughter.

Emily may not have been his by blood, but she was his in his heart. To me that only made it worse. The one he had come to love was lost to him and there was nothing he could do but sit and wait for news. Now that we had a chance to save his child, he was still looking the worse for wear, but there was a new glint in his eyes. A sparkle of hope, a flash of determination to get back what he saw as his.

My regards for my future father-in-law rose a few more notches. I knew that if I was not able to get my mate out of there then he would be there to do it for me.

“Yes, everyone is ready. Now tell me what you saw on your scouting trip,” he demanded more than asked. I wanted to bristle at his tone, but understood where it came from. So I didn’t take it personally.

“There are a mix of rogues and humans. A total of ten wolves, and twenty humans around the perimeter of the compound. There was another thirty humans that walked in and out of the building itself. As for how many are on the inside, your guess is as good as mine.” The Alpha’s shoulders slumped at the numbers.

We had been hoping for a smaller number of people to be involved, and with the unknown number inside the building our odds were dwindling. We had only been able to round up a little over a hundred men and women for this undertaking. Add in the fact that those we were going to fight had guns…the odds shortened considerably.

We had contacted the Council about the possible threat of this group, but we had not heard any word from them. We were going in blind, with limited numbers. But there was nothing that was going to stop me from getting my mate and child from that Hellhole.

“Is there any way we can get a hold of White Wolves run by Alexander?” Emily’s father interrupted my thoughts. “If we can get them out here, then our chances of a successful mission will increase and we will have the added benefit of their strength and power.”

I thought for a moment, trying to think if I had any way of contacting those under Alexander’s leadership. I hadn’t talked a whole lot to the boy who had become Alpha at a young age. As far as I was concerned, my Luna was the rightful leader of the White Wolves. It didn’t matter that the Council had appointed Alexander as Alpha. His role was more for appearances, than anything else, in my eyes.

Thinking of Leah, and idea formed.

“Leah?” I tried to reach out.

“Yes Jack.”

I sighed with relief that I was able to reach her so easily. It meant that she was safe, at least for now. “I was wondering if there was any way to get a hold of the other White Wolves out there. Can you or Alexander get in touch with the pack? If we can have them here then we will stand a better chance of getting everyone out alive.”

There was a long bought of silence as I waited for her response.

I was becoming increasingly agitated as the minutes ticked by. What could be taking her so long?

“Jack?” I nearly sagged with the relief that washed through me.

“Yes Luna?”

A musical giggle flowed through the link. “Jack, how many times have I told you to just call me Leah? You were there for me when I woke with no memory, and you are the mate to my sister. There is no need to call me Luna.”

I chuckled aloud at that myself. Alpha Matt looked at me strangely before I pointed to my head and he got the gist of what was going on. Nodding his head, he headed off as his name was called from one of his warriors.

“Sorry, Leah,” I answered. “What have you found out about the White Wolves?”

“I was able to get in touch with Alexander, but he still has not figured out what it means exactly to be a White Wolf. So he does not know about being able to contact his pack from so far away. After a bit of searching, I was able to get a hold of his Beta. Luckily they are close. They should be there in a few hours. At least that is what they told me.” There was a huff over the link. “You know how I am with the telling of time. With anything really.”

My heart broke for my Luna. She had been locked away her whole life and had no idea what things were, that we took for granted every day. “Do not worry Leah. You will get the hang of things in due time. Just give yourself a break and try to have patience. Once the White Wolves are here, we will have the numbers needed to get you and everyone out of there. Once you are safe, I will teach you everything you need to know.” I tried to reassure her.

“Thank you Jack. You are a great Beta. No one could ask for better.”

My wolf swelled with pride. He was ecstatic that his Luna had given him such a great compliment.

Before we disconnect the link I had to ask, “Leah?”

“Yes Jack?”

I took a deep breath, “How’s Emily and the baby? Are they all right?”

There was a pause and my wolf was pacing in my mind with worry. “They are fine Jack. Emily is looking forward to seeing you, and her daughter is excited to hear her father’s voice again.”

My knees wanted to buckle with the weight that had been lifted from my shoulders. She was fine. My daughter was…


“Leah, what do you mean my daughter?”

“Just what I meant Jack. Emily’s baby recognizes you as her father. That is all Emily has been telling her. That her father is coming to rescue them. The child is very sweet for one who is still inside her mother.”

I was flabbergasted. I had never heard of a wolf talking to a fetus before. Then again, this is Leah. She is one of a kind, and I wouldn’t put anything past her. She could talk to the Moon Goddess herself and I would not be shocked by it.

“Thank you Leah,” I thought quietly. “I need to get back to the preparations. Let everyone know that we will get them out of there tomorrow morning.”

“I will. Oh, and Jack?”

“Let Emily’s father know that she is fine and she misses him.”

“I will my Luna.”

I cut the link before I could hear her scold me again. I loved to tease her. It was too easy as she took everything so literally. One of the first things I will teach her is how to take a joke.

Tracking down Alpha Matt, I informed him of the addition of the White Wolves to our numbers. He was exceedingly pleased.

After a brief meeting with leaders of the other packs, we split our numbers into groups. Those who brought weapons, and those who know how to use them, were in one group. They will be sent first to take out the security on the outside of the compound. Then we split the rest into those who will be in wolf form and those who we will keep in human form. Such as warriors as wolves, and doctors as humans. This way we can assign a wolf to a doctor and have them go into the compound to release and treat those inside.

Everyone else was to stay in the fringe of the trees to help those we release and to take care of the enemies that slip by. Once the building is cleared out, then they will be in charge of setting the explosives to turn the building into a pile of smoking rubble.

The spirits of the wolves we were leading into battle lifted as the word was spread the White Wolves were coming to aid us.

Their power in battle was legendary, and those here who remember the time of Leah’s parents spread the word of the powers these warriors wielded.

An hour after everyone was sorted the White Wolves arrived.

It was spectacular to see. One minute there was a line of trees, the next there was a wave of white emerging from the underbrush. They hardly made a sound. If we had not been expecting their arrival, then we would not have known they were there until they were upon us.

One of the wolves leading them shifted into his human form. Before us stood a young man in his late teens, early twenties. He had dark brown hair and piercing gold eyes. What was even more shocking was he shifted with his clothes on. Any other wolf would not be able to perform such a feet, but as he was a White Wolf it may have just been one of his abilities.

The young man approached Alpha Matt and myself. Extending his hand, he said, “I’m Evan, Beta of the White Wolves.” His smile was pearly white and contagious. After shaking hands he rubbed his together and asked, “So when can we kill these suckers?”

~Jax’s POV~

“Do you understand your orders?” came the mechanical, disjointed voice, over the phone.

“Yes, I understand.” I replied emotionlessly. The person hiring me for a job didn’t care that I thought they were crazy. All they cared about was if I could get the job done and done right.

“Good. We need this done tonight. We cannot wait any longer. Retrieve the package and bring it to us at the location we specified. Once that is done the money will be wired into the account of your choosing.”

With that the line disconnected.

The papers in my hand weighed heavily. I had done some horrible things in my time, but what these people were asking was a little too much.

The man who I just hung up with thought a voice scrambler would keep me from knowing who I was talking to. What the idiot didn’t realize was that when you call from a phone you can be traced. Once my programs pinpointed his location I knew exactly who I was talking to.

All the jobs this person had given me over the past two months were starting to add up. This guy was up to something that was bigger than a few experiments on mutts. Considering this person was a mutt himself, and one of their leaders.

What was this douche up to? What could he possibly gain from having this in his possession?

I looked back down at the papers in my hand. Lifting the picture from the file, I questioned whether or not I should go through with this mission. On one hand, I would be haunted by my actions for a while to come. Then again, the money would set me up for the rest of my life.

Hmm…decisions, decisions.

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